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How long does it take to get Tegretol out of your system?

Hi Gang, Anyone had success with Tegretol for neuropathic pain? Neurologist prescribed this for me?

and I feel a bit leery about it, there are just SO many side effects! And some really scary ones at that. I've been feeling exhausted lately, will Tegretol just exacerbate my exhaustion? I used to be a very high energy person, but no longer, much to my chagrin! My energy has taken off with my... read more

Baclofen - How long does it take baclofen to kick in?

I was diagnosed with TJ N about seven years ago. I tried the usual, tegretol, neurontin, and Gabapentin before finally having GammaKnife Surgery (actually radiation) performed. Now, six years later and I am experiencing intense pain once more. Today, my Dr. Started me on Baclofen - 5mg three times... read more

Has carbamazepine (Tegretol) helped people's pain from Burning Mouth Syndrome? If yes, please share.

I read one of your former entries in which you mentioned using carbamazepine, I think 200 mg. once daily. I was wondering if it provided Pain relief for your Burning Mouth? Are you still using it, same dose? Or anyone else who has had tried it for Burning Mouth Syndrome. I will have BMS for 8 years... read more

Is Tegretol a controlled substance?

How long does the zombie like side effect of Abilify take to go away?

I started taking Tegretol 2 weeks ago (100mg am & 200pm pm), and now my doctor has added Abilify 2mg in the morning... I'm only on day two but I feel like a zombie. I have a headache, nausea and I everything feels like too much effort. I can't concentrate and conversations are... read more

Tegratol on teeth?

i have been takin tegratol for 5 to 6 yrs n my teeth have black spots on them and starting to decay and has been like this for a while but they dont hurt and there is no infection could this be a side effect from the medication

Difference between antiepilitic drugs Zeptol and Tegretol?

Zeptol CR and Tegretol CR are the same tablets or different?

Can I take oxcarbazepine and Tegretol together?

I would like to try oxcarbazepine again and try to wean myself off Tegretol, was just wondering if I could take them together until I'm completely off of it.

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