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Adderall and Tramadol low dose risks?

Posted 6 Apr 2014 by jpete7634 3 answers

I am currently prescribed 200mg/day of tramadol and trying to slowly taper off to reduce withdrawal symptoms. I have seen there is a seizure risk when mixing adderall and tramadol, but I wanted to know if that risk is essentially eliminated if I am taking the adderall in the morning (10-20mg at ...

Withdrawal from hydrocodone 10-325 (Taper off)?

Posted 11 days ago by ForTheBirds 0 answers

I was on hydrocodone 10-325 (40 mg/daily) for severe hip and knee pain for 7 1/2 yrs. I told my dr that the drug was causing too many side affects. It did originally work, but soon the wait for the next dose became miserable (anxious & RLS). She suggested taper (# of yrs and my age, 60 yrs ...

How to taper down from 2mg of Klonopin to 1mg in one month?

Posted 20 Oct 2017 by Kflaudi 1 answer

I am 21 years old, 6'1", and 190 lbs and have been taking 1mg of Klonopin twice a day equalling 2mgs daily for about the past 10 months. Today I talked to my doctor about slowly tapering off and instead of perscribing me 1mg twice a day he prescribed .5mg 4 times a day as needed. I am ...

I need to lose 43.2 lbs. What dose should I start and with what should I taper it later on?

Posted 30 Oct 2017 by Mann17 1 answer

I have been taking metformin 500 mg for 10 days and I haven't lost a single lb and now I wish to combine metformin with the phentermine, need to know the dose, pharmacology, interaction and expected results and how to taper these medications so that the lost weight should not rebound back.

Been on lorazapam for 15 days?

Posted 30 Oct 2017 by Onlyme80 1 answer

I’ve been experiencing high anxiety and panic attack’s so my doctor has put me on lorazapam. I’ve been taking 1mg sometimes half of that once daily. Do I need to taper off? I’m now taking 10mg of escitalapam.

Any advice for tapering down to a lower dose of sub?

Posted 29 Oct 2017 by thesimplelyfe 1 answer

I have been at 8mgs of sub for 3 years, I want to taper down to a lower dose but a little scared to try it I work full time and can't be sick at work

Difficulty adjusting to increased Bupropion 150SR to 200SR?

Posted 18 Oct 2017 by Need more peace 1 answer

Ive been on a 4 month journey of trying to taper off Paxil due to weight gain over a period of 10+ years. I had been on 40 mg for anxiety/panic attacks with overall good effect other than continuous weight gain each year (30 lbs over 10 years) despite rigorous exercise & diet. Weight had never ...

Ativan short term withdrawal taper plan?

Posted 12 Oct 2017 by Gailehart 0 answers

I started taking Ativan for almost a month 3 weeks .5-1mg and I told myself I should stop now before I really start needing this medication to function. My psychiatrist prescribed me this and Pristiq. I decided not to take Pristiq because of all of the horror stories I’ve read online. ...

Help getting off Xanax?

Posted 16 Oct 2017 by Ricknlisa 0 answers

I take 2mg extended release per day, have been taking for about 16 yrs. How do i taper myself off this poison?

Getting off Contrave?

Posted 11 Oct 2017 by Sarahc002 0 answers

I've been on Contrave with no luck for 5 months an I can't afford it. Do I need to taper off or can I stop taking it immediately.

Needing some help with Xanax taper?

Posted 1 Oct 2017 by Cathie 01 1 answer

I take Xanax 1 mg at bedtime and .5 during the day, the doctor wants me to take 3 mg a day and I refuse to do it due to last taper down was terrible, I have been on this medication for 16 years and want off of it, what is the best way to taper off completely without having muscle tension, burning ...

I want to stop taking venlafaxine, can I cross taper with another antidepressant?

Posted 29 Sep 2017 by Chocciwocky 1 answer

I'm not happy with the side effects of venlafaxine, increased sweating hypertension etc Are there any other antidepressants for example fluoxetine or citalopram, that I can cross taper to get off venlafaxine.

How to taper Lyrica correctly?

Posted 22 Sep 2017 by jakemje 1 answer

I'm on Lyrica, 75mg 3x a day. I'm tapering off 25mg at a time. Right now, I'm taking 75mg in the morning, 50mg early afternoon, and 75mg at night. How should I progress? Take one of the 75mg doses down to 50mg also.. Or take the 50mg down to 25mg? The doctor spreader the doses out ...

I have been taking Lyrica 50mg three times a day since August 23, 2017. How do I taper off to?

Posted 15 Sep 2017 by Shinglelady 1 answer

... completely stop taking Lyrica? I am experiencing several side effects and do not want to continue with this medication. I have a urinary tract infection and constipation as well as a result of taking Lyrica. I am experiencing dizziness, blurred vision, constipation and strange thoughts. When I ...

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