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IS 25MG ZOLOFT a therapeutic dose for an adult?

Posted 15 Mar 2014 by Theres no place like home 15 answers

I've been on zoloft 25 mg for two years and every time I see my doc he tries to up it telling me its not even a therapeutic dose. When I started the med I was feeling much worse anxiety/OCD then I am now so I feel it has helped. I'm sure I could feel better but I am anxious to up it, it ...

Lithium and Libido (INCREASED), Anyone Have This Issue?

Posted 15 Mar 2013 by Edithonus 4 answers

I started taking Lithium about 5 months ago and was always within (if not below) therapeutic range. I'm a 16 year old teen that weighs 206 lbs (I'm 6 ft 1 inch). I was on 1500 mg of Lithium and I ALWAYS (everyday) felt like I had to achieve orgasm before I went to bed and also during the ...

Hey friends ... I am having my psych issues coming back to haunt me?

Posted 13 Aug 2012 11 answers

In April, I started on Lamictal and after a month or so reached my therapeutic level, was taking my Klonopin 2 mgs twice a day. I felt like a new woman, happy, not crying all the time, felt like I was at the end of my tunnel and could see light. Now I rarely sleep,and when I do sleep, I have really ...

What are the effects of sympathomimetic drugs in therapeutic doses?

Posted 3 Feb 2010 by talha 1 answer

do sympathomimetic drugs in therapeutic doses cause tachycardia , hypotension, decrease cardiac output , or arrhythmias?. Are they contraindicated in thyrotoxicosis?

Lamotrigine - What dose of lamictal are you on (for mood stabilizer). I've worked my way up to 150.?

Posted 24 Dec 2013 by Secret12 6 answers

... I feel pretty good (also on 20mg lexapro) but I think I could feel better. I'm wondering what a 'normal' therapeutic dose is for most peeps

How long for Lamictal/lamotrigine for bipolar 2 to work?

Posted 15 May 2017 3 answers

I've been on lamotrigine for bipolar 2 for 3 weeks now. I started at 25mg for one week, 50mg for one week, and now 75mg for one week. Tomorrow I am starting 100mg, which my doctor thinks my therapeutic dosage would be. (I'm a 24 year old woman). So far, i feel no difference. I dont have ...

Can propranolol and ventolin together?

Posted 22 Jan 2013 by rabbitkuah 1 answer

What is therapeutic effect on propranolol and ventolin taking together

Complex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Face Cream?

Posted 27 Nov 2014 by Gatewood 1078 2 answers

Why has the price of this item that I have been using for 40 years risen so much on

I have been taking Effexor XR 37.5mg every other day for over 15 years. There was no therapeutic?

Posted 16 Feb 2017 by emilyinSD 2 answers

... effect anymore, I was just on it to avoid the horrible withdrawals. I finally decided I wanted off of the Effexor so I went to the psychiatrist to discuss weaning off, but due to my current life situation, my doc decided to up my dose to 75 mg every day. I am now tired, nauseous and just ...

Hi. I just took Gabapentin for the first time last night for neck pain, anxiety, & sleep problems?

Posted 16 Oct 2014 by JVALHOP 5 answers

... It totally knocked me out. I know it will take time to build up in my system to get to therapeutic level & I will experience side effects- but will the initial grogginess pass???

Cipralex - is 5mg also a therapeutic dosage?

Posted 1 Oct 2016 by trueself 1 answer

Hello all. I've been taking Cipralex 10 mg for about a year. It has helped me. After stopping the medication my state started deteriorating (anxiety and depression) so I started taking the medication again. I'm wondering if 5mg is also a therapeutic dosage? Does anybody have good ...

Day 5 of Zoloft increase and my emotions and anxiety are out of control?

Posted 1 Apr 2018 by Kemiller 1 answer

I have been working toward my therapeutic dose since the birth of my son last August - roughly 7 months. I started at 25mg and was most recently at 100mg for 12 weeks- I started having anxiety and racing thoughts return so I have just been upped to 125 mg - 5 days ago. My anxiety comes in waves ...

Wellbutrin SR - 600mg bupropion prescribed?

Posted 2 Jul 2018 by shellbeach 1 answer

I started on 200mg bupropion SR about 3 months ago and recently asked my doctor to increase to therapeutic level of 300 mg daily. Received the Rx for 150 mg tablets and started taking 2x daily. I realized that the directions on bottle as per doctor instructions read "2 tablets twice ...

Can someone tell me what is the therapeutic level for trileptal for bipolar?

Posted 10 May 2010 by Southernbelle 4 answers

i take 2400mg/day along with 200mg/day of topamax

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