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Symbicort Questions

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What does Symbicort do to the lungs?

How long can you be on Symbicort?

Symbicort vs. Advair: How do they compare?

How long does it take for Symbicort to work?

Can you take Symbicort and prednisone together?

Is Symbicort a steroid inhaler?

Can you take Trelegy and Symbicort together?

How often can I use my Symbicort inhaler?

Is Symbicort used as a rescue or maintenance inhaler?

When should you use Symbicort?

COPD - what is best symbicort or spriva?

which is the best medication to use for for the treatment of copd

I would like to know if anyone has put on weight using symbicort?

I being on symbicort for sometime now. I am having trouble trying to keep my weight down.

Does symbicort make you gain weight?

Metformin Allergy?

I'm pre-diabetic, and I've been this way many years. So as a precaution my Dr gave me Metformin 500 mg. On the 3rd day I had an allergic reaction. I was itchy all over, and I felt slightly short of breath for several hours. I've stopped taking it and those symptoms are gone. One... read more

Symbicort - anyone had problem losing weight while on this ?

Since taking symbicort I have had trouble loosing weight. Although I attend a slimming club, had a personal trainer at the gym and taken up swimming, I have only managed to loose half pound since last December, when I started using symbicort, before this my weight was coming off steadly. Also my... read more

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