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I don't know what to do. I trying 2000 mg cranberry natural pill. It a lot. I been going....

Posted 29 May 2018 by Lydiarod 1 answer

... to the urology n primary care Dr. With this problem for about 6 to 8 month. I think they think is in my mind. I am scare to go anymore. They don't found any infection. But I feel miserable with this

Viagra - How can I improve/reverse my condition?

Posted 10 May 2018 by Johncuevas 1 answer

I visited a urologist because being uncircumcised at age 53 when I experienced a healthy erection the skin would strangle the head of my penis. It became we quite painful to get hard and engage in sex. I was told a circumcision would allow breathing room much like a V neck on a tee shirt. It made ...

How long can I use Hiprex tablets?

Posted 26 Mar 2018 by charlotteemily 1 answer

Hiprex was prescribed by my urologist to prevent urinary tract infections for which I had been hospitalized twice and had delirium with the infections leading to amnesia. It was very bad as the urinary infections led to septicaemia. I almost died twice so I was put on Hiprex for prevention of ...

Urology - What would cause a 52 year old male to ejaculate without being aroused?

Posted 7 May 2018 by wkb 0 answers

I had just sat down on the toilet for a minute and semen (about 1/2 tsp) started to flow from my penis?

I was just prescribed Flomax to treat an enlarged prostate. I'm worried about the "dry" orgasm?

Posted 10 Jan 2018 by Wallster 1 answer

The urologist said all men who take Flomax will experience this symptom. How likely is this condition to be permanent even if you stop taking Flomax? Is this something you get used to? Does it impact other aspects of sexual functioning? I just read some good things about Doxazosin. Is this a ...

What casuses chronic prostatitis?

Posted 13 Apr 2018 by John96327 0 answers

Chronic prostatitis is a common male's urology and reproductive system disease. Many men are suffering from chronic prostatitis while others are not, so what causes chronic prostatitis? I am a chronic protstatitis too, and I do not drink, smoke, and I like taking exercise very much.

Estrace Vaginal Cream - Have any users of entrance cream noticed any hair loss on the scalp?

Posted 21 Dec 2017 by MCR 1 answer

I have been using it for about 3 months. I am 67 and it was prescribed for frequent UTI's. I was having them constantly, I went to a urologist, he really found nothing because they had stopped. Before I saw the urologist I saw my gynecologist to make sure everything else was okay. He ...

Urology - Lump in penile shaft under skin?

Posted 14 Nov 2017 by Pnd2008 0 answers

after sex one night I had a swollen penis for 5 days and I noticed a drop of blood in my pants , since the swelling has gone and no more blood either, I have developed a pea sized lump on my penile shaft about half way down , it’s doesn’t hurt but is rock hard! What could this be ? Ive ...

Urology - 48yr male with BPH, low T, no sperm count, trying to concieve. 2001 had vasectomy. 2016?

Posted 4 Oct 2017 by Thesara86 0 answers

... had vaso reversal. What are the options?

Hypogonadism - Male - I'm a 39 year old male that was born with Spina Bifida. I have been diagnosed?

Posted 18 Sep 2017 by kenlabbe 0 answers

... with hypogonasism as well as low t. My urologist has me currently on Chlomed. My libido is suffering (to the dismay of my wife). Is there anything on the market that can help with low sex drive?

How long will the burning and aching?

Posted 4 Sep 2017 by Guytano 0 answers

Last from the alprostadil? My urologist injected me with Trimix and it's been 4 days of burning and a testicle ache. His office is closed due to Labor Day. Thank you. By the way it was only a .1 dose. For the first time.

Why would I have old looking blood coming out of my penis when I have a bowel movement?

Posted 20 Aug 2017 by ab1936 0 answers

I went to a urologist and he did a bladder scan, a ct scan of everything connected to the urinating and he said that it was 10 years since I had seeds implanted into my prostate for cancer treatment and that it could be old blood coming from that procedure back 10 years ago. I have blood coming out ...

My urologist has prescribed ciprofloxacin for UTI's three times in the last six months. Each time my

Posted 27 Mar 2015 by hamhock62 5 answers

... side effects seem to get worse and last longer. I've balked at taking Cipro but a urine culture shows that it is the only antibiotic that will work on pseudomonas bacteria. How long will the effects of a third hit last and is there anything else I can suggest the next time this happens?

Enlarge prostate has shrunk after taking medicine?

Posted 19 May 2017 by lndshk 0 answers

Urologist said the drugs worked and my prostate is normal sized, however I still have to get up 3 or more times nightly, and it is ruining my sleep. What can I do?

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