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Symbicort Questions


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Is symbicort the same as advair which is better?

Posted 14 Feb 2011 by joe1944 1 answer

Is Symbicort 200 Turbuhaler suppose to contain 200 single doses?

Posted 4 days ago by long time user 0 answers

i had thought this had 200 regular doses but with each refill the max is 120. Does anyone have the same issue and is regular?

Symbicort - I took 3 inhales this morning as I have a chest infection, now I am shivery, how long?

Posted 20 Dec 2016 by not known 2 0 answers

... does the side effect last and what can I do

Symbicort - The mouthpiece on my inhaler can be twisted around. Is the inhaler still effective?

Posted 10 Dec 2016 by Molly5555 0 answers

I have only used it for three days.

I am having Symbicort allergy reaction?

Posted 18 Oct 2016 by WJB75 1 answer

How long will the tight chest, slight swollen throat, shaking, anxiety, eye twitching, etc.. last. I took Asmanex for 2 months and had light anxiety, with puffiness about checks and throat. My doctor recently prescribed me Symbicort I 4 doses. Today the paramedics came to Vista. It's been 19 ...

Symbicort Turbuhaler - I have moderate copd and have used foradil until merck discontinued its?

Posted 1 Sep 2016 by mojotycoon 0 answers

... manufacture. I have used Symbicort inhaler aerosol but it made me hoarse and I couldn't talk normally. I am thinking about going to the Turbuhaler since I believe the PEG in the aerosol causes the hoarseness. Has any else had similar or the same experiences?

I purchased Symbicort 80/4.5 120 inhalations/ each time I use it the counter goes down by 10--?

Posted 18 Aug 2016 by donnalynn11 1 answer

who do i need to contact to get a replacement?

What is difference between ProAir HFA and Symbicort?

Posted 16 Sep 2010 by carlpatt 2 answers

Will proair substitute for use of symbicort?

I have always been prescribed symbicort 400 12. The pharmacist has now given me symbicort 320 9?

Posted 28 Jul 2016 by Mrsjbp 1 answer

... saying it is the same thing in new packaging. Is this correct? I am worried this is a lower dosage.

Symbicort does not last 12 hrs only 8 to 9 hrs?

Posted 31 May 2016 by driped1 0 answers

What is the difference between symbicort and dulera?

Posted 15 Feb 2012 by huskerfanrn 3 answers

what ingredients are different/same?; are psychiatric side effects same/different?

Symbicort vs qvar?

Posted 4 Jul 2014 by kathyetal 4 answers

Symbicort worked great for me but I couldn't afford it any more. They gave me qvar and it doesn't work at all. It's been over a month... can't breathe with it or without it. Any suggestions?

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