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Tamoxifen Questions

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How do you relieve joint pain associated with tamoxifen or Aromasin?

Is it common to lose hair AFTER stopping tamoxifen?

I've recently stopped taking Tamoxifen after 5 yrs and am noticing that I'm losing a lot more hair?

Has anyone else experienced this?

Does anyone else have trouble feeling extremely tired and almost depressed after taking tamoxifen?

Is this normal and how long does it last!

What is the effect of stopping aromasin?

I will stop taking aromasin in August at the end of 3 years--- took tamoxifen for 2 years before that. Will I experience any changes? I am 62 years old.

I have been taking Femara for 8 1/2 years and will continue until it stops working for me. Is?

... anyone else taking Femara like this? I took Tamoxifen for 5 years, then when the cancer came back and metastasized, I was then put on Femara

Is it ok to take prescription drugs & vitamins all at once or should they be spaced over the day?

The prescription drugs I am presently taking are: Tamoxifen (20 mg/day), Effexor (75/day), Savella (50 mg-2x/day), and Vitamin D (50,000 iu/week). The vitamins are: Multivitamin (1x/day), Calcium with Vitamin D (600 mg-500 iu/1x/day), Vitamin E (400 iu-1x/day), Vitamin C with Rose Hips (500... read more

After breast cancer two years ago I have been taking tamoxifen. Do you get lots of facial hair?

... growth? I am experiencing that in this past year. I have had a chronic cough,I am tired all the time, and hot flashes every day. I also bruise easily,my face is breaking out,I get muscle cramps and charlie horses. I am 60 years old

How long does it take for tamoxifen to clear out of your system?

I'm a 59 yr old woman with a history of estrogen receptive breast cancer. My Dr. Told me that after 5 and a half years, I could go off of tamoxifen. My risk of my breast cancer returning was only 2.3 percent. After 6 months of being off of it, I'm still having several hot flashes per day.... read more

Does anastrozole cause vulvodynia flare ups?

I started out on tamoxifen and Fosamax for existing bone density issues, but after about 7 months, developed blood clots, [DVT ]and was moved to anastrozole. Since then, my vulvodynia, for which I take gabapentin, has been flaring up, I am also having joint pain, hands & feet, since starting... read more

Tamoxifen 20mg and Nyquil?

Can these two medicines be used together?

What happens if you accidentally take a double dose of tamoxifen?

I forgot that I took my tamoxifen this morning and after I had breakfast and was cleaning up I popped another pill, totally forgetting that I already took one.

What causes overactive salivation?

I am 66 yrs old I take tamoxifen 20mg per day I take zopiclone 3.5mg a couple of times a week I take vitamin B12 750mg every day I drink at least 8 glasses of water every day I have just in the last 5 mos. gotten off of risperdone

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