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Adderall and Tramadol low dose risks?

Posted 6 Apr 2014 by jpete7634 3 answers

I am currently prescribed 200mg/day of tramadol and trying to slowly taper off to reduce withdrawal symptoms. I have seen there is a seizure risk when mixing adderall and tramadol, but I wanted to know if that risk is essentially eliminated if I am taking the adderall in the morning (10-20mg at ...

Thank you for taking a look?

Posted 5 days ago by bearcat22 1 answer

I just turned 54 today. I'm alone, no family nearby, no friends. I'm in Washington DC if it matters. I'm planning to attempt to taper off alcohol with the help of naltrexone. My doctor won't give me the naltrexone until blood work comes back. Having the blood taken December 8. ...

Getting off of clonazepam?

Posted 18 days ago by Richneubauer 1 answer

I've been on klonopin for 1 year the most was 2mg a day . I am down to 3/4 mg... l take 1/2 mg tablet in the am and 3/4. Of a 1/2 mg tab in the evening... can I go to just one tab. And taper that? When can I jump off of this? I'm 65 years old . Thanks for help

Sarcoidosis - has anyone ever come off prednisone and if so how long does it take to feel human? the

Posted 14 days ago by Renee1012 0 answers

... pain is constant and at times is unbearable and the fatigue as well . I did a very slow taper and it's been a month. I can hardly walk and it's tough stay seated or laying down due to stiffness and pain . my hands are always swollen as well sleeping is not going so well either . Can ...

Trying to taper off 10 mg of oxycodone been on it for 3 years for fibromyalgia and post-herpetic?

Posted 18 days ago by sunshine1109 0 answers

... neuralgia from shingles and then I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year and a half ago but it's just not working for me anymore and it feels like it's making me sicker than ever and I take it it doesn't feel good I feel like I'm in a constant withdrawal no matter what I ...

Been taking diazepam for 6 days & want to come off - do I need to taper?

Posted 9 Nov 2016 by sciatic-pain 1 answer

I've been on 2mg diazepam 3 times a day for the last 6 days, for sciatic pain due to a herniated L5-S1 disc. Feeling a bit better now and think I can manage with just the codeine again, can I stop taking the diazepam straight away as I've only been on it less than a week, or should I ...

If your on 50 mg of prednisone for 14 days, how do you taper down? Can you go 40 for 2 days, etc?

Posted 11 Nov 2016 by neacat777 0 answers

I took 50 mg of prednisone for 14 days. I made the mistake of taking it again today. How do I taper down? 40 for 2 days, 30 for 2 days, 20 for 2 days?I had asthma aspiration and flare ups. So I was put on this. Im in 40's and a female. I hadnt been on prednisone for a long time before this

Can anyone explain what's happening during a cross taper beyond one med replacing the other?

Posted 22 Oct 2016 by Debs21uk 1 answer

Hey, I was wondering if anyone can explain a cross taper of antidepressant for me? I know that as you withdraw one you are replacing what's being taken out with the new med. what I don't know is if you are in the middle of the taper and on two different drugs, are you getting a ...

Panic Attacks - I want to manage my panic naturally??

Posted 26 Oct 2016 by gc1289 0 answers

I hate being on drugs. I've been on klonopin for 2 months (0.5 mg once a day) and it seems like it's starting to not work anymore. I am going to try and taper off of it slowly, but what do you all recommend for when i start to feel panic? When i do, my entire body gets jittery and weak ...

Atarax - Will hydroxyzine help weaning off Valium?

Posted 23 Oct 2016 by Sanysamp 0 answers

Having bad reaction to benedryl for insomnia and trying to do a 5 percent Valium taper. Will hydroxyzine help my insomnia?

Does anyone have a taper schedule for Ambien?

Posted 14 Oct 2016 by CathyNana 1 answer

It can not be a quick taper as I also have hypertension and seizures. I just want to bring this beast under control! If you use herbs, teas, exercise, please let me know! I used Ambien for over 20 years at 10 mg nightly due to working night shift and had to sleep during the day. I didn't even ...

Tapering Klonopin and how slow or fast to do it?

Posted 13 Oct 2016 by Shellkmk 1 answer

I'm on 2 mg for many years. Doctor wants me to taper off He does not believe in withdraws from most drugs He said it lower half a pill a week

Benzodiazepine Withdrawal - I'm working through a benzodiazepine taper down program and am having?

Posted 20 Sep 2016 by Zeneca 1 answer

... some serious issues with anger, irritability, even rage. This has been going on for a couple weeks now and I'm beginning to get concerned. Is this normal? I'm actually having to stop interacting with anyone because I'm so irrationally ugly all the time. Any advice or input ...

Citalopram dosage vs Effexor XR dosage?

Posted 20 Sep 2016 by Debs21uk 1 answer

Hi, I'm a week into a cross taper from citalopram to Effexor XR, after another week I will drop the last of the citalopram and increase Effexor to 75mg. So I've been incredibly tired, a bit jittery/anxious, chills and low. So I guess after crossing to 75mg I will have a few more side ...

Citalopram to Effexor XR cross taper?

Posted 15 Sep 2016 by Debs21uk 1 answer

After citalopram has seemed to stop working for depression/anxiety I started a cross taper of citalopram to Effexor yesterday. stage one of the taper is reducing from 20mg cit to 10mg cit and 37.5mg XR for two weeks so yesterday I began. Had slight headache and a few jitters. For the next step my ...

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