I was diagnosed with a primary brain tumor last January, it is a stage 3 Anaplastic Oligodendorglioma which I understand starts from a deviant cell in you glial (nueron) suopportive tissue. If this is the case, should I be watching 0ut for other common dieases in this same tissue like MS or any ot that?

I am on the standard treatment of craniotomy, brain radiation, chemo and wait and watch for it to return. My doctors said this tumor (size of a golf ball) had pretty good boundaries and was in my frontal lobe towards my skull with easy access and I started treatments about 10 days after surgery, I then developed 2 different major infections, they went in and removed the original hardware and a quarter of my skull!

It semms to me that of it is so aggressive with theses grey cells that hide in my brain grey matter, they would not use a standard treatment, but combine it with some other things that have developed in clinical trials?