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Valdoxan not relieving symptoms- has anyone else taken two different drugs to relieve depression?

Hello. I'll try to keep this brief.- I have clinical depression and moderate anxiety disorders, diagnosed 3 years ago. Was on Mirtazapine for 2.5 years. Caused weight gain and didn't help much despite psychology, lifestyle changes- weaned off over 2 months to try something else, namely... read more

Has anyone had a bad initial experience with Valdoxan but carried on. What was your experience?

I had one night on Valdoxan for anxiety and woke up at 3am with such bad anxiety. It took me 2 hours to get back to sleep and I suffered the worst dreams. My leg also wouldn't stop moving. When I woke(from the worst sleep of my life lol), I felt ok for the first 5 minutes and then the anxiety... read more

Does valdoxan 25mg have withdrawal symptoms?

Hello there,I have been taking Valdoxane 25mg for 9months now,and I have had No side effects at all,I feel so so much better,was diagnosed with depression and I think I get anxiety attacks.I am thinking of stopping the tablets ,and my doc has told me there are no withdrawell effects,regards Felicity

I've just started Valdoxan/Agomelantine. Has anyone else tried it?

First pill last night and I couldn't sleep...

I recently started 25mg valdoxan and also Ativan to help sleep. My face is breaking out...

... though. Has anyone experienced this? I also find i am waking at around 3am. Does this pass? Thanks all

I am week 4 on valdoxan 25. My depression improved, but anxiety and panic can't control during...

... the daytime while I am at my work. Is it side effect of valdoxan? I also suffer insomnia. My doctor gives me lorazepam 2 mg but i know you can become dependant on benzos. Should I continue valdoxan or stop?

Anyone take Valdoxan/Agomelatine??

I don't think it's licensed in the US, but europe it is. They say it's in a class with effexor an cymbalta in terms of efficacy. But there's no reviews available on this site about it. Anyone ever try it? How did you find it worked out for you?

I stopped taking Lexapro, started taking Valdoxan and I am feeling extremely ill?

I had been on Lexapro 20mg for about 18 months and because it isn’t working for me anymore, my doctor has switched me over to Valdoxan. She said to take 10mg of Lexapro for 3 days (which I didn’t think was enough time to ween me off of it) and then start taking Valdoxan 25mg. I am a... read more

About to add valdoxan to my 200mg of Pristiq per day?

I am about to start valdoxan to help with my sleep. I can not remember a time when I slept through the night and am constantly tired. I usually wake up 2 or 3 times per night and it takes me about 30 - 6- mins to get back to sleep. (I usually have to get up) I am currently on 200mg of Pristiq for... read more

Pristiq, Valium, and gastroenteritis?

I have been on 200mg of Pristiq for about 3 years (It's taken my GAD from 9/10 to about 2/10 most days) and have also been having 25mg of Valdoxan at night to help me sleep. On Sunday I started with gastro which included vomiting and diarrhea. The vomiting lasted a day but 5 days later I am... read more

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