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I'm coming off 5mg of Lexapro. What types of side effects should I expect?

Posted 23 Jan 2015 by ss523 6 answers

I have been on 5mg of Lexapro daily since October (almost 4 months) and after doing talk therapy and attacking my anxiety head on and with other means (aside from the medication) my doctor said I am ready to come off. She said I shouldn't feel much since I was on it for a short period of time ...

Wellbutrin , Abilify or Remeron?

Posted 18 days ago by farshad040 1 answer

Has anyone used any of these medication and how was your experience? I have suffered from depressionn and social anxiety with Mild OCD for over 10 years. I have tried therapy and various other things including meds like SSRI/SNRI. How well do these help? I was thinking of taking all 3 together. Im ...

Any adverse effects when taking Xeloda and doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Posted 22 Sep 2017 by CcourtneyCHT 0 answers

Adverse affects while taking Xeloda and diving to 3ATA for 90 minutes

How long should I wait after nerve damage from reinjury to both wrists be fore I have physical?

Posted 10 Sep 2017 by Beverly78 2 answers

... therapy? I could not lift over 2lbs in each hand already. I don't want to start too soon if it will harm injuries worsen. My wrists never healed is why I couldn't lift over 2lbs in each hand. This last Wednesday I got trapped in the bathroom where I work. The door was approximately ...

Risperidone in a child with a family history of heart issues?

Posted 13 Sep 2017 by mamamia6 1 answer

We adopted a little boy, that has severe psychiatric issues. He is currently residing in a psychiatric facility for children. That facility would like to begin him on medication, as they feel therapy is not working. The drugs are: Risperidone and Tenex, our hesitation is that our son's ...

Borderline Personality Disorder - Attachment/ Abandonment Help?

Posted 10 Sep 2017 by Rboldi 0 answers

For me, the worst, most unmanageable part of my borderline personality disorder is the intense fear and avoidance of abandonment. I've been in therapy for 9 years and I still can't shake it. It interferes with my daily life and my relationships. I can't keep on like this. Has anyone ...

Prevpac - What can I take for a headache when taking the H pylori triple therapy?

Posted 24 Aug 2017 by hrw 1 answer

I'm on day 10 of amoxicillin, clarithromycin, pantoprazole and probiotic and I'm having my third absolutely horrible headache. What headache medication can I take while on this treatment for h pylori?

Lo Loestrin Fe - How safe to use after 50?

Posted 12 Aug 2017 by GPCPaper 1 answer

How does the incidence of stroke compare to HRT or combination estrogen+ progesterine therapy?

H pyrlori Eradicated, stomach acids are not getting normal? malabsorption of iron and B12?

Posted 7 Aug 2017 by syed-texas 0 answers

Hello everyone... I am diagnosed with H pylori bug 2.5 month ago... done with my triple therapy meds.. Although I have successfully eradicated bugs but my stomach acid levels are not getting better. I have to eat 17-18 HCL betaine capsules(500 mg each) for proper digestion of meal. apart from this, ...

Monistat-1 - Used monistat 1 simple therapy ointment last night and this morning when I went to the?

Posted 9 Jun 2017 by Mmmarie12 0 answers

... bath room I had a darkish bloody discharge along with the ointment come out.. do you think it still did its job?? I was on my period prior to using this and believed it was finished.. I still feel irritated, itchy, and burning

Lamictal for not bipolar I or II?

Posted 24 May 2017 by Beardman2012 3 answers

so I had a episode of major depression a few years ago. Went all the way to 30mg of Lexapro after 6 months of intense exercise and therapy the depression seemed to lift. I felt myself coming down a few months but with a more manic side. Racing thoughts and severe agitation. My therapist and my ...

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