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Sleep Deprivation May Play Role in 'Global Loneliness Epidemic'

Posted 20 hours ago by

TUESDAY, Aug. 14, 2018 – Sleep problems can play havoc with your social life, a new study suggests. A series of experiments revealed sleep-deprived people feel lonelier and less eager to engage with others. That, in turn, makes others less likely to want to socialize with the sleep-deprived, researchers said. The researchers also found that well-rested people feel lonely after spending just a ...

Dim the Lights to Help Your Child Fall Asleep

Posted 17 days ago by

SUNDAY, July 29, 2018 – Exposure to bright light in the hour before bedtime can make it difficult for kids to fall asleep, family health experts warn. As day changes to night, the body increases production of a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin. But exposure to artificial light from light bulbs or electronic devices can disrupt melatonin production, according to a news release from the ...

Want Good Sleep for Baby? Food May Be Key

Posted 9 Jul 2018 by

MONDAY, July 9, 2018 – If there's one thing frazzled new parents crave, it's that their baby sleeps well. Now, research suggests that the odds for good infant slumber rise when solid foods are introduced relatively early. The British findings contradict some long-held guidelines on infant feeding, however, and were met with mixed reviews by experts in the United States. Dr. Michael Grosso ...

Families Need Summertime Sleep Schedules

Posted 26 Jun 2018 by

MONDAY, June 25, 2018 – For many families, summer means longer days, less routine and more time outside. That's not all good news, one expert says, because it could jumble a family's sleeping habits. Even without the rigorous and often hectic school-year schedule, it's important to ensure that everyone gets enough sleep, according to Dr. Cheryl Tierney, chief of behavior and developmental ...

Parents' Shift Work Can Be Good -- or Bad -- for Kids

Posted 25 Jun 2018 by

MONDAY, June 25, 2018 – Many parents no longer work traditional "9-to-5" jobs. And their nonstandard shifts do affect their child's behavior, new research suggests. The impact varies according to age, gender and which parent works when, according to researchers from the University of Washington. Millions of Americans work evening or night shifts, most commonly in health care, law enforcement and ...

Sound Advice for a Sound Sleep

Posted 25 Jun 2018 by

MONDAY, June 25, 2018 – Insomnia affects up to 15 percent of Americans, but sleeping pills aren't the only – or the best – answer. A good sleep routine, exercise and mindfulness are all options to get the restorative sleep you need. Set up a daily sleep pattern by going to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time each morning. Yes, even on the weekends. Keep your bedroom ...

Health Tip: Suggestions For a Better Night's Sleep

Posted 19 Jun 2018 by

-- Not getting enough sleep? It's probably hurting your health. The U.S. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke suggests how to improve your sleep: Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends. Exercise for at least 20 minutes a day. But don't exercise just before bedtime. Avoid nicotine, caffeine and alcohol before bedtime. Set a relaxing routine before ...

Today's Sleepy Teens May Be Tomorrow's Heart Patients

Posted 18 Jun 2018 by

MONDAY, June 18, 2018 – Most kids don't get enough sleep, and that may put them on a path to future heart trouble, a new study finds. Young teens who slept less than seven hours a night tended to have more body fat, elevated blood pressure and less healthy cholesterol levels – all bad for the heart, researchers say. Heart disease remains a leading killer, said lead researcher Elizabeth Cespedes ...

Sleepless Nights Haunt 1 in 4 Americans

Posted 14 Jun 2018 by

THURSDAY, June 14, 2018 – Good sleep is hard to come by for the 25 percent of Americans who experience a period of severe insomnia each year, new research suggests. There was some good news, though: Most who suffer a bout of "acute,"' new-onset insomnia will recover and go on to gain restful slumber, the study found. Tracking more than 1,400 adults nationwide for a year, researchers found that ...

Leave Tablets, Smartphones Out of the Bedroom for Better Sleep

Posted 25 May 2018 by

FRIDAY, May 25, 2018 – Are tablets, smartphones and laptops robbing Americans of shut-eye? Absolutely, said researchers who found that the unending entertainments and the light the devices emit are a powerful, slumber-killing combo. The finding comes from a small analysis of nine otherwise healthy adults in their 20s. Their sleep was tracked after five straight nights of unrestricted tablet use, ...

Injured Kids Can Have Lasting Mental Scars, Too

Posted 7 May 2018 by

MONDAY, May 7, 2018 – If your child lands in the hospital with an accidental injury, new research suggests you should watch for signs they may be struggling with what happened to them. Investigators found that among children treated for serious injuries at one pediatric hospital, the odds of being diagnosed with a mental health condition rose by 63 percent in the next year. The findings do not ...

Sleep-Deprived Kids at Risk of Obesity

Posted 5 May 2018 by

FRIDAY, May 4, 2018 – Too little sleep can increase a child's risk of obesity, British researchers report. "Being overweight can lead to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes which is also on the increase in children," said study co-author Michelle Miller, of the University of Warwick in England. "The findings of the study indicate that sleep may be an important potentially modifiable risk ...

Another Study Finds Later School Bell Brings Sleep Bonus for Teens

Posted 13 Apr 2018 by

FRIDAY, April 13, 2018 – Singapore's teens are the world's best on an international test of academic performance, but they pay for it with their sleep. Most get well below the recommended eight to 10 hours of shut-eye on school nights. But a new study finds that delaying the morning school bell would help. Studies in Western nations have found that later school start times improve students' ...

Who Lives Longer -- Night Owls or Early Birds?

Posted 12 Apr 2018 by

THURSDAY, April 12, 2018 – "Night owls" might pay a price when it comes to their health and longevity, a new study reports. Folks who stay up late and struggle to wake in the morning have a 10 percent higher risk of dying sooner than so-called "morning larks" who are early to bed and early to rise, said lead researcher Kristin Knutson. She's an associate professor of neurology at Northwestern ...

Health Tip: Speak With Your Doctor if You Aren't Sleeping Well

Posted 10 Apr 2018 by

-- If you aren't getting enough sleep, you'll probably feel very tired during the day. And you may not feel alert and refreshed when you wake up. While everyone has a sleepless night now and then, chronic lack of sleep can lead to a host of medical problems and should be discussed with your doctor, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute says. Here is the agency's list of issues you should ...

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