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How many of you can remember having a dental procedure prior to onset of Burning Mouth Syndrome?

Posted 5 May 2017 by Sylvia Lawing 2 answers

I had Burning Mouth Syndrome after a dental procedure. I had many painful fissures and a one inch circular dark red sore on my tongue. There was a water blister the size of a dime in the middle of this circle. There is a great lack of understanding concerning this illness. I was seen at one of the ...

Have not had Implanon removed?

Posted 9 days ago by Katie_girl2 0 answers

I was due to have my Implanon removed a month ago after having it for three years and it slipped my mind, now a month later I have sore nipples and severe pain where my ovaries are and I'm not sure if that is due to not having the bar out when I should have?

Side effects of Triumeq?

Posted 10 days ago by plee99 0 answers

I recently started to get red blotches on my face and redness around my eyes which is slightly sore,is this caused by my medicines. I have been taking Triumeq for 1 year

Is this possibly a yeast infection that got worse?

Posted 11 days ago by Tuneup123 0 answers

My husband and I had sex and he used a toy and some lube and I was very dry to begin with. I woke up like that. Anyways right in the middle I got very sore but let him finish. A few days after I realized I still felt sore and red and now have a blister. Down there and itchy and swollen is this ...

Xulane - Long periods and sore normal or no?

Posted 12 days ago by xothat1girl 0 answers

Anyone else experience a long period ive been on the patch for two weeks and I put it on the first day of my menstral period, still have going on two weeks tomorrow.. WHEN WILL MY PERIOD STOP!? Does it get better!? I really like this patch but I'm thinking of switching if I continue bleeding ...

Has anyone else been loosing there hair while taking Latuda?

Posted 14 days ago by Oreo83 0 answers

I started this medication in April since then I have noticed my hair falling out by the handfuls and large bald spots in my head and a very very sore head...

I have mild pain on my lower back on the right side. I told my sister who is a nurse and she thinks?

Posted 4 Apr 2017 by juliocesar_2729 6 answers

... it might be something having to do with my kidneys. How can I tell the difference between that and just a sore back from heavy lifting? It has been some days already and the pain seems not to go away no matter how much I rest. When I sit or stand for some time the pain starts bothering. The ...

Can't anyone help with advice plz?

Posted 27 Apr 2017 by Hubeigirl04 1 answer

I believe I have been having panic attacks: Can't breathe, heart pounds, sweating... now throat is sore whole body aches, and moving around makes it hard to breathe deeply because my whole chest and throat hurt! My doctor believes that is what I am having and is starting me on Effexor. Can ...

Acarbose - I have Reactive Hypoglycemia. I can control it with diet usually but every now and again?

Posted 28 Apr 2017 0 answers

it goes haywire. I have been given Arcabose tablets. They work very well n the control of sugars. But they give me great flatulence. I get acute pains from wind and become very sore. (very antisocial) Is there anything you know that can ease this please? I have tried quite a few things. Windeze is ...

Watery acidy stool going past impacted stool now it burns to bad to go?

Posted 26 Feb 2017 by april292 2 answers

i took magnesium citrate to unblock an impacted stool it worked before but now im pushing water past the blockage and now im so sore and it burns to go ive tried preperation h and their supositories i think the mass may have broken up and wants to come out but it hurts too bad what do i do

Can candesartan cilexetil 8mg cause mouth and tongue soreness and sore throats .can this be due to?

Posted 23 Apr 2017 by Dipstick 0 answers

... different manufacturer ,as I have taken them before over a period of 12months I have had itching but no mouth soreness but on change chemists I have had these sore mouth ... Dave I am a paramedic and my B P is normally about 128/83on candesartan

Lumigan is making my nose run constantly. Is there a better alternative. I am taking cospot also?

Posted 22 Apr 2017 by TARTU 0 answers

My eye surgeon prescribed cosopt in the morning in the r eye and lumigan at night in both eyes. Lumigan is making my nose run constantly to the xtent that I develop sores at my nose and cold sores. Is there a better option to lumigan? Like xalatan. I have had glaucoma in right eye for 6 years and ...

Abreva - How long does it take to heal when not applied at the first sign?

Posted 14 Apr 2017 by broncomaning 1 answer

My cold sore popped up in the morning and I didn't get the cream until later that night and then I applied it. I really need it to be gone in 2 days. Will that happen?

Sexually Transmitted Diseases - I got a sore on my penus idk wut it is I think its syphilis but?

Posted 20 Apr 2017 by Retro5223 0 answers

I got a sore on my penus idk wut it is I think its syphilis but then again idk BC they say syphilis first symptoms u get them around 10-90 days and I had sex with a chick and the next day I noticed it.

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