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What can I take for a sore throat when the doctor just started me on Tamiflu?

Posted 21 Jan 2018 by Ikky25 0 answers

Went to the doctor Saturday diagnosis with the flu so she gave me Tamiflu but my throat hurt so bad I'm waiting on tests for strep throat Monday what can I take for my throat while on Tamiflu until Monday.

Can I take Bactrim DS 160 mg for sore throat and running nose?

Posted 24 Dec 2017 by Dposadas 1 answer

Throat hurts and is dry. Zyrtec dries up my nose a bit but my throat hurts?

Yellow discharge after protected sex. NO odor?

Posted 26 May 2016 by Raven23 1 answer

[First and foremost I would like to openly say I do have gential herpes simplex 1, I obtained this STD through receiving oral sex from an individual who claimed to not know he got cold sores, I was diagnosed in 2014 and I haven't had an outbreak since the initial one.] Yesterday I had ...

3 Prednisone 20mg per day for 5 days? O?

Posted 1 day 22 hours ago by Powerball318 1 answer

I went to the walk in clinic for swollen tonsils and a very sore throat. They tested for strep which came back negative and prescribed me 3 20mg prednisone per day. I'm supposed to take all 3 at once they said. I did some research and found a lot of bad things about prednisone. 60mg per day ...

Has anyone had problems with mouth sores? I’ve been on Opdivo 21 months and never had problems...

Posted 5 days ago by grannykeke 0 answers

... until month 20. I’m on my third bout of mouth sores on tongue, under tongue, gums and inside of cheeks. I have a prescription for magic mouthwash and I’m doing warm saltwater, but wondering if anyone has any better treatment suggestions. Hurts a lot to eat or talk. Any suggestions ...

Trichomoniasis - I took all 4 of my metronidazole 24 hr later I drank a few drinks with my friends I

Posted 9 days ago by Anonymous_1000 0 answers

... just read online not to drink till 72 hrs so I didn’t know will this effect my treatment I haven’t thrown up oh and on another side not I am a bit sick but sore throat and congestion as well do I also wanted to ask if I can take over the counter medicine as well like robitussin or ...

Can I use Orajel cold sore for my tooth?

Posted 8 days ago by Joyce mck09 0 answers

Nexplanon - pain and soreness where the implant is and aching in the arm it’s in?

Posted 29 Jan 2018 by Emmab18 0 answers

... i has my implant put in just over a year ago, I’ve never had a problem with it but lately it’s been really sore, it seems like it’s got closer to the skin if that makes sense? My arm it’s constantly aching and hurting with the implant is, I can’t touch where the ...

Is burning painful nipples a side effect of metronidazole?

Posted 30 Jan 2018 by Laurensandwick22 1 answer

I've had the other symptoms that everyone else has such as extreme nausea, abdominal cramps, metallic taste. But haven't seen any others with nipple pain... my boobs are very sore. I just finished my 7 day prescription last night and thought my side effects would of been gone today but ...

Can I take 4 mg prednisone for 6 days then after 2 days take another 6 days?

Posted 14 days ago by avh1943 0 answers

Doctor says I have myositis. After 6 days not able to walk, but a lot better. My legs are very sore to the touch. Muscles weak and can't stand in one place 2 minutes, feel as if they will collapse . Trouble climbing steps and getting up from chair. So fatigued cant get dressed , 20 minutes. ...

Can you take Dayquil while on PrEP?

Posted 16 days ago by alikaiaaron 0 answers

I've been taking PrEP for about 2 weeks now. I don't have any side effect from it anymore but yesterday I started off with a sore throat and nasal passage and today I woke up with a headache, a stuffy but runny nose although my throat feels a bit better. I can't remember what my ...

Why is my clitoris sore?

Posted 15 Dec 2017 by Teengirl19 1 answer

My clitoris has been sore on and off lately It started when I was at my boyfriends house a week ago but it went away until I was at home it started again for a good few hours and it hurt more I peed so I stopped drinking anything to do with sugar because growing up I had the same pain if I had to ...

Repatha - Has anyone experienced swelling soreness of the hands or joints in the hands?

Posted 30 Jan 2018 by Cando67 0 answers

I have been using Repatha for over a year and after the last dose my hands are sore joints hurt and swollen. First time this has happened.

Has anyone taking Effexor XR experienced itching or rash as a side effect? I have been on it for....

Posted 27 Dec 2017 by Meme42 1 answer

... 11 years and shortly after starting it experienced itching followed by sores which start small and get bigger because of my scratching. I saw a dermatologist who diagnosed me with prurigo nodularis. I am convinced it is caused by one of my medicines. I have so many scars (white spots) from this ...

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