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What happens if you break your virginity without using a condom?

Posted 8 Aug 2014 by lobstar 3 answers

Having sex for the first time without using a condom is it possible to get pregnant or you won't because its your first time having sex.

Had protected sex. Took Plan B just in case. Could I still be pregnant?

Posted 24 Aug 2017 by daniaaa1370 1 answer

Me and my boyfriend lost our virginity to each other and had protected sex on the 4th of August at 4:00 am, He didn't ejaculate in me and we pulled out every few seconds to make sure the condom didn't break or slip off. It lasted for about 4-6 minutes. the condom was perfectly okay, but i ...

What side effects does the morning after pill cause and could I be pregnant?

Posted 25 Jun 2017 by ldmn 2 answers

My period had ended one week before my boyfriend and I had sex. I lost my virginity but contrary to what I was lead to believe, there was no blood. We used a condom and I took the morning after pill a few hours later. It has been a week since this happened and I have been unusually tired. My sense ...

What are the chances of pregnancy?

Posted 20 May 2017 by cats09stac 1 answer

Hello, I lost my virginity on the 10th with protected sex, and took plan b 3 days later. 10 days later, I am experiencing some minor cramps, bloating and slight fatigue. My period is due in 10 days now. I am well aware of the symptoms of pregnancy and I am hoping these are not huge indicators of ...

Can I be pregnant? it was my first time and we used a condom?

Posted 6 May 2017 by nancy88 2 answers

I lost my virginity 3 days ago. We used a condom and he didn't ejaculated in me. My period should start in 10 days. Can I be pregnant?

Help I'm an 18 year old girl and experiencing brown discharge after sex while on birth control?

Posted 31 Mar 2017 by cheerbaby 0 answers

I'm an 18 year old girl and i've been taking birth control for a little over a year and it took my period away so i haven't had one in forever and i just lost my virginity last week and i'm experiencing some brown discharge and i have no idea why or what's going on he never ...

Just lost my virginity today, no condom, took plan b a little less then three hours after. help ?

Posted 21 Dec 2015 by Lovely228234 1 answer

I'm not on birth control and I will admit I was stupid for not using a condom I am 18 years old and super embarrassed I have mixed feelings but I had it with the guy I have been dating for more than a year. I have been freaking out because of pre cum. Even though he thinks he didn't pre ...

Im scared enough that I'm making myself sick that my girlfriend may be pregnant?

Posted 3 Jan 2017 by ML123 1 answer

I lost my virginity a few days ago, I'm a male. The first time we tried there was no condom, but no penetration, for my own peace of mind she took a plan B pill. I few days later we tried again with a condom, a little bit in the condom fell off and we went that way for a minute (literally long ...

Should I take the Plan B Pill?

Posted 12 Jan 2017 by Bubblesssss 2 answers

I had sex with my boyfriend on January 10th and it was a spur of the moment kind of thing. I lost my virginity to him. I had also finished my period the day before that. But now I see spotting and am just worried. He never came inside of me but I also know that precum can lead to pregnancy. I feel ...

I took Plan B 8 days ago and I've gotten brown discharge but no period yet?

Posted 12 Jan 2017 by K0L 1 answer

8 days ago I lost my virginity to my boyfriend and we didn't use a condom but I'm on birth control, I took Plan B just in case because I missed a pill. My period is about two days late and it has now been 8 days since I took Plan B, I've just started getting light brown discharge ...

Can Plan B delay periods ?

Posted 23 Oct 2016 by Diablocita 1 answer

I lost my virginity on Oct 3, my bf used a condom but he said it had ripped so two days later I took Plan B. My period comes randomly throughout the month but it's oct 22 and I'm still waiting, I currently feel like it may occur because I feel bloating but I'm not sure yet. I'm ...

Can taking Plan B delay your period ?

Posted 17 Oct 2016 by Diablocita 1 answer

I lost my virginity early this month (2 weeks ago) but my boyfriend told me the condom ripped so I took Plan B two days after it had happened. I had no side affects aside from the fact that my cherry popped and I was bleeding before I took Plan B. My period still hasn't came and I get weird ...

Gentital Sores help!!?

Posted 16 Sep 2016 by cheergirl999 0 answers

Just recently I lost my virginity to my boyfriend. He has had a few previous sexual partners but never an STD. We have had sex multiple times now (around 10) and have used a condom everytime. After our last intercourse session, a few days later I noticed these right outside my vagina and close to ...

Hi, I lost my virginity and than after 2 weeks I decided to put an implants on will this effect me?

Posted 17 Aug 2016 by Yasminali 0 answers

... to not get pregnant after I decided to remove it in 1-2 years?

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