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Can Lipitor cause Type II Diabetes?

Posted 26 Jul 2013 by geriatriclime 1 answer

Popular Statin Drug Lipitor causes Type II Diabetes in Women ◦digg ◦ ◦ 5775EmailShare Some women taking Lipitor (atorvastatin) for high cholesterol problems developed type II diabetes, an unexpected side effect of the medication. Lipitor Fails Users Who Trusted the Safety of the Drug Somet ...

If I have aches and pains from taking several different statins will all statins affect me?

Posted 2 Jul 2013 by dredscott 5 answers

I have now taken 4 different statins, simvastatin, pravastatin, lovastatin and atorvastatin. They all caused me muscle and joint soreness, my hands ache so bad and I seem to have lost some strength in them. When I stopped the statins there was great improvement! Will all statins do this for me or ...

All statins can cause severe muscle/joint pain. I stopped taking Lipitor because of this. Some?

Posted 6 Jul 2013 by zebarig 1 answer

... 'bright' Rheumatologist diagnosed me w/RA and said it was not the Lipitor. After the Methotrexate she gave me almost killed me I threw it and the Lipitor away, and a few months later all pain was gone! I have just started taking Livalo but was advised by a truely good Physician to ...

Cholestyramine - Due to statin intolerance I am looking at this as a way to deplete and stabilize...

Posted 1 day ago by Ahutton 0 answers

... arterial plaques (in combination with niacin, and vegan diet). I am wondering if it can be taken on an intermittent basis to help minimize side effects? I don't get the statin issues until I am on them for over a week so am looking at a combined therapy that will reduce LDL but not get to ...

Pravastatin: Has anyone else had severe muscle pain from a statin and stayed on it? How???

Posted 21 Jul 2018 by jstacy55 0 answers

I've taken four different statins in the almost five years since my bypass surgery, tho cholesterol wasn't that high. Dr. wants it rock bottom and says STAY ON even though muscle pain is debilitating. Everyone else I know who has experience this pain went off immediately, but apparently I ...

How long (an average time) do statin drugs stay in your system after you stop taking the medicat?

Posted 10 Jul 2018 by Butch 70 0 answers

I have taken some form of statin for years. I have been on and off. the off side was due to pain in my heels and calf muscles. I have to take trazodone to sleep and easily tire. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I am almost 70 and started the drug in the early 90’s.

Statin muscle damage to healing muscles after knee replacements?

Posted 9 May 2018 by AnnieConway 1 answer

I had bilateral knee replacements 5 months ago. Then, a month ago, a cardiologist put me on statin therapy, completely ignoring the advice on the pamphlet to not prescribe statins to a patient suffering from any type of myalgia. I took the statin for a week until the pain in my entire body, bu ...

A problem with statins my doctor put me on atorvastatin?

Posted 4 May 2018 by Molly-1 1 answer

Each time I get my prescription in a dose box its a different tablet. Recently I have been talking and shouting in my sleep I have never done this before and last night my husband said I attacked him pulling his hair and banging on his head in my sleep. He said I think you had better sleep in the ...

Why do we take statin at night?

Posted 1 Jan 2018 by camilla mulusew 1 answer

Are pharmacists allowed to call your physician and request that more medications be prescribed?

Posted 29 Jan 2018 by shambshe 1 answer

Twice now pharmasists have called my doctor asking them to prescribe medications - specifically - statins for a condition I don't have. I have not been diagnosed with a problem that requires the use of statins and yet people who are not privy to my blood work can request I be put on another ...

Lipitor vs Crestor - How do they compare?

Posted 2 Jan 2011 by rayhunt 1 answer

Low side effects with a statin medication?

Posted 11 Oct 2017 by G Mc 2 answers

Which statin has the least side effects? My husband is having a problem with extreme fatigue, muscle pain, and severe tinnitus since starting a statin, rosuvastatin, a couple of weeks ago. I would like to know if anyone is taking something that comes with less side effects. These side effects are ...

Are there any medications to lower cholesterol levels without making tinnitus worse?

Posted 9 Oct 2017 by G Mc 2 answers

I have read information about statins, unfortunately, they all seem to have a nasty side effect of increasing tinnitus in people who already suffer from it. I read that Red Yeast Rice also makes tinnitus worse. It's understandable, after finding out that this supplement actually contains ...

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