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Can you take care of trazodone every night and does it make you gain weight?

I have spondylosis and fibromyalgia can I take trazodone every night and will it make me gain weight? Does it affect my arthritis on my spine lower lumbar

Stiff/sore neck, very hard time looking up and down? Won't go away?

Yesterday in the middle of the day I noticed my neck was stiff and very sore. Especially the very back of the neck, from the base of my skull all the way down to my shoulder. It's very hard to touch my chin to my chest, I can feel my muscle straining and it feels painful. It also hurts to look... read more

Any recommendations for pain management and mental health management with sciatica?

Mainly in my right leg but also in my left occasionaly. I have tried physiotherapy, a number of medications (amatriptilyne, naproxen) , I had a steroid injection in my lower spine and I am now trying acupuncture. I try my best to live with sciatica but there never seems to be noticeable... read more

Is Rhodes Pharmaceuticals RP 10 325 Percocet the same as other brands?

I get 10/325 every once in a while to get through really bad pain times as my whole spine seems to just be falling apart. I always get some relief from10 325 prescriptions until today, when CVS gave me Rhodes RP Pharmaceuticals Percocet 10 325. I immediately noticed they're small round tablets... read more

Since starting Mounjaro I have stinging and itching in my scalp then it spread to my legs and arms?

Since starting Mounjaro I have had itching and stinging in my scalp that spread to my arms legs and lower spine. Now these areas feel uncomfortable and painful at times. Has anyone else had these symptoms on mounjaro

What is the best time to take Lyrica so one can sleep with bulging discs in lower spine?

I would prefer to only take this medication at night, as it makes mevery drowsy during the day and i am on targin 30 in am 40 in pm and panamax 2 x 4 a day. Bulging disc started suddenly and I have two, L2/:L3, L4/L5, and this pain is worse then 3 lot sof pancreatitis and a whipple procedure for... read more

Xanax - What am I to do about my anxiety?

At 70, and after 12 years of disability and a spine that cannot be fixed and being told I'd have to learn to live with it, my doctor says he can no longer prescribe an opioid (Norco) with a benzodiazapine (Xanax) because the government said so. I have tried multiple other drugs for my anxiety... read more

Oxycodone - Who do you notify when a pain clinic ignores level of pain?

I have chronic pain lumbar area. Cancer in 2013 required titanium rod cage and bolts around lumbar spine Fragile bones have 5 different cracks. I take 15ml oxycodone 6 times a day. Have asked for 1 extra pill a day so I can have a life besides laying on the couch or sitting in a recliner. I now... read more

How long in hour does naproxen stay in your system?

Iam due to have spine surgery and was wondering how long naproxen at a dose of 2000mg a day would stay in your system (in hours) as I have been told to stop it prior surgery.

After reading the reviews I don't want to take Prolia.What am I going to do?

I started osteoporosis at 39 and I'm now 66 My spines great but my hips are deteriorating according to my bone density I've already tried the Fosamax for 5 years and then went off as it doesn't do anything more than where it was but that was my mistake never go off Now they want to... read more

Has anyone ever used Tandrilax. It is a drug made in Brazil with following Ingredients Cafeina 30?

Cafeinia 30 mg Carisoprodol 125mg Diclofenac 50 my. I have a torn ligament in my back next to my lower spine. My neighbor is from Brazil and said this will relieve the pain

Low Back Pain + Losartan?

I have read users comments , while I have chronic low back pain ( 3 Spine Surgeries ) I have excruciating low back pain ( current episode without any know reason - bending or twisting etc . A Doctor I saw in the past - If there were issues He would ask “ What is different ? “ I... read more

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