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I am been taking Cymbalta for 5 months. The first month, I was taking only 30 mg two times a day?

Posted 10 days ago by Mazzieann 1 answer

... and now the doctor has increased it to 60 mg two times a day. I have sore muscles, back pain, stiffness and I can hardly walk on one ankle. Is this because I am taking too high of dose? Can anyone help me? Is 60 mg twice a day an overdose?

Can HCTZ 12.5mg cause white sores or ulcers in your mouth and on your tongue? I've had them for 1yr?

Posted 8 days ago by shoppin7 0 answers

almost continuously. I never thought it could be from this medication. I went away recently and didn't take them. The sores seemed to have stopped for about 8 days. when I returned home I started taking them again and I started with the mouth sores with in two days. They are white sores on my ...

Watery acidy stool going past impacted stool now it burns to bad to go?

Posted 26 Feb 2017 by april292 1 answer

i took magnesium citrate to unblock an impacted stool it worked before but now im pushing water past the blockage and now im so sore and it burns to go ive tried preperation h and their supositories i think the mass may have broken up and wants to come out but it hurts too bad what do i do

Can I take Acyclovir orally, as a prophylactic against frequent cold sores?

Posted 14 days ago by AshMed 0 answers

I used to suffer with frequent cold sores so my GP prescribed oral Acyclovir 400mg twice daily as a prophylactic. It has worked brilliantly with no recurrence for very many years even when I'm out in the sun which used to be a trigger. I have experienced no perceivable side effects, but ...

Could I be pregnant or just paranoid?

Posted 14 days ago by Janel Vincent 0 answers

I bleed for a day light bleeding then nothing after that then I think a week or two later I woke up felt really lightheaded and nauseous threw up once but still felt nauseous all day now I have sore breast and feeling bloated I don't think I'm pregnant

If my medical issue is resolved do I have to keep going back to a medical specialist?

Posted 6 Mar 2017 by boyonbass 1 answer

if my issue is resolved do I have to keep going back to a medical specialist?If my medical issue is resolved do I have to keep going back to a medical specialist? I had sores on my tongue probably cause by the 60mgs of Prednisone I was on for 9 months due to a much worse condition. I've been ...

Is my canker sore more serious than I think?

Posted 8 Mar 2017 by Glennol98 0 answers

I have had a canker sore that hasnt hurt too much but it is very large , and it has a yellow crater in it , the sore is pinky and white with a yellow centre as i said

Lamotrigine - I just started taking lamotrigin 10 days ago. I am having headaches, blurred vision,?

Posted 19 Feb 2017 by Rh64 2 answers

... neck pain, sore mouth, itching and just began noticing small red/purple spots on my skin. i want to stop taking it. what do i do?

Sulindac - Can this medication cause soreness and muscle cramps in calves?

Posted 28 Feb 2017 by Lucindy123 0 answers

I have been taking this medication only a few days. My calves started to cramp and are very sore. I haven't exercised or done anything out of the ordinary that I can think of.

Monistat-1 - I had mild symptoms of a yeast infection, itchy, sore, slight sensation while?

Posted 21 Jan 2017 by Girl1245 1 answer

... urinating, so I took Monistat 1 last night at 7:30 PM. My boyfriend and I have our anniversary dinner tonight at 8 PM. Am I okay to have sex later that night?

Can fluoxetine cause a sore throat?

Posted 9 Feb 2017 by MacW 1 answer

My daughter has had a recurring sore throat since her dosage of fluoxetine was raised in the fall. She has been tested for mono three times and told that she just has a virus or some sort. Her psychiatrist says that it could not be caused by the fluoxetine. Her throat has hurt for four weeks now. ...

Methotrexate - sore face ,red slightly swollen? eyes sore too slight spotted raished rash?

Posted 14 Feb 2017 by nettysue 0 answers

taking 25 mg methotrexate weekly mon... also other meds for artritis

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