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Clenia Emollient Cream - Has this product been discontinued?

Posted 8 Jul 2017 0 answers

My pharmacist said this product and the generic version of it has been discontinued. Is this true? If so, are there other sodium sulfacetamide 10% and sulfur 5% creams available?

Can I take a low dose of Prozac with a high dose of naproxen sodium?

Posted 3 Jul 2017 by Mallymoo99 1 answer

So I am taking 10mg of Prozac for general anxiety and I was wondering what the chances of an interaction happening would be if I were to take it with 550mg of naproxen sodium for just a few days? Since I take naproxen when I'm on my period, but I have been taking Prozac for about a couple ...

Divalproex Sodium - can I get divalproex medication in England?

Posted 3 Jul 2017 by corri25 0 answers

my boyfriend uses this medication an we are moving to the uk very soon. he's worried that his doctor can't give him a years worth of the medication so, I was wondering if this medication is available in the uk?

Divalproex Sodium - My daughter is taking 1000 mg of Depakote ER per day. Is this a safe dosage?

Posted 17 Jun 2017 by JimmyDGreen 0 answers

... From what I have read on your site the recommended dosage should not exceed 60 mg and not to exceed 250 mg per day unless divided into several doses. She has been taking Depakote for several years for seizure control, but not this high of a dosage.

I have been on lisinipril for years. My sodium went low so doc put me on lorsartin now I'm retainin?

Posted 4 Jun 2017 by Jannet p 0 answers

I also take atenol 50 mg. What's the answer to the water?

Is it OK to gargle with low sodium table salt containing potassium?

Posted 25 Apr 2017 by chewjeremy 0 answers

I find using such concentrated gargles work better then normal salt but sometimes cause some sort of burning in the back of my throat that result in what feels like painful ulcers that can take days to heal. I am concerned daily use of such a gargles may cause cancer due to the throat sores I seem ...

Sulfacetamide Sodium/Sulfur - Has anyone received lightened spots on face from using the avar cream?

Posted 6 Jan 2017 by Jlynn05 0 answers

A few weeks ago my dermatologist prescribed me tazorac and avar cream. I have used the tazorac cream before which I really like. However, I used the avar cream for about 2 days and noticed lightened marks on my cheeks. Has anyone else had this problem? Will these stains be permant? I'm on ...

Would taking sertraline increase the risk of having seizures while taking sodium valproate?

Posted 9 Dec 2016 by BryanJupe69 1 answer

I have been seizure free since taking sodium valproate. I take 400mg a day . No seizures in the last 12 years. My GP has advised me to take sertraline 50mg a day, for anxiety. Would taking the two drugs together cause me to start having seizures again

Sodium Hyaluronate - My husband received his first shot of gel-one three days ago. Knee is doing?

Posted 10 Dec 2016 by Ichitti 0 answers

... good but today he is having pain in is his ankle. Wondering if this could be potential adverse event?

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