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Xanax - How long does the sedation and fog feeling last?

Posted 11 Aug 2010 by mom of 5 4 answers

I started xanax xr .5 mg twice a day a couple days ago for anxiety and panic attacks due to stress and depression. I feel tired and foggy all the time. I also am having memory issues. How long does this last and will it go away ?

Xanax - I have green 2mg. Is there any diff then the other 2mg. code on them s903?

Posted 14 Sep 2009 by italy2323 4 answers

has anyone ever had the green 2mg ?

Is Generic Xanax Available?

Posted 5 Jul 2010 by aquanaut 7 answers

Does Xanax XR work better than Xanax IR?

Posted 9 Feb 2012 by countryboy1969 14 answers

I have been taking Xanax IR 1mg 4x daily for many years for my anxiety disorder,but i still have severe panic attacks at times.My doctor has just prescribed 2mg Xanax XR once a day,I,ve never taken Xanax XR before and wondering if it will work better,I have concerns about it any feedback would be ...

Anyone taken Gabapentin and xanax xr, how did you find it?

Posted 6 Feb 2012 by blue83 6 answers

I have been prescribed 1mg xanax xr twice a day, and 300mg gabapectin twice a day. I am a little nervous about taking it as i saw there were drug interactions on eppocrates for cns depression and addiction. currently i have only been taking 1mg xanax xr twice a day and 300mg, but am supposed to up ...

Xanax XR : how long before the XR 1mg tablet takes effect?

Posted 23 Sep 2012 by dvnott 3 answers

taking Xanax XR 1mg for 8 nights has given me around 6 hours sleep for first time in two years. But it knocks me out in late morning for another two hours. Now, I don't know what time i should take it to get to sleep between 10 and midnight. Any experiences please?

Xanax withdrawal taper safest way?

Posted 11 Jul 2017 by D050 3 answers

I recently had a medical family problem, so my GP gave me xanax xr .5mg for nights, and xanax immediate release .5mg for days. I have been using them for 2 weeks, but only 1 mg of the daily use. How do I taper off?

How long does Xanax XR take to start working, and how long does it stay in your system?

Posted 10 Sep 2016 by Andrew49571 1 answer

I'm on 0.5 mg Xanax XR; I take one pill in the morning and the other at night, before bed. That is a total of one mg a day. How long after taking it does it take to get into your system, and how long does it stay in your system? After how long do its effects start to wear off, and one needs ...

Xanax XR - how often is 2 mg time released into body?

Posted 14 Apr 2012 by Ellymay286 1 answer

i have recently been prescribed the 2mg extended release tablet (A 23 mylanta). 2 a day is my dosage. I'd like to know often ( in time form) how often it is released into my body compared to a 2mg instant release tablet.

If I take (4) .5 mg Xanax IR a day and my doctor wants me to switch to 2.0 mg Xanax XR, is that the?

Posted 29 Mar 2017 by Hopeisalive222 1 answer

... same dose per day or are the meds different (besides absorption time). To be clearer, I guess I'm wondering if it breaks down to release the same amount of medication per hour whether it be XR or IR. I have also read that the Xanax XR only lasts for about 12 to 15 hours. If that's ...

What is the strength of Xanax XR?

Posted 7 Mar 2017 by josepharnold 2 answers

Pregabalin - Xanax, Lyrica, weight gain?

Posted 8 Dec 2016 by Crazyred1980 1 answer

I currently take 2 mg of Xanax XR twice a day +20 mg of Trintillex. The Trintillex has helped my depression immensely but I still have very bad anxiety. I want to quit Xanax as I have been on it for about 11 years and is not helping anymore I only take it to keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay. My ...

Xanax XR - Can I take Xanax 0.5 XR to sleep?

Posted 17 Nov 2016 by Ana Lopez 0 answers

I've been on Xanax XR for a few weeks and find myself very teary...can't stop crying. Has anyone?

Posted 9 Oct 2016 by lacy215 0 answers

... else had this side effect? Previously I took Xanax for anxiety and panic attacks, but only as needed. In trying to help with an eating disorder, my doc switched me to the extended release form of Xanax. At first I just felt like I didn't care about anything and was definitely not as ...

Side effects linger after tapering down Wellbutrin XL and switching from Xanax XR to Klonopin?

Posted 31 Aug 2016 by ploopydawg 1 answer

Hello, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder w/out psychosis, social anxiety disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder when I was 19. I have been been diagnosed again with the same disorders 3 times since then. I'm 29 now. On August 17, my psychiatrist upped my dosage of 300 mg ...

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