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Hello. I need to buy Votrient 400mg and do not have insurance to cover it. The price here in the US?

Posted 17 Mar 2012 by daveee 4 answers

will be glad to send back email on response,

Wondering if anyone on the votrient drug is battling sarcoma?

Posted 24 Jul 2011 by karendenn 6 answers

My husband David just started taking votrient on Friday, but his Doctor is starting him at 200 mg for 2 days, then 400mg for the next 2 days, and then 600 mg, until he gets up to 800mg. Was curious how this drug was working for anyone with sarcoma? Thanks Karen Denn

Votrient effectiveness? Is anyone having results from this drug? My husband has metastatic renal?

Posted 24 Jun 2015 by wackado 4 answers

... cell cancer and has had one kidney removed that was pretty overtaken. He has been on Votrient for 6 weeks and is having a rough time with the side effects. Wondering if it has worked for others

Can you dye your hair while taking Votrient?

Posted 8 Apr 2017 by Vagabond26 3 answers

My roots are white and hair is not growing very fast. I can not get the roots to hold dye and look like a skunk. Help

Votrient stage 4 renal cancer. Side effects? Does this even work?

Posted 19 Apr 2017 by Noey0831 3 answers

My father had his right Kidney removed in July of 2016. He also has COPD. The Dr. advised he took all the cancer out and he did not need chemo or radiation. He had bloods done in October of 2016 and January of 2017 all of which came back normal. This past March I returned home from vacation to ...

My dad is about to start Votrient for advanced renal cell carcinoma , has had round of stereotactic?

Posted 11 May 2011 by bethany bonazzoli 2 answers

radiation on lung and brain surgery. will start gamma knife procedure in couple weeks. want some input

Has anyone experienced shoulder pain with the use of Votrient?

Posted 20 Feb 2012 by ShoulderPain 4 answers

I have been a RCC stage 4 patient for six years, left kidney and tumor rumored with cancer mestacized to both lungs. Went through all the meds: sutent, nexavar, interluken. Cancer kept growing, I had to stop treatment four years ago and the cancer stopped growing and actually shrunk. The cancer ...

This is not a question it's an update..have rcc & have been taking 800 mg of votrient since dec?

Posted 22 May 2012 by donnamig 4 answers

I had a pet scan in april & the mass on my kidney has shrunk from 8.7 cm to 5.3 cm & oncologist said it appears to be dead in the middle & also does not appear to be in lymph nodes or nodules of my lungs any longer... goin back in 2 months for another pet scan... hoping for more good ...

Votrient - How long can a person be on this drug?

Posted 17 Jun 2013 by luckywife 3 answers

... Good Day, My husband is set to start his Votrient treatment today. I am a bit nervous due to all the possible side effects. This is the second time his spindle cell sarcoma has reappeared. He has had a lobectomy on his right lung in February. The chemo treatment he was on since then did not ...

Votrient - Advice please?

Posted 2 Oct 2014 by coochtrinz 4 answers

My mother was diagnoise with clear cell renal cancer 12 months ago, they were unable to remove the kidney so did an embolisation, the cancer does appear to be slow growing as in she still feels fine although there is evidence of the cancer in lymph nodes near kidney, stomach and chest. She has had ...

Votrient - How soon did you notice side affects?

Posted 29 Nov 2017 by Pathfinder123 2 answers

I will be starting Voltrient tomorrow, I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in both kidneys having large tumors. How soon did the side affects start?

I was recently Diagnosed with Kidney Cancer (RCC) My right kidney with tumor was removed. My right?

Posted 17 Jul 2012 by otterpop 3 answers

... lung has lesions. was put on Votrient. Does anyone have any encouraging words? Thanks

Has anyone tried the new drug out now "Votrient" for Soft tissue Sarcoma?

Posted 25 Mar 2013 by BnR Lawndale 2 answers

My wife has gone through a horrific years worth of chemotherapy and she's contemplating Votrient to slow/stem tumor growth on her lungs. After all the suffering she's been through I can't bear to watch her be "sold" on yet another drug (side afffects included) that may or ...

What expereinces are there after stopping 800 mg of Votrient?

Posted 17 Jan 2016 by Cgr11 2 answers

I have been on 800 mg for 5 years and tumors in lungs and lymph node have shrunk to nothing. Minimal side effects, but enough to make me want to stop. Anyone who has similar experience and has stopped taking it... What has been the result?

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