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Can Cogentin (benztropine) cauase false positive in urine drug screen?

Posted 5 Aug 2010 by ecsimon 1 answer

In fact,I also take Zoloft,Geodon and zonisamide.I was fired for a positive drug screen Please advise

I currently take Zonisamide & have problems with memory, processing info, attention problems;?

Posted 26 Apr 2012 by emilyallison 2 answers

I zone out sometimes. I'm not mentally uncapable, I know I'm atleast fairly smart..I've been tested & my mental ability isn't very high- & I'm wondering if this med could have anything to do with it? I've been taking it for years-so it would have had enough ...

Taking Welbutrin & Qsymia together?

Posted 1 Nov 2013 by BEESOCD 2 answers

I was on an initial treatment for weight loss of Welbutrin & Zonisamide. After 1.5 years the medication became ineffective. The Doctor prescribe Qsymia and I asked his nurse several times how to wean off other meds. She said just stop and I knew that couldn't be right. I eased off ...

Zonisamide - Is this pill for sleep aid because from my understanding after reading info it's not.?

Posted 8 Jul 2014 by Crystaleelee 3 answers

... It was given to me by a friend to help me fall asleep & stay sleeping till am. I never would take anything until know for sure so don't think she's got her facts strait and very upset with her for this. Thanks to this website I know my facts. Much appreciated!!

Will Zonisamide and celexa show up as a positive for Soma?

Posted 24 Oct 2012 by mssands 2 answers

I only take zonisamide and celexa but my drug test showed that I was positive for Soma, impossible! Please help!!! Thx.

Does anyone benefit from Zonisamide (600mg) for neuropathy?

Posted 8 Feb 2014 by TVL76 1 answer

I currently take 600mg of zonisamide (generic Zonegran) for peripheral neuropathy prescribed by my neurologist. My regular PCP had me on 300mg for three years. It worked for about a year and a half, then the effectiveness started to wane. I'm wondering if the same thing will happen with the ...

Zonisamide - so far im 30 days late on a period i just started takin this medicine 5 weeks ago. can?

Posted 5 Aug 2009 by im2craz4ya 1 answer

... this medicine cause my periods to mess up or what happens if im pregnant and i dont know i am and im still takin this medicine??

Does Zonisamide effect mood?

Posted 27 Aug 2010 by Tig34Hik 1 answer

... My girlfriend is started taking Zonisamide about 7-8 months ago, she was previously on Depakote. She has not had a seizure in about 3 years and, physically, she feels much better on the Zonisamide. She has lost the weight that was gained while she was on Depakote and her constant stomach pains ...

I was just prescribed zonisamide for grand mal and have no other medications to go along with it?

Posted 12 Aug 2011 by curtiecat 2 answers

I see that it is supposed to be used in conjunction with another seizure medication, I was just prescribed this, can anyone help me with an answer before I titrate off of Dilantin and into this medication with this being the only anti convulsant medication to have? I am scared as it states it is to ...

I have been on Vimpat & Zonisamide & Gabapentin for 4 months; the combination of the 3 drugs has?

Posted 24 Feb 2012 by Richard Rossheim 1 answer

effectively been controlling my partial complex seizures. Since the early 1970s I used Dilantin which quit working in 1970s. I tried various neurologists to control my seizures without luck until 10/14/11 when I located Dr. Foreman. Now I feel good and hopefully will be medicated properly for a ...

Has anyone experienced weight loss over time using zonegran?

Posted 21 Aug 2012 by carmenb8587 1 answer

i'm taking Zonisamide(generic brand) for about a year and a half, two years and i have lost weight. the Dr. said that could happen. it's plateaued but i'm thinking of asking to lower my dosage so i can maintain this weight as well. being too thin wouldn't look rite on my frame ...

Can my medications cause my head tremors and the metallic taste in my mouth?

Posted 7 Oct 2013 by anon5678 1 answer

Can taking HCTZ, Phentermine HCl, HCG injections, Zyrtec, Zonisamide, or Tizanidine HCl cause my head tremors and the metallic taste in my mouth?

What are all the ingredients in zonisamide 100 mg IG 228?

Posted 21 Jan 2014 by shrrcy 1 answer

I can find all the ingredients in zonisamide W990 but not the IG 228. Thanks.

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