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What are the side effects of statins?

Do statins help treat COVID-19?

Low side effects with a statin medication?

Which statin has the least side effects? My husband is having a problem with extreme fatigue, muscle pain, and severe tinnitus since starting a statin, rosuvastatin, a couple of weeks ago. I would like to know if anyone is taking something that comes with less side effects. These side effects are... read more

Whats the difference between Statins and Fibrates?

Don't understand the difference between the two and haven't been able to locate an answer?

Taking pravastatin for about a year. 40 mg until May 2021. Now on 80 mg.

I seem to have pain lifting my arms, especially right. It feels very sore, but not as much pain as when on Crestor. Seems then to have worse muscle aches. I guess I can deal with this as opposed to other statins taken. Also experience weakness in legs but this may be due to age and not enough... read more

Miralax interactions with statins?

Are there any interactions between Miralax and Crestor?

When are you supposed to take statins?

When, if ever, are some statins interchangeable?

Specifically, may I safely and effectively substitute two 40 mg tablets of pravastatin in place of one 80 mg tablet of atorvastatin?

F.H. familiahypercholesterolaemia. Cardiologist wants me on Repatha?

Thank you, to those who have shared experiences of tolerability to repatha. I am from the pharma industry and as informed I was on statins, I started getting intense pain in my midline dorsal area ( top of ankle) and was taken off statins. My Cardiologist wants me on Repatha and I am very... read more

What should you know about "Statin" Medications?

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