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Yellow discharge after protected sex. NO odor?

Posted 26 May 2016 by Raven23 1 answer

[First and foremost I would like to openly say I do have gential herpes simplex 1, I obtained this STD through receiving oral sex from an individual who claimed to not know he got cold sores, I was diagnosed in 2014 and I haven't had an outbreak since the initial one.] Yesterday I had ...

Can I take Bactrim DS 160 mg for sore throat and running nose?

Posted 24 Dec 2017 by Dposadas 1 answer

Throat hurts and is dry. Zyrtec dries up my nose a bit but my throat hurts?

Why is my clitoris sore?

Posted 15 Dec 2017 by Teengirl19 1 answer

My clitoris has been sore on and off lately It started when I was at my boyfriends house a week ago but it went away until I was at home it started again for a good few hours and it hurt more I peed so I stopped drinking anything to do with sugar because growing up I had the same pain if I had to ...

Can I take amoxycillin with Advil?

Posted 12 Sep 2017 by Tsakibb9701 1 answer

Currently have a sore tooth and also have Influenza A

I don't know if I am having pregnancy symptoms or if it’s Plan B or just menstrual issues?

Posted 17 days ago by Paendeo18 1 answer

My back hurts all the time. I gag a lot like I want to vomit but nothing comes out. And I get headaches in the right side. I get side pain on my ride side. And cramps but not that sore. I dont' like the smell of cheese. I feel like i have insomnia. I get nausea a lot. And i dont have any ...

Weight - Are any of medications I take causing me to be allergic to UV rays?

Posted 24 Apr 2018 by mominman 2 answers

If the UV rays are 3 or over, I get sores on my legs and arms, the itch is terrible and with diabetes it takes 4 months or more to heal and they scar

Amoxicillin/Clavulanate - Does it get worse before it gets better?

Posted 21 Apr 2018 by Trisha1234 1 answer

I started taking it yesterday for a sore throat and I’m noticing a lot more pain and white spots.. is that normal?

3 Prednisone 20mg per day for 5 days? O?

Posted 18 Feb 2018 1 answer

I went to the walk in clinic for swollen tonsils and a very sore throat. They tested for strep which came back negative and prescribed me 3 20mg prednisone per day. I'm supposed to take all 3 at once they said. I did some research and found a lot of bad things about prednisone. 60mg per day ...

What can I take for a sore throat when the doctor just started me on Tamiflu?

Posted 21 Jan 2018 by Ikky25 0 answers

Went to the doctor Saturday diagnosis with the flu so she gave me Tamiflu but my throat hurt so bad I'm waiting on tests for strep throat Monday what can I take for my throat while on Tamiflu until Monday.

My son was told he had staph at the emergency room this past week, he has had these spots/ sores?

Posted 3 Mar 2018 by rsgranados0216 2 answers

He is only seven... all over his body and even on his face for almost half a year at first Dr says they were warts sometimes they even look like bug bites. They said there is an antibiotic cream but it is over the counter does anyone no of a really good one and if the side effects can be severe

Has anyone taking Effexor XR experienced itching or rash as a side effect? I have been on it for....

Posted 27 Dec 2017 by Meme42 1 answer

... 11 years and shortly after starting it experienced itching followed by sores which start small and get bigger because of my scratching. I saw a dermatologist who diagnosed me with prurigo nodularis. I am convinced it is caused by one of my medicines. I have so many scars (white spots) from this ...

Can Aquaphor be used on the rash and open sores that erupted and itch?

Posted 28 Mar 2018 by Lovelivewell 0 answers

Being treated for two biopsied BCCs on my upper leg and one BCC on my other leg (lower). Also, I'm using it on an AK right below my eyebrow, and another AK on the side of my leg in the front. For three weeks I used the cream 3 times a week just on the spots themselves. Saw the doctor after ...

If it's never been opened can I still use nystatin oral?

Posted 13 Mar 2018 by Red5 1 answer

I have a bottle of nystatin oral but it's never been opened from the day I got it and it was a few years back. Can I still use it and if so would it work for a canker sore?

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