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For all girls who think they may be pregnant: Please Read!

Posted 17 May 2013 50 answers

It's long but please read as this will answer a lot of your questions... The pull-out method is not a method, you can still get pregnant - males secrete sperm all throughout the sex act. They cannot feel it and they certainly cant control it. Even if he doesnt see fluid when he masturbates ...

Can you get pregnant if you miss your pill for a week after having sex the night before?

Posted 10 Nov 2014 2 answers

I have been on the pill, lomedian, for about 2 months. I had sex two nights, around my ovulation time, and left for vacation the next day for a week, forgetting my pill pack. I know the sperm can live in your body for a few days, so is it possible to become fertile so quickly after? My breasts have ...

Condom broke, pulled out, on birth control, took plan b. Any chance of being pregnant?

Posted 14 Oct 2016 2 answers

My girlfriend and I had sex. I went to pull out before I ejaculated and after I pulled out my sperm shot out the end of the condom. I am unsure if the condom slipped down or if it tore during sex. I pinched the tip while putting it down as I always do. Anyways, I am worried my girlfriend is ...

Can I get pregnant if I stop taking birth control pills seven says after unprotected sex´╝č?

Posted 15 Mar 2015 1 answer

The last day of my pack is on Wednesday and I've decided to stop taking birth control pills. However, the last time I engaged in unprotected sex was last Wednesday. I've read that sperm live up to 5-7 days. So in my case it's 8 days that I would have been protected by the pill. So is ...

How long does plan b delay ovulation?

Posted 8 Sep 2014 2 answers

How long could plan b delay ovulation if effective? Long enough for there to be no live sperm living in your body? Also does the effectiveness of plan b decrease the more you have used it? If so, why?

Could I be pregnant after taking Plan B?

Posted 4 days ago 1 answer

I have taken Plan B 4 times. However all three were used as precautions, there was no sperm that had been involved inside of me. 5 days later after the third I had to take the 4th due to the fact there was sperm involved. I know Plan B lowers effectiveness as it is used however when I used it there ...

I and my girlfrnd had sex and I m not sure if sperm enters or not ... so is it safe to take ipill?

Posted 27 Sep 2014 1 answer

... and if there is any sideeffect of taking ipill if sperm doesn't enters... plz answer as soon as possible

Taking the Plan B pill too early?

Posted 15 Aug 2016 2 answers

I am 17 year old , I had protected sexual intercourse with my boyfriend and the condom broke , most of the sperm was still inside the condom(I washed all that was still inside of me about an hour later). The intercourse happened around 11:00 PM (on July 31) and i took the pill about half an hour ...

Guy used condom, pulled out and has low sperm count, but scared I'm pregnant?

Posted 16 days ago 1 answer

It's been about 4 weeks now since I've had sex and I've been freaking out. I noticed my breast growing a tiny bit but nothing spectacular. They also began to hurt when I pressed and put pressure on them, or they hurt for a little bit when I wake up. (My nipples seem bigger but they ...

I did unprotected sex but took i-pill within 1 hour. Is there any possibility to be pregnant?

Posted 14 Sep 2014 1 answer

I did unprotected sex after 10 days from starting my period. Sperm was get inside but i took i-pill within 1 hour. I had very bad headache. My last period was 18 august and now i have no period till now. i also did sex today with condom. is there any possibility to be pregnant? Please inform me.

Husband takes 80mg of Oxycontin a day, is it affecting his sperm count n our ability 2 get pregnant?

Posted 5 Jan 2015 3 answers

My husband is 6'6" and was born with a bad back condition, we has been taking 80mg of Oxycontin once a day for a little over a year. Does this affect his sperm count and is it affecting our ability to get pregnant? Hes not been sperm tested yet and Ive had all my levels but not my eggs ...

Two months after taking plan b no period! Is that normal??

Posted 25 Apr 2015 2 answers

i had protected sex on February 27, 2015, however something felt different. i felt more wet than usual sl i though maybe some of his sperm leaked out. so to be on the safe side i decided to take plan b the next day, February 28, 2015. about a eight days later, March 9, 3015 i began to spot. it ...

Is it bad to take Plan B not knowing if I'm not pregnant or not?

Posted 3 Feb 2018 1 answer

I had sex and they pulled out before they came. We both talked and think nothing entered but he said that he doesn't remember, for sure, if any sperm got on me or might have entered me. Obviously, intercourse was not protected and for a little extra safety I'm thinking about taking it. I ...

Can I be pregnant if I've had 3 periods, 3 negative digital pregnancy tests and took 1 Plan B pill?

Posted 28 Oct 2018 1 answer

There was no penetration but the vagina may have had contact with the sperm, I'm not sure, so I took 1 Plan B pill 24 hours later (9th august). Since then, the next period came 10 days later, on 19th of august until the 26th. Since then, I've had periods again on the 19th of September ...

Substance coming out of penis?

Posted 11 Aug 2016 3 answers

This sounds really strange to me but maybe it's common, I don't know. Sometimes when I go to pee it's really hard and can also burn and sting. At the same time, a yellowy-while substance and balls come out but have to be forced out ie... have to squeeze them though pee shaft (I ...

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