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What's the difference between SSRI's and SNRI's?

Posted 27 Mar 2014 by Mmk2017 7 answers

I was talking to my therapist about mine and my mom's anxiety medicine. I'm taking Zoloft and she's taking Cymbalta. I was talking to my therapist about how my mom wants me to get out on what she's taking but my therapist was saying that it was a different class of drugs and ...

Sexual Dysfunction, SSRI Induced - I'm a 57 year old and cannot afford Viagra but a doctor gave me a

Posted 25 Dec 2015 by Harold Thornton 4 answers

... sample to try,I took 25mg and that was more than enough for a good long lasting erection.Is there any generic over the counter drug or anything else that I could try?

Cymbalta ruined my daily life?

Posted 17 days ago by migrainesuf1166 3 answers

Has anyone else had this experience? I have been on this med for 5 years. In the beginning it seemed to help a little, which after having been on many SSRI's and then not working, even a little help was great. I continued on this and have had so many health issues and side effects that it ...

Citalopram and extreme muscle twitches?

Posted 2 days 18 hours ago by shizuka1 1 answer

I just started taking 5 mg of Citalopram and the first day I felt almost no side effects. The second day of the medication my speech suddenly started slurring and I got a weird tension, anxiety and a mild fever. I started shaking uncontrollably and my whole body would get tense. Then I started ...

Lamotrigine - will only 25mg increase make a difference?

Posted 8 days ago by allison_G 1 answer

Currently on 5mg Lexapro (won't tolerate anymore or else I have SE- same with all SSRIs at this point in my life), 150mg Wellbutrin XL which is awesome, and 200 mg Lamictal. I need some adjusting as still struggling with a little depression since I can't add anymore SSRI successfully. My ...

Cyclobenzaprine - I have Fibromyalgia and I chose to use muscle relaxers vs the SSRI's they are?

Posted 16 Oct 2016 by Momma888 3 answers

... recommending because they do little or nothing to help with the pain. Lately even the 10 mg Flexeril are not helping. Do I increase my dosage or does the Doctor write out a new prescription with a higher dose?

Celexa - SSRIs before and after pregnancy?

Posted 27 Oct 2016 by kdvirginia 1 answer

Question to those of you who have taken SSRIs before pregnancy. Are any of you finding that you are not tolerating the meds as well as before you were pregnant? I took 40mg of Celexa for YEARS before tapering off before pregnancy and did great on it. Now I've attempted Zoloft, Lexapro and now ...

Can duloxetine cause serotonin syndrome?

Posted 27 Sep 2016 by Rakelette 1 answer

Last year I was admitted to hospital with serotonin syndrome, after only taking 2 days of citalopram (an SSRI). My pain clinic are suggesting that I take Duloxetine (an SNRI) to see if it would have any effect on my pain levels. I've had chronic pain for 4 years now and have tried various ...

Hi, I'm a user of SSRI medication and I've nearly tried them all except Celexa?

Posted 15 Sep 2016 by Gonzobdd 3 answers

I'm currently on Lexapro 20mg, but there are times I feel anxious and depressed, and times I feel good. I'm still currently on phrase of moving on from my guilt relationship with a girl. But when I'm alone and don't have work I just get depressed, anxious, and get obsessive ...

How hard is it to switch SSRI meds?

Posted 11 Sep 2016 by Debs21uk 3 answers

Just wondering if you have been on a SSRI and it stops working as well as it used to are you better placed to face the side effects of a different med since you've been through side effects before? I should be switching very soon, not sure what to apart from another SSRI so just wanted to ...

Length of time to be on an SSRI and getting off one?

Posted 7 Sep 2016 by Buddy94 1 answer

I've been on an SSRI since 1999. I was on Paxil until 2008 and Lexapro since then. I've been on 20mg most of the time, although I was prescribed more at one time which showed no more results and went back to 20mg. I initially started taking paxil because of an eating problem where I ...

Why does Viibryd have to be with food? Also is the diarrhea so bad that you lose weight?Thnx?

Posted 10 Sep 2016 by arabrabseflor 1 answer

I am 66 and never have had MDD in my life. My Dr. wants me to be on 3 antidepressants now.One is an SSRI and the other 2 are tricyclic. I didn't know you could mix them .She had me on a low dose if Rexulti,but I didn't think it was needed,so she took me off of it and wanted to add the ...

Sexual Dysfunction, SSRI Induced - Should I take sildenafil 100mg daily for about a week or two?

Posted 25 Aug 2016 by NNP 1 answer

I have premature ejaculation, so am asking if i san take sildenafil 100mg daily for about a week

Anxiety - Trying another SSRI before I wean off Escitalopram?

Posted 5 Sep 2016 by Magnifico123 1 answer

Hi, I am a 22 year old boy who has been taking Escitalopram for one year. I have now decided to get of them (slowly, probably with a 25% reduction over 4 months), but feel in some way inclinated to try another SSRI for a month or two before i start my tapering period. The reason is that I would ...

Can I take St. John's wort with my SSRI meds?

Posted 20 Aug 2016 by tml4458 2 answers

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