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Xanax XR Questions

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What is Farmapram called in the US?

What does XR or ER mean after a drug name?

Does Xanax XR work better than Xanax IR?

I have been taking Xanax IR 1mg 4x daily for many years for my anxiety disorder,but i still have severe panic attacks at times.My doctor has just prescribed 2mg Xanax XR once a day,I,ve never taken Xanax XR before and wondering if it will work better,I have concerns about it any feedback would be... read more

Xanax - How long does the sedation and fog feeling last?

I started xanax xr .5 mg twice a day a couple days ago for anxiety and panic attacks due to stress and depression. I feel tired and foggy all the time. I also am having memory issues. How long does this last and will it go away ?

Anyone taken Gabapentin and xanax xr, how did you find it?

I have been prescribed 1mg xanax xr twice a day, and 300mg gabapectin twice a day. I am a little nervous about taking it as i saw there were drug interactions on eppocrates for cns depression and addiction. currently i have only been taking 1mg xanax xr twice a day and 300mg, but am supposed to up... read more

Xanax - I have green 2mg. Is there any diff then the other 2mg. code on them s903?

has anyone ever had the green 2mg ?

Anyone been on Xanax for a long time - is it really such a bad thing?

Has anyone been on Xanax XR for an extended period of time? I have been struggling with panic disorder for about 2 yrs now and have been through all the SSRIs, SNRIs etc and nothing seems to work. They either make me feel like an emotionless zombie or actually aggravate my symptoms. My doctor... read more

Has anyone found anything better than xanax-XR for panic attacks and anxiety? It works great for me?

I have been on quite a few benzos for aniety/ panic attacks but so far have found this to be the best one yet. An overall even feel all day as u only have to take 1 every 12 hours. However, i'm only being presribed 30 a month, what about the other 12 hours in the day? do they ever prescribe 60... read more

My doctor wants to switch me from Clonazepam to Xanax XR. Would appreciate any advice?

The Clonazepam is making me more depressed . My doctor says that for a lot of people Xanax XR is less depressing. I mainly have anxiety with some depression. I don't seem to respond well to SSRIs although Zoloft worked for me initially. Thanks for the help

My Dr just started me 600 mg Gabapentin at night, will it help if taken during the day for anxiety?

Hi, my Dr just starting giving me Gabapentin, for nighttime neck & back pain. It somehow seems to work the next day. If I miss a dose, I can really tell. Also, I just ran out of Xanax XR. (4 days early). Can't get it till then. So, I read people are taking it during the day for anxiety. Is... read more

How to detox from Xanax XR safely?

I take 2 mg of Xanax XR twice daily and 1 mg XR in the afternoon. I am taking it for maintenance, not to get high. I want to safely stop taking it or at least lower my dose. I know I can't taper off without some kind of drug for detox. If I don't take it in the morning and wait until... read more

Suboxone with anxiety meds?

I am reading up on suboxone for vicodin addiction and wondering if it is safe to take with my anxiety meds (Xanax XR and Prozac). I feel I have a moderate narcotic addiction (8-10 5mg Vicodin a day; I have seen much worse), but want to wean off of them and only take them for my migraine pain. That... read more

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