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What happens if you break your virginity without using a condom?

Posted 8 Aug 2014 by lobstar 3 answers

Having sex for the first time without using a condom is it possible to get pregnant or you won't because its your first time having sex.

Just lost my virginity today, no condom, took plan b a little less then three hours after. help ?

Posted 21 Dec 2015 by Lovely228234 1 answer

I'm not on birth control and I will admit I was stupid for not using a condom I am 18 years old and super embarrassed I have mixed feelings but I had it with the guy I have been dating for more than a year. I have been freaking out because of pre cum. Even though he thinks he didn't pre ...

Spotting/bleeding 5 days after losing virginity?

Posted 16 Aug 2018 by pablo_123 1 answer

It's currently Thursday morning, and Saturday night I think I lost my virginity, I don't think he actually went in(it hurt too much so we didn't go very far) but right after I went to the bathroom and was bleeding a lot(probably because my hymen broke). The bleeding ended 2 days ...

Is this the side effects of Plan B or early pregnancy symptoms? Please Help!!?

Posted 24 Jun 2018 by Scaredgal1001 2 answers

Ever since I lost my virginity to my boyfriend last month, I have become sexually active and since then my period comes every month but not regularly. My cycle ranges from 28-32 days every month. Sometimes it comes a week after my expected period. Recently though, I had started my period on June 6, ...

Why is period blood brown and coming down slow?

Posted 16 Jan 2016 by Annie672 2 answers

I lost my virginity 3 weeks ago and I've been paranoid ever since. We used protection. Today I'm supposed to get my period and what I got is dark brown blood. I'm scared. What is it?

Had protected sex then too plan B.Am I pregnant?

Posted 29 Dec 2015 by S173 2 answers

I lost my virginity on 24th. He used condom, then after I took plan B incase within like 23 hours. I bleeded a little on 25. Then I am having brown color discharge. I consulted with my friend (she works with a doctor), she told me I not pregnant. I usually expect my periods on 15 or 16th. I am so ...

What side effects does the morning after pill cause and could I be pregnant?

Posted 25 Jun 2017 by ldmn 2 answers

My period had ended one week before my boyfriend and I had sex. I lost my virginity but contrary to what I was lead to believe, there was no blood. We used a condom and I took the morning after pill a few hours later. It has been a week since this happened and I have been unusually tired. My sense ...

I took Plan B 8 days ago and I've gotten brown discharge but no period yet?

Posted 12 Jan 2017 by K0L 1 answer

8 days ago I lost my virginity to my boyfriend and we didn't use a condom but I'm on birth control, I took Plan B just in case because I missed a pill. My period is about two days late and it has now been 8 days since I took Plan B, I've just started getting light brown discharge ...

Can I be pregnant? it was my first time and we used a condom?

Posted 6 May 2017 by nancy88 2 answers

I lost my virginity 3 days ago. We used a condom and he didn't ejaculated in me. My period should start in 10 days. Can I be pregnant?

I lost my virginity on April 19th this year and I had unprotected sex. So my boyfriend had looked?

Posted 9 Aug 2016 by Zoe1099 2 answers

For something to help me not get pregnant and he found Plan B so I took it 7 to 8 days later. The next week on May 3th to the 5th I had spotting. Ever since may I haven't get my period.

Had protected sex. Took Plan B just in case. Could I still be pregnant?

Posted 24 Aug 2017 by daniaaa1370 1 answer

Me and my boyfriend lost our virginity to each other and had protected sex on the 4th of August at 4:00 am, He didn't ejaculate in me and we pulled out every few seconds to make sure the condom didn't break or slip off. It lasted for about 4-6 minutes. the condom was perfectly okay, but i ...

Why do I hurt so much after losing my virginity?

Posted 11 Jun 2018 by Treetrunks 2 answers

I just turned 15 a few months ago and I had sex for the first time yesterday. I was very uncomfortable through all of it and I’ve been sore, nauseous, and I’ve been having headaches. Is this normal? It’s been over 24 hours...

New on the pill, new to sex, using condoms and bleeding. Is it normal?

Posted 29 Apr 2015 by QB1994 2 answers

I started my first box of pills around 2 weeks ago and had sex for the first time some days later. I always take them on time and he always uses a condom. The last 3 times we've had sex he's come inside (the condom hasn't broke) and he's been a little rougher. This times ...

Vaginal Yeast Infection - I have a qustion my sister she has lost her virginity one year ago since?

Posted 1 Aug 2016 by needhi 2 answers

... den she has done nothing but she is suffering fromvaginal infection so the secreat regarding her virginity will be reaveled or not?

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