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How long does immunosupression from solu-medrol last after cesation?

Posted 23 Nov 2013 by cosmokaz 1 answer

Hi, I have MS and i just finished an my first IV course of 1g for 3days of methylprednisolone for a flare. My question is, how long does it take for my immune system to return to normal after this? For example, i know i need to avoid possible infection sources, but... for how long after these 3 ...

Solu-Medrol - Can solumedrol cause shortness of breath?

Posted 15 Nov 2011 by ieinisdottir 1 answer

I am asthmatic and have been given solumedrol with antibiotics for upper respiratory infections. This is the third time in one year that this has lead to severe shortness of breath without any asthma symptoms. The other two times I was hospitalized, had cardiac studies, which where normal, and got ...

Pregnancy - Is dexamethasone and allerfin safe to take during pregnancy?

Posted 20 May 2012 by nihara 1 answer

is dexamethasone and allerfin safe for my 5 months pregnant? these 2 meds didnt work so my doctor brought me in dermatologist so they suggested me for solu-medrol 1 pm and 1 am for two days only+tidilor for 7 days only before sleep? my question is,is this medicine they give to me is safe for my 5 ...

How long do I have to watch out for symptoms after taking this medication by infusion in hospital?

Posted 25 Feb 2015 by Springglen408 1 answer

... Methylprednisolone sod suc(PF) IV SOLU-MEDROL 1,000 MG VIAL I was recently told by a patient advisery nurse that I needed to watch out for various symptoms up to 12 months. Is that correct? I assumed once the medication cleared the system around 12 hours I would be fine?

I think I am having a reaction to prednisone?

Posted 13 Aug 2016 by drcr24 2 answers

I am very depressed and anxious and I have had a panic attack in the 10 days since I took 100 mg of prednisone over 2 days and 125 mg of solu medrol through IV for a rash. I just want to feel better and the depression and worry feels like it is worsening. Is this normal? If so when will it wear ...

How frequently I can take Methylprednisolone IV 1gm X 5 days?

Posted 9 Aug 2011 by Sandeep.Saini 1 answer

My wife was diagnosed with "Multiple Sclerosis" in 2009. Till now she has got three relapses. During each relapse she has given Solu-Medrol 1 gm X 5 days IV (tapered with oral medicines). I just want to know that can we again give her IV steroids ? Because in the last 5 months we have ...

Should I refrain from excercizing after 125 mg bolus of solu Medrol?

Posted 21 Apr 2012 by Keith49 1 answer

I get the bolus every two weeks as pretreatment for infusion of pegloticase. It raises my blood glucose to unacceptable levels, so excercize would be a help in lowering the reading. I am a liver transplant recipient, and must keep my weight down, so the high glucose levels present a big problem.

I had 3 days of 1000 mg Solu-medrol in December '14. Had severe migraine 3 wks later that triggered?

Posted 11 Jan 2015 by tb61 1 answer

... a more severe relapse. This time was 5 days 1000 mg Solumedrol IV. Now besides feeling horrible everyday, I'm having hard time opening my jaw since close to the end of 2nd treatment. What could this be?

Solu-Medrol - How long do these injections last in your system?

Posted 11 Sep 2017 by 111singh 0 answers

In other words when can I get another injection how long would I have to wait to get another injection

Solu-Medrol - Can solumedrol be given to someonenwith dengue fever?

Posted 18 Aug 2010 by ldbmade 1 answer

My mom was diagnosed with dengue fever, She was given at the hospital solumedrol. I read in a website that people with dengue fever should avoid non steroidal anti-inflamatory medicines, Is Solumedrol a nonsteroidal medice anti- inflamarory drug? I am very worried.

Does solu medrol have any side effects on the heart?

Posted 24 Feb 2011 by Sandy.Harris 1 answer

How can IV Solu-Medrol 1 gram 1x's daily for 5 days over a course of 8 yrs effect your heart. Diag with MS 2003 have had several solu-medrol treatments over the course of the last 8 years. I am now not able to take it due to it causing issues with my heart. However through research I can not ...

Solu-Medrol - is this indicated for emphysema?

Posted 24 Sep 2011 by BONNIEJUNE 1 answer

for maintence

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