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Stomach Cramp Questions

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What is mebeverine used for?

How long do the side effects of Ozempic last?

I took my very first does of Ozempic 1 week ago and have been sick every since. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, sulfur burps, gas and some slight dizziness. Can you please tell me how long I can expect to feel this badly?

How long does omeprazole take to work?

Ive got a 13 year old who was given this medication by a consultant. He has been suffering with really bad wind for 5 weeks and nightly stomach cramps. He has been taking one a day for 5 days with no change. He has been told to take it for 6 weeks. How long should i give if they are not working???... read more

Pregnancy - Hi . I'm 16 and me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time two days ago?

... it was the first time for both of us, and we did use a condom. ( Before we even had sex, I was experiencing some cramping here and there for days, so I knew it would be my period probably coming soon ) . We had sex for about 2-5 min. We stopped because we were interrupted by someone. Then he... read more

Constipation with Victoza?

Does anyone else suffer from severe constipation and stomach cramps. I cant get past the 0.6. After about a week I am so constipated that I'm in bed in pain for days. I really want this to work for me but not sure how to get past this?

Entresto - Anyone have severe stomach cramps and pain? Excessive nausea and diarrhea with some...

... overall muscle pain at day 3? I want to work through it; but I cannot function.

Can I just stop taking methotrexate completely?

Hi I've been on metoject 20mg nearly 2 years for psoriatic arthritis, and it really does not agree with me. My symptoms range from tiredness, dizziness hair thinning and bad stomach cramps especially day 1 and 2 after injection. But now I feel so depressed it's been coming on awhile but I... read more

Does Monistat 7 cause cramping?

I bought Monistat 7 and this is my 3rd night. My second night was fine but tonight it gave me unbearable lower stomach cramps. It hurts to push. Is this normal?

What would cause me to have diarrhea for over a week?

How do I have stomach cramps and diarrhea? I've had this for over a week.

Can dicyclomine be used daily to prevent stomach cramps?

My son has crohns and ibs - he gets bad cramps and I would like to give him dicyclomine daily to try to prevent the cramps rather than have him get a cramp and then take it - wondering if it's safe to do that

Is it okay to take 2 Aleve and Goody's headache powder?

Had a bad headache. I took 2 Aleve and a Goody's headache powder now I am shaky, numbness tingling all over, unable to urinate except for dribble, initially had stomach cramp but had a bowel motion normal color but loose. All this took affect within few minutes

I am having bad stomach cramps and extreme nausea?

This is my 6th day on Contrave (1 pill a day). I didn't have any side effects until the 4th day. I was lethargic and needed to sleep. The next day was the same. Well, today is the 6th day on it. My stomach has the worst cramps!

Stomach cramps from Zoloft/sertraline?

Please help. I started sertraline yesterday, (for depression & PTSD), 25 mg, and I've had bubbly guts, bloating, and cramping. I'm hoping these are "starter" side effects that decrease with time. Has anybody experienced these side effects, and can you tell me how long it... read more

Sertraline 50mg stomach cramps and increased anxiety?

Hi I've been taking sertraline 50 mg for just over 3 weeks and still experiencing morning anxiety and lower abdominal cramps as anyone else experienced this and just wondered if I should give it more time to settle or do I stop taking ir any answers would be greatly appreciated

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