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Valdoxan Questions


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Does Valdoxan cause weight gain?

Posted 9 Aug 2014 by aussiedancer 1 answer

Feel better as the day goes on?

Posted 19 Jan 2018 by Salsa70 1 answer

I was on lexepro for many years and gradually came off late last year... but a few weeks later had a real 'crash'. The worst I've ever felt! Terrible anxiety etc etc..The doctor gave me valdoxan which didn't help at all..except as a sleeping pill. I'm now on Cymbalta 30mg ...

Niacin - Are people still finding this works?

Posted 28 Oct 2017 by Chanhall 2 answers

I am desperate, I have lost my identity, soul, happiness and I am slowly losing my will to be! Can any one please tell me what dose to start on ? Will it effect my valdoxan ? What brand have people had success o ? HELP I need to bet this I want to get off meds and have a baby and live a normal ...

What interaction is there between Propax and Valdoxan?

Posted 12 Aug 2017 by PJ13 0 answers

I have just been prescribed Propax. I am worried about taking it. A year ago I had a heart attack. I spent 4 days in hospital and was put on loads of medication. 3 months afterwards a lot of medication was stopped. 2wks later I was in a head on collision in my car while driving to work. I had ...

Valdoxan stopped working for anyone else? What's a good alternative??

Posted 11 May 2017 by AJBlue 17 0 answers

I have been on Valdoxan for about 3 years (50mg) and Lexapro (20mg) for 8 years. I was put on the Valdoxan as the Lexpro alone just wasn't cutting it anymore. I haven't been feeling myself lately and I know that after a few years antidepressants can lose their affect as the body becomes ...

Vortioxetine - Does anyone take Brintellix and valdoxan together?

Posted 27 Sep 2016 by Abyprep 0 answers

I have been on Brintellix for 3to4 months starting at 5mg gradually increasing to 20mg/nocte. It has helped with the depression but I have no energy or motivation. Specialist has just prescribed Valdoxan to help with anxiety but I feel so flat and am crying a lot. I am also noticing muscle fatigue ...

Sertraline and Valdoxan?

Posted 7 Dec 2015 by Jess5354 2 answers

Hello I am on sertraline for almost 3 months, I have not really got much better. Today when I went to see the Doc. he increased my dose from 150mg to 200mg, he also put me on Valdoxan 50mg. On the valdoxan it says dont drink, I like to have a drink, so I am wondering would it be ok to just not take ...

Anyone take Valdoxan/Agomelatine??

Posted 1 May 2016 by John_Finan 1 answer

I don't think it's licensed in the US, but europe it is. They say it's in a class with effexor an cymbalta in terms of efficacy. But there's no reviews available on this site about it. Anyone ever try it? How did you find it worked out for you?

Has anyone had a bad initial experience with Valdoxan but carried on. What was your experience?

Posted 5 Jun 2015 by Ainsruss 2 answers

I had one night on Valdoxan for anxiety and woke up at 3am with such bad anxiety. It took me 2 hours to get back to sleep and I suffered the worst dreams. My leg also wouldn't stop moving. When I woke(from the worst sleep of my life lol), I felt ok for the first 5 minutes and then the anxiety ...

Sertraline - Acrophobia and social Anxiety?

Posted 13 Dec 2015 by Jess5354 1 answer

What is the best tablet to ask my doctor for to go with 200mg Sertraline, he gave me Valdoxan but I don't want to take them as I enjoy a drink, Thank;s

Valdoxan not relieving symptoms- has anyone else taken two different drugs to relieve depression?

Posted 9 Oct 2014 by mysteriousdarkness 1 answer

Hello. I'll try to keep this brief.- I have clinical depression and moderate anxiety disorders, diagnosed 3 years ago. Was on Mirtazapine for 2.5 years. Caused weight gain and didn't help much despite psychology, lifestyle changes- weaned off over 2 months to try something else, namely ...

Generalized Anxiety Disorder - Hi eveyone. I'm new to this forum but am really struggling with GAD?

Posted 8 Feb 2015 by Hazza01 2 answers

... and depression having started taking Effexor almost 5 weeks ago. I moved from 75mg to 150mg after the first week and then added Valdoxan at 12.5mg for the first week and now 25mg for the last two weeks on the advice of my Psychiatrist. I also have Bromazapam 3mg to take as and when the anxietly ...

Taking antidepressants for 9 years affecting Sexual desire? After stopping medicins, am I recovered?

Posted 14 Dec 2014 by Teto 1 answer

I have a sexual desire problems. It seems to be there is no desire at all. I am taking antidepressants since 9 years. At the moment, i am taking paroxat 20mg, valdoxan & atapina. Paroxat reduced to 5 mg and i am going forward to stop these medications gradually. After stopping these ...

Can valdoxan be taken with tryptophan?

Posted 30 Jul 2014 by admac100 1 answer

Interaction - A patient has depression and he is taking valdoxan 25mg once daily. He also suffers?

Posted 11 Apr 2014 by gsrakhila 1 answer

... from adhesive capsulitis and the doctar has prescribed him muscadol2 tabs thrice daily (paracetamol 450mg + orphenadrine citrate 35mg) . Could these two medicines use together ?

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