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What is this pill - Blue Elliptical with 'PNE' imprint?


Plain Jane 27 July 2009

Unfortunately no one has been able to identify your pill. Can you please re-check the imprint or maybe your local pharmacy could assist you.

Your pill could be one of the following: diet, energy, herbal, vitamin, illicit or foreign.

I think this may be foreign???

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mannymatz 28 July 2009

Right... This is foreing...

We live in Mexico, close the border with USA; and I found this pill on my garden after a BARBECUE of my son a some school coleages...
I was trayingg to scan the image of this PILL; but I do not know, how to deliver the file on this WEB SITE.
Thank you any way...

mimzyrose 2 Oct 2011

This is a medication from Mexico called a DESIENFRIOL. It is basically Mucinex to us in the U.S... Always check with a healthcare professinal prior o taking any medication that you are not aware of and that us not prescribed to you. free discount card

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