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What is the lump on back of my penis?

Posted 6 days ago by DeadlyDazzAU 1 answer

Sore red tender lump with what feels like a hard ball under it. Getting very sore and getting bigger

Have a question about cyst like ball that must be removed before skin can heal?

Posted 5 days ago by Meme78us2 0 answers

I get sores all over my body that hurt to the touch and sores won't heal until I dig out the white sticky like cyst out, once removed leave a tiny hole and bleeds but then the sore heals. I have a picture of what the cyst looks like and I am just looking for someone to tell me what these are.

This is my seventh day using Monistat 7. I've used it one day before my period started...

Posted 18 days ago by Tneeq 1 answer

... and now my period is almost over and still a little itching and my discharge is yellowish and a little runny. I wasn't diagnosed with a yeast infection i just felt itching and burning and sore and used it should i be worried? Should i get a second opinion? Does this mean i have gonorrhea?

Just had sex with someone who has herpes?

Posted 14 days ago by Gathena2008 1 answer

So he had a sore and it was broken, we made out and had sex. I didn't notice until after. Is there anything for me to take immediately to prevent me from getting it?

I have an open wound from surgery and it won't heal I always use bag balm before for everything can?

Posted 31 Oct 2017 by Powdered 1 answer

I have an open wound that has yellow coming out of it from surgery but no smell but it is sore and now the skin is starting to turn yellow can I use bag balm in and around this wound?

Took amoxicillin 500 and 875 for 2 months then took clyndomycan for 5 days and stopped usage because

Posted 19 days ago by Transam 1959 0 answers

... I developed mouth sores, general weakness, fever, black tarry stools and just an ill feeling all over never again,,, tested for blood in stool, negative ,, blood levels came back ok, stopped all antibiotics 7 days ago,,how long will the black tarry stools last and tiredness

My mother is 92 and her calf has an open sore and the nurse said to get eucerin creme on it. Should?

Posted 20 days ago by sueb0822chris 0 answers

... It be used on that? Its not that big. It's the size of a nickel.

I am using sodium chloride with a neubulizer. I have been developing small bisters on my face.

Posted 24 Oct 2017 by pgeon 1 answer

Red sores around eye lips and watery eyes also. I do no more than two treatments a day. 7 days a week. I just started using this treatment for my lungs.

Was on sertraline last year came off it?

Posted 24 Oct 2017 by Johnathen 0 answers

However breast still getting bigger and sore. had mammogram all clear. Glad l am off it

Abreva - Does it work when the cold sore is showing up?

Posted 20 Oct 2017 by Luna19 0 answers

I had never felt the tingle and it started to appear this morning, I just purchased abreva and have applied it to the cold sore. Will it heal any faster or was it too late?

Levaquin - Will thos help with congestion and sore throat?

Posted 12 Oct 2017 by Jamie44 1 answer

Will levofloxacin help with congestion and sore throat

Monistat-1 - I wasn't sure if I had an infection my vagina felt like it was irritated and I did have

Posted 6 Sep 2017 by Ritata 1 answer

... discharge that looked like the one you would get from a yeast infection but it wasn't itchy or red or irritated . Just my vagina felt sore and different . I took monostat 1 but feels the same later in the night when I took it this morning . What should I do ?

Famvir - What's the worst side affects and are they worth it?

Posted 28 Sep 2017 by JaclynM 1 answer

I have had cold sores since I was 2months old I'm not 22, and my doctor has only just told me about this medication however I get really worried about taking new stuff.

Unusual side effects from escitalopram oxalate?

Posted 19 Sep 2017 by Jonathan_cordyceps 1 answer

I have recently started escitalopram oxalate 20mg and have noticed loosening and peeling of the skin on my face with is red, sore and also inflamed. I do have acne but it is not usually this bad. I did not see this as a listed side effect and do not think there is anything else causing this.

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