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Toujeo Questions

We found 12 questions associated with the 'Toujeo' topic.

Toujeo - How can I tell when the pen is empty?

Posted 23 Jan 2017 by Kfiedler1610 0 answers

I can't tell when the pen is empty. I think I was injecting nothing for a few days.

Toujeo not keeping blood sugar down?

Posted 9 Jan 2017 by dash1940 0 answers

dose not help me I am on 30 unites at night how may unites can I increase it at a time. my Dr. did not give me sliding scale. sometimes I do not think they listen. my blood sugar just keeps getting higher it was over 500 last night. emergency room dr. did not say what to do.

Levemir FlexTouch is 100 units/ml and Toujeo's is 300 units/ml?

Posted 9 Dec 2016 by ChinaDragonDoll 0 answers

How do I convert the Units prescribed between the two pens since the dosage strength is different? What does 45 Units of Levemir equal in Toujeo?

Toujeo Solostar - I take toujeo at night and metformin.I have the stomach flu, shall I continue ?

Posted 17 Aug 2016 by rovhas 1 answer

For fear of it pushing me too low?

My sugar is 131 tonite do I still take my toujeo?

Posted 13 Jun 2016 by ssandy2 1 answer

I also take dureon shot . please let me know my toujeo at 10pm but my sugar was 131 so I didn't take it, do I still need to take it now it is 1;29 am ?

Toujeo - why do i have to take it ant bedtime and not during the day?

Posted 8 Jun 2016 by Rebecca 5 1 answer

I have gained 10 pounds in 2 months. My #'s have not changed much. Why do you have to take it at bedtime, and not during the day. My doctor tells me to take it at bedtime because in the morning my numbers are In the 200's.

Toujeo - Has anyone felt the symptoms of blood sugar lows (floating, shaking) upon waking even when?

Posted 13 Mar 2016 by Gmanley 0 answers

... glucose readings are within normal range?

Has anyone used apidra with toujeo?

Posted 29 Feb 2016 by Lisa sovia 1 answer

Toujeo - Do I use the same dosage 100 units of Lantus dialed on the pen, and the pen does the?

Posted 18 Nov 2015 by phyllisnitsche 1 answer

I have been taking Lantus for several years. Since it is 3 times stronger I dont Know what dosage to dial on the pen. The pharmacist told me to use the same amount on the dial 100 units and the pen will do the conversion, just want to make sure this is correct. U dont want to over dose

Does Toujeo actually work for anyone out there, glad I had good control going in( starting toujeo).?

Posted 16 Jun 2015 by writchix 2 answers

... Because I am now out of control after two months of migration of Toujeo. Was perfect on 38 units Lotus a day, now at 60 units Toujeo and climbing with blood sugar rarely below 235

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