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Magnesium Citrate - Could some still be lodged?

Posted 28 Mar 2015 by Mykids05 1 answer

I ended up in the er yesterday due to abdominal pain and turns out im extremely constipated. xrays showed that intestines almost full and was told to drink magnesium citrate. I was told to drink 1/3 bottle at a time. After first dose had bad cramping and some diarrhea (some form to it still). After ...

Does being severely constipated cause your back and ribs to hurt whike moving taking deep breaths ?

Posted 27 Dec 2014 by steph07235 1 answer

I am very constipated from the meds I am on ..I went to the er they did an xray the doc showed me it and said my colon was filled with no more room I came home did the fleet enema and drank the citra drink and nothing it hurts soo bad to breath and move to stand etc please help

Magnesium Citrate - My colon wont clean out after 4 days of taking products?

Posted 24 Jan 2016 by Magicshell 3 answers

Xray revealed severe constipation. First 2 days i took 4 tablespoons, each day, of Milk of Magnesia, with enima the first day. No results. The next 2 days i have taken a full bottle each day of magnesium citrate. I only go very small amounts. What should i do?

Doc unconcerned by constipation up to my lungs?

Posted 3 Jul 2016 by RyanPm40 1 answer

I am usually very regular, but I have been constipated for a week now. I've tried miralax, senokot, and meta mucil with no luck. I went to an Urgent Care facility, where I was given an x-ray (after a LOT of hesitation from the doc). At first I was told by the tech I'd be getting two ...

Does Magnesium Citrate cause your stool to turn black?

Posted 15 Jun 2016 by Sc2200 1 answer

Yesterday I was extremely constipated. Went to the doctors and my X-rays showed I had a build up of poop. When the magnesium citrate finally kicked in... my poop was liquidy and black and the toilet tissue had a few streaks of blood. Just wondering if this is a normal side effect?

My boyfriend has an appt at a pain management doctor and he cant get a MRI due to having metal...

Posted 15 days ago by A-A17 4 answers

... throughout his body ? What will the doctor do ? Will they accept his CT scans and x-rays ?

I have just had a chest Xray. I've had a cough for 3 months?

Posted 18 days ago by Kylesmom01 1 answer

CHEST 2 VIEWS: History: Cough Comparison: 02/20/2017. FINDINGS: The current study demonstrates poor definition of the lateral aspect of the right diaphragm consistent with some right pleural fluid and underlying right basilar atelectasis and/or infiltrate. Examination demonstrates ...

I took magnesium citrate. When should it all go away?

Posted 8 Mar 2017 by GiGi24 1 answer

i took it and now have diarrhea and stomach pain. When should it all go away? My X-rays showed I was backed up a lot.

Orthovisc - I had an xray and they saw some areas where the bones were closer together in my joint?

Posted 7 Apr 2017 by 123dmr 0 answers

... but may not be enough to warrant getting insurance to pay for the medication I had some swelling behind my knee cap. I just want to be able to run again more than 1/2 mile without my knee hurting. I work out and do exercises to strenthen the surrounding tissues. I play tennis 3x a week but I ...

Fracture of 4th metacarpal in left hand?

Posted 14 Mar 2017 by zevadiah 0 answers

I was in a motorcycle accident in Jan 2017 and incurred a shaft fracture of the 4th metacarpal in my left hand, as well as sprained my left MCL. From the X-ray, The fracture was stable, not displaced and not angulated, although there was 1.98mm shortening (measured from X-ray with software). The ...

I'm not sure if my doctor did the right thing?

Posted 5 Feb 2017 by Stun04 6 answers

I broke my wrist on a Monday in a car accident though I didn't know it was broken. I went to a doctor on Tuesday when pain did not ease and they ran x rays. They did not offer me a brace or splint so I went CVS and bought one. Wednesday got a call back that it's broken and they were ...

Pin not showing on X-ray?

Posted 5 Mar 2017 by Ann ivey 1 answer

Had broken pelvis 11years ago. Been getting severe pain for 2 months. Had an X-ray and now the pin that was put in my pelvis is not showing. Where has it gone. Please help.

Is it possible it's a tumor?

Posted 26 Feb 2017 by CMLxx 0 answers

I recently went to a nurse, since I'm in the army didn't have time to go to hospital, but there's a possibility of me having Spondylithesis, as well as my X-ray showed a spot on my lower spine. I go to the doctor later this week, but still wondering. I've been having back pain, ...

Can you have lymphadenopathy in your hips and legs?

Posted 20 Feb 2017 by tem1960 0 answers

I was in the ER for pain in my left pelvic/ hip and leg with some swelling my pain was and still severe they took x-ray and CT of my stomach and leg also ultrasound of my left leg as well.

I'm 75, I have had digestion problems since I was 20, a new symptom is the area around my asophagus?

Posted 28 Jan 2017 by William70 1 answer

... burns quite bad after eating. Over the years I've had camera treatment, berium meal X-rays, but it may go for a while but it always comes back. I take bicarbonate of soda with water, that is very good For relief. It's now a new symptom... any expert health answers out there? Thanks

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