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Xenical - hello. I want to know how many pills I should take per day and for how many days?

Posted 9 Dec 2011 by nuha nu 2 answers

i am 60kg, i want to make it to 50! i am 1m 52 ,my weights are a bit too much for my height. i want to see a clear result in 15 days. help please

Xenical & Weight Loss?

Posted 22 Dec 2010 by lloyd84 2 answers

Hello everyone my name is Laura & I am 26yrs old and i have been struggling with weight loss for sometime now. The dr has had me on every weight loss medication out there from otc & prescribed. Now i am on Xenical 120mgs 3xs a day and i have been to the bathroom a few times but not a lot ...

What foods should I eat when taking xenical?

Posted 22 Mar 2010 by lonely504 1 answer

Does colds, coughs and sleep problems are included to xenical's side effects? why?

Posted 2 Jan 2010 by koffee 1 answer

I am on xenical for 2 1/2 weeks, for first weeks i experience oily excretions, and now im having hard time getting sleep at night, i'm coughing and sneezing and feel feverish. The oily discharge has stop even though im eating foods high on fat... or maybe the "grease" is not that ...

Why is Xenical off the market?

Posted 3 Jun 2012 by jaymac 1 answer

Can anyone out there know when they will be available?

Weight - Has Anyone tried the pill called Xenical? and how well did you do on it?

Posted 28 Feb 2013 by Armany 1 answer

Hi i have been gaining weight since my period stopped 7 month ago now. even though i hardly eat any fat, sugar or even salt. so i thought i will try Xenical. i heard a lot about how good it works, so i hope i can get some feed back from one of you to let me know if it did work or not. and how much ...

Hi,im breastfeed mom,..can I take xenical for breastfeeding?my baby is 15mos old?

Posted 9 Jun 2013 by jhane palillo 1 answer

and f taking daphne pills..

Has anyone else purchased a bottle of Xenical with NO results. No orlistat in the pills?

Posted 17 Jun 2014 by Pansymatheny 2 answers

I know happens when taking both Alli and Xenical. Called Genentech and have gotten no where. I can not have the only bottle with no orlistat in the pills from this lot number! This is fraud!

Orlistat - I have been taking Xenical now for a week and have gained 10 pds. I dont understand?

Posted 21 Sep 2015 by DonnaB1964 2 answers

... I have not strayed from a low cal low fat diet,,, I rode three days on my stationary bike for thirty mins... My clothes are fitting bigger I feel like I am loosing weight but scales say different... I have been having some constipation issues too... No fatty or oily bowel movements here... Why ...

What kind of dieting is best to be combined with xenical?

Posted 16 Sep 2009 by babyg41 1 answer

my doctor said to take xenical combined with diet and exercise. Okay? but if it is a fat blocker or fat flusher, then should i do the high protein diets and low carbs? like the atkins? or should i count calories? or do the healthiest of all which is suposed to be fasting "monodieting" ...

After xenical' stopped by the patient..does it make you put the weight back on? pls help?

Posted 23 Apr 2010 by Jane03 1 answer

Hi guys, Ive been on exnical for 1 year now..ive managed to lose over a stone.I am going to stop using the drug in a few weeks. Alot of people are saying it will make you put the weight back on? Ive asked a few pharmacist too..he said the same thing. I am just worried now..Can somebody please ...

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