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Terconazole Questions

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Terconazole - Am I supposed to whipe off the cream when it starts to leak? I'm new to this?

I'm 7 months pregnant and got my first yeast infection.. I was prescribed terconazole .4 and I inserted the cream at night around 11pm and i woke up around 4am to use the restroom and the cream has been leaking since then. Am I supposed to be whipping it off as it comes out or leaving it the... read more

Is it possible that Terconazole doesn't work for me?

I have used Otc monistat to clear up a yeast infection and now my dr prescribed me Terconazole 3 day (it's cheaper this way b/c of my insurance) and I think my infection is worse... More itching to the point where I am raw and just can't get relief. Can I switch to Monistat even though I... read more

Is the terconazole cream absorb in your vagina or is it suppose to all come out?

I'm not so sure if the cream is suppose to leak out or not because mine only leaked after I put the cream in. So is suppose to leak or is it okay to absorb in your vagina?

Can men use terconazole?

Can I buy terconazole vaginal cream 0.4% without a prescription!?

I am 24 weeks pregnant, and I have yeast infection. The doctor gave me terconazole vaginal cream 0.4% as the 7 day treatment! The problem is that I have been using this product both internal and externally to alleviate the burning sensation, so my treatment will not last the 7 days. Can i get... read more

How long after the expiration date can I use terconazole?

Mine expired exactly 2 months ago. Can I still use it?

Vaginal Yeast Infection - I took Diflucan 7 day and it didn't work, so I went to the doctor again?

... and was prescribed a 3 day suppository treatment of terconazole. It's been 3 days since I completed that treatment and I'm still itchy. Is this normal or has neither medication worked? I no longer have the weird discharge, I just can't seem to get rid of the itchiness

How do you apply terconazole vaginal cream on men?

Trying to get rid of I'm assuming a yeast infection I'm assuming men can get yeast infection I'm just trying to find out how to apply it on men

Terconazole - I was wondering how long after u insert the medication that u have to wait to go to?

... the bathroom to make sure you are getting treated

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