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Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Questions

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Azithromycin - How long until the antibiotic starts working?

Posted 5 May 2013 by Lxg 2 answers

I was given this antibiotic yesterday and I'm on day 2 of it. I haven't noticed a difference, I still feel very sick. My sinus infection is causing my gums to swell and hurt as well as my cheeks and part of my left brow. This is the first time this has happened to me and it is really ...

Is it safe to take Keflex when allergic to penicillin?

Posted 3 Jul 2013 by lozzer45 2 answers

Had a reaction to a penicilin based medication which was a strong version of the penicillin, now have been told to take Keflex, Dr knows my situation. If not advisable to take what would be good for upper respiratory infection I have had for 5 days, not on the chest.

Will keflex help my sinus infection?

Posted 17 May 2014 by rileyt 2 answers

Amoxicillin/Clavulanate - Is it good for 4year olds?

Posted 19 days ago by red-roadrunner 0 answers

He seems to have chest congestion still but it's only been two days.

Amoxicillin 500mg and I need a 50mg per ml dose how much liquid do I add to make the dosage?

Posted 17 Dec 2016 by jvsa80808 1 answer

500 mg capsule of Amoxi and i need 50mg of amoxi per ml how much water do i need to add to delute 500mg to 50mg

Can I continue to take azithromycin after finishing a 6 pack of the medication?

Posted 1 Dec 2016 by manny6312 1 answer

I just finished A 6 pack azithromycin but I'm still sick and I feel upper respiratory infection still, can I continue to take this information after finishing one dose of a 6 Pack dosage

Amoxicillin/Clavulanate - can you cut in half and take twice daily?

Posted 3 May 2016 by MELANIE32 1 answer

Is it possible to cut this pill in half have to take the dose twice instead of once a day to limit side effects? Or is that going to cause it to be ineffective or worse than the side effects

Azithromycin - Can I combine it if cough and cold capsules 3 hours ago?

Posted 19 Jun 2016 by rosodunks 0 answers

Cold and cough for 3 days with no improvement. Throat hoarse. Have azithromycin and wondered if I can take this till I get to see doctor

I have a tooth broken off in the gumm, it is infected, pain, redness but most of all, the?

Posted 5 Apr 2016 by LisaHT 1 answer

infection is draining through my nasal cavity, green runny, a little thick watery like, stinky smells and taste nasty makes me gag and I have trown up a few times, I have been on amoxicillin 500 mg 10 days, pennicllin 7 days and doxycycline first for 7 days, and nothing, went to oral surgeon and ...

Is bloody diarrhea usual in amoxicillin?

Posted 8 Apr 2016 by Mikey2335 1 answer

After3 days I'm still sick and have blood in diarrhea

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