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Systemic Sclerosis Questions

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Has anyone been on Lexapro and Prednisone at the same time? I had a high ANA titer and they?

Posted 16 Jan 2016 by blaaccypher 4 answers

Started me on the Prednisone as a precaution pretty high dose. I have been on it before for two years but not with Lexapro. Please help!!!

Systemic Sclerosis - Effectiveness of Actemra and Fresolimumab?

Posted 23 Jan 2016 by Maamen 1 answer

During my research today i found two new drugs specific to SS. Actemra and Fresolimumab. They both appear to be in a clinical trial stage but apparently are available. Does anybody on this site have knowledge of these?

Systemic Sclerosis - effectiveness of naltrexone?

Posted 26 Jan 2016 by Maamen 0 answers

we received an article discussing natrexone on ms; the link contained a bullet describing it as effective against systemic sclerosis. i found one technical article testing it for prunitus but it does not appear to have any clinical studies. Has anybody with ss been prescribed this?

If someone out there has systemic sclerosis or something similar, I would like to hear from you.

Posted 18 Sep 2012 by kid-at-heart08 3 answers

This is the first site I have found that offers a scleroderma support group. I am in an advanced stage and could really use some help. I live in upstate New York, and there are no groups that are local. Thanks.

Any drug interactions between digoxin, metolazone, carvedilol, diltiaz, coumadin, cialis and Lasix?

Posted 23 Nov 2010 by EvaWaylett 1 answer

I've been taking lasix successfully for a long time. Along with the lasix, I took cialis every other... day. Recently I had to start taking several new drugs. Now the lasix doesn't seem to be working very well.. I've checked the drug interactions but don't see anything to tell ...

How do I taper off sulfasalazine? I am taking potassium as I also take lasix, terrible side effects

Posted 26 Feb 2010 by Dizzy Bren 125to00lbs 2 answers

I have bruising, sores in my mouth, light sensitivity, high blood glucose, and blood pressure now. My PCP gave it to me for aid with my pain and ailing digestive system. After my a very bad blood infection from a colonoscopy things have been out of control. I have systemic scleroderma with ...

Could someone explaine to me in layman terms what vasculitis is? I recently went to the doctor and?

Posted 20 Jun 2010 by diana39 1 answer

was told that i have that too on top of the scleroderma, its an overlap of the scleroderma, but that doesnt really help me understand, ive read some links supplied by the members, but i just get lost in it, i would like just a plain old fashion explanation of it and what it does, and if theres bad ...

Ive recently started a combanation of cyclosporine and prednasone meds for a mctd, scleroderma?

Posted 31 May 2010 by diana39 2 answers

and im developing a problem sleeping im not sure which med is causing it any one out there have any insight...

A coumadin website warns against using it if the patient has scleroderma. I am facing heart valve?

Posted 4 Feb 2010 by Ronni10 1 answer

... replacement and have scleroderma. Please advise. The doctors I have consulted about my surgery are recommending a mechanical valve

Do you know of anyone who has scleroderma and dermatomyositis who is on the medication mycophenolate

Posted 21 Sep 2009 by Michealle 3 answers

... mofetil. If not, what should they be on and why? Thanks, Michealle L Cole

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