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SSRI Questions

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SSRIs vs SNRIs - What's the difference between them?

Can antidepressants be used for arthritis pain?

Lexapro vs Zoloft: How do they compare?

What is the difference between Celexa and Lexapro?

Does Benadryl help with or cause anxiety?

What's the difference between SSRI's and SNRI's?

I was talking to my therapist about mine and my mom's anxiety medicine. I'm taking Zoloft and she's taking Cymbalta. I was talking to my therapist about how my mom wants me to get out on what she's taking but my therapist was saying that it was a different class of drugs and... read more

Has anyone tried Trintellix or have an opinion on it?

I have a hard time with stomach issues when on SSRI's and SNRI's. Have had to stop meds months after being on them due to nausea, weight loss and bad side effects. I am confused about why the psych doc prescribed this, as it has a high incidence of causing nausea. Has anyone tried it and... read more

Lexapro question? Concern about weight gain?

Hi. I was just prescribed lexapro by my doctor and therapist. I've never had good luck in the past with ssri's so I'm nervous about trying it. The major concern is the weight gain. I've read so much stories that it concerns me. I'm working to lose weight not gain. Can... read more

Gabapentin Experience?

I am have bad anxiety, panic attacks and depression and have tried 3 different SSRIs, all of which made me feel MORE anxious and crazy. My doctor suggested this med. Can anyone tell me the difference in the experience of taking this vs. an SSRI? I am hoping it has an immediate calming affect with... read more

Does anyone know if Latuda is a SSRI? Also, how long does Latuda stay in the body after the last?

... dose? Thanks in advance for the help

Best way to switch from Duloxetine (Cymbalta) to Fluoxetine (Prozac)?

I've recently been prescribed 20mg Prozac instead of my daily 30mg Cymbalta, to hopefully help with the relentless fatigue. I understand Cymbalta is SNRI, and Prozac SSRI. Can I clean switch to Prozac? Do I start Prozac whilst tapering off Cymbalta? Or do I taper off Cymbalta entirely... read more

Anyone take a Gabapentin & SSRI?

Hi! I'm currently on 200mg 3x daily of gabapentin. My psyc is in talks of adding a low dose SSRI to the gabapentin. I'm very nervous (I have terrible anxiety in general and terrible anxiety with pills- scared of reactions) she said it would be a low does SSRI but I'm just wondering... read more

How long before the brain returns to normal after stopping SSRI/SNRIs?

I took SSRI and SNRIs for almost 20 years and stopped taking them gradually, the latest of these being Abilify which I stopped in Nov. 2017 and Cymbalta which I stopped in February 2018. I understand that the brain has to relearn how to transport serotonin once you no longer take these type of... read more

What Anti-depressant / SSRI can I take with Abilify?

I am currently taking 2mg of Abilify for a mood disorder, but it is not helping me with anxiety, what Antidepressant can I take that doesn't cause too much side effects and also no weight gain . I am not sure if Zoloft is safe with Abilify but I heard so many good reviews.

Anybody taking Vraylar for anxiety?

Went to see a new doctor about my anxiety. I’ve tried many SSRI’s, SNRI’s etc. She wants to try me on Vraylar. I’ve been reading a lot online and I’m confused since I don’t have bipolar and seems Vraylar is for that. Anyone talking it for anxiety?

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