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I have recently started taking acyclovir bills one a day but still feel some cold sore coming?

Posted 14 hours ago by Gulperi 0 answers

Am been get cold sore none stop one after the other since I gave birth a month ago and the docotor gave me acyclovir bills to take daily will it really work to prevent future break out I still feel tingling should I go back to the docotor or will the tingling go away

Zyclara - Can I keep my head covered during the daytime to hide the ugly stuff?

Posted 2 days 21 hours ago by JerryNYC 0 answers

I am a healthy 73 year old male with thinning hair and have pre-cancer areas on my scalp and hair line. I'm on day 11. It's itching, red and blistery but no open sores. No other symptoms. Should I use some salve during the day to relieve the itching? Would love to cover it.

Cold sores - Can you use choraphor and other topical creams during the same outbreak?

Posted 5 days ago by thishurts13 0 answers

I know choraphor is supposed to be the super drug for cold sores but you are only supposed to use it once during the outbreak. I used it yesterday when I first felt the cold sore coming on, and today I woke up and it's a full blown blister and very painful. I'm wondering if I'm ...

Im 8 days late for my period testing this weekend?

Posted 6 days ago by Sweetpea20 0 answers

I am 8 days late for my period. I have sore nipples and a tight feeling in my abdomen. We are currently ttc. Was just wondering my chances with these symptoms

Am I pregnant? I have been on Orsythia for about 10 months and I have never missed a pill or have?

Posted 12 days ago by KyleenaB 1 answer

... took one late. I'm starting my blue pills tomorrow but my breasts have been sore for a few days and it's scaring me because I haven't had sore breasts before my period since the first few months of taking it. Please I am beyond scared!!! I'm stressing out so much!!! I'm ...

Nebivolol - Has anyone experienced knee / joint pain when taking Nebivovol?i?

Posted 8 days ago by Saz1949 0 answers

I have been taking 1.25 Nebivovol for 8 months and have developed pain in my left knee. I never had any joint pains of any kind before taking this beta blocker. My neck and shoulder muscles are sore and stiff too. Again this has not been a problem until taking Nebivovol. Anyone else have similar ...

Recurrent outbreaks on Valtrex in pregnancy?

Posted 12 days ago by mrs12 0 answers

I started taking Valtrex for the first time 2 weeks ago when I experienced a recurrent outbreak during my 36 week of pregnancy. The sores healed in 5 days, however 5 days later another outbreak has started, and I am now 38 weeks pregnant with 3 visible genital sores. I have never had outbreaks back ...

Can a serology be affected by swollen lymph nodes?

Posted 19 days ago by gengar1 0 answers

I have to do some laboratory exams including a serology for university reasons, however a lymph node under the right side of my jaw is swollen right now I think it's because of a canker sore due to my teeth brush slipping in my gums, I haven't got any flu or fever so I think that's ...

I was put on Abilify 2 months ago, it has changed my life for the better ! I do't want to change?

Posted 27 Oct 2016 by reeree1103 2 answers

however, I have tongue rolling. It is making my mouth so sore. Is there another med the same that I can change to?

Has anyone on Xarelto experienced any open sores on the scalp?

Posted 2 Nov 2016 by ChooChooTrain 0 answers

My husband is on long term blood thinners. Included is the itching on his back. He uses a paint roller to spread his cream on..(lol). Last few months, he has noticed a bleeding bump on his head. Its a small opening.He puts bandaids on it but the blood soaks it. Two doctors state it as either a bug ...

How long before anyone saw results? I've been switched from Coversyl 8mg to Valsartan 160/12.5?

Posted 4 Nov 2016 by mexicanrose 0 answers

BP since I was diagnosed has been a sore spot in my life. My previous Dr. kept increasing the medication, & the nurses in his office were NOT taking my bp properly. I kid you not! You do not take bp when standing, or extending your arm. The cuff hardly felt as though it was squeezing my arm, or ...

I have little sores that are outlined in red,and swollen. As if the need to be popped to relieve?

Posted 3 Nov 2016 by korkey_13 0 answers

... some room but at the top of it is really hard and hot.Its definitely infected but I don't have insurance. How can I fix this?

Is Lidocaine Viscous bad for Canker Sores?

Posted 29 Oct 2016 by jmemoirs 0 answers

I have had chronic canker sores my entire life. They are PAINFUL, usually quite large, and take a very long time to heal, usually with new ones developing as the old ones are healed. I've been to numerous doctors, taken plenty of blood tests, have always come back with healthy results and ...

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