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Scalp Lesion


A scalp lesion

is a bump, blister, growth, or scaly patch. A lesion can also be an area of skin with a different color or texture than the skin around it. You can have a lesion anywhere on your scalp. It may itch, bleed, hurt, or be filled with fluid. Your hair may break off or come out around your scalp lesion.

Contact your healthcare provider if:

  • Your scalp lesion gets worse, even with treatment.
  • Your lesion grows, is painful, or starts to drain fluid.
  • You have questions or concerns about your condition or care.


depends on the cause of your skin lesion. You may need medicine to treat a fungal or bacterial infection. You may also need medicated shampoos and creams to treat your scalp lesion. You may need to have light therapy. Surgery may be needed to remove the lesion.


  • Use a soft brush. Brush your hair gently to keep your scalp lesion from bleeding or becoming irritated.
  • Do not scratch your scalp lesion. You may cause your scalp to bleed. You may also spread bacteria or infection to other parts of your scalp.
  • Do not use chemicals or colors on your hair. Color and chemical treatments to your hair may make your scalp lesion worse. Wait until your scalp lesion is healed or until your healthcare provider says it is okay.
  • Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair. If you have not been told to use a medicated shampoo, ask your healthcare provider which shampoo is best.
  • Always wear sunscreen or a wide-brimmed hat when out in the sun. This will help prevent skin cancer on your scalp.

Follow up with your healthcare provider as directed:

Write down your questions so you remember to ask them during your visits.

Further information

Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.

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