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Trauma Questions

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How long on average should it take for eliquis to dissolve a DVT running the entire length of a leg?

Posted 18 Aug 2017 by gmorate 1 answer

trauma induced dvt in 62 yo male.

My eye is swollen and my blood vessel burst can I use ibuprofen to reduce the swelling?

Posted 6 Nov 2016 by needanswersplease123 2 answers

I have a bruised eye due to trauma. On day 1 it was just red and brused day 2 the inflammation started. Its day 3 and now the blood vessel in my eye has popped. Can i take ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation? Or is there something else i should take?

Xanax - I have agoraphobia, PTSD, trauma and above all insanely severe anxiety attacks?

Posted 4 Jul 2017 by Minnich 2 answers

My main issue is agoraphobia, meaning I am unable to go far from my house without basically losing all self control and I begin to freak out and start heading back homs. I just want to if xanax or something similar would help me. I already kolonpin and propanial, but they don't seem to be ...

Is Celexa good for PTSD?

Posted 6 Apr 2017 by Jojo10nj 1 answer

My son is autistic and suffered trauma last year. He has completely lost all the life out of him. He's full of anxiety, violence and aggression. Was on 10 mgs along with 20 mgs of Zyprexa. The Zyprexa gave him violence and aggression for food! He upped the Celexa to 15 mgs and he ended up ...

Possible causes for sore red area on leg after car accident?

Posted 26 May 2016 by madisong517 2 answers

I was in a car accident on May 13th 2016 (12 days ago) and sustained trauma to bilateral legs. I was the passenger and my legs were curled up because I was taking a nap. The driver lost control, we went down a hill and we were stopped by a tree, which mainly hit my side. The dash board did a wealth ...

Fioricet for herniated neck discs- mutli level from trauma?

Posted 5 May 2017 by elta69 1 answer

okay what happens when you been to neurologist's all over. I have moved for time being- complied, saw another, that shared MS's same belief> of course. decreased me from 6/day to 2 with topiramax twice a day- for which I had side effects. now I have no one to prescribe anything? what ...

Saxenda - I sorry from a disability due to a childhood trauma of body dismemberment?

Posted 20 Jul 2016 by Sanniba 1 answer

As I have aged my weight gain has caused progressive Orthopedic issues on my skeletal level. Arthritis is a constant diagnosis I hear whenever I see my orthopedic surgeon and that obesity is generally my cause for accelerated joint issues. My response is NO PAIN MEDS!!! Just let's get the ...

Hydroxychloroquine - Is this medicine used for hair replacement?

Posted 26 Nov 2016 by losinghairemergency 1 answer

I am a female with serious hair loss due to scarring of my scalp because of trauma. I am receiving cortisone injections monthly and the next step would be a prescription for hydroxychloroquine pills to enhance growth of hair. Is this medicine used for hair replacement?

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