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Sleep Apnea Questions

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What about short term memory loss with Escitalopram??

Posted 20 Nov 2014 by Eagle74 3 answers

I have been taking Lexapro for 2 years and have had pretty bad neck and shoulder pain most of the time, and my sleep apnea has gotten worse (I have a physical in December and will address this issue with my Doctor) in the last 4 to 6 months I am having big problems with short term memory loss such ...

Venlafaxine - can this make you constantly fatigued and sleepy?

Posted 6 May 2011 2 answers

I have been taking venlafaxine XR, 150mg for several months now. I have almost constant fatigue and / or sleepiness throughout the day. This problem is interferring with my quality of life. I have tallked to my family dr.& psychiatrist several times about this problem. They seem to dismiss it! ...

Spinal muscular atrophy - throat swollen, can't sleep, wheezy & gasping for air, should I see doctor

Posted 15 Jun 2012 by MusicRockz15 8 answers

Ok I've had problems for about 3 weeks and I'm just uncomfortable and miserable!! My throat has been swollen in the front of my neck and feels like something is stuck or moving and it's kind of hard!! I haven't slept too well and I could have anxiety because I tend to worry a ...

Back Pain - I am on gabapentin, diclofenac and tramadol for herniated neck, mid and lower spine?

Posted 10 Sep 2010 5 answers

... injury. my doctor is refusing to refill tramadol until I have a sleep apnea study, and physical assessment. is there some emergency thing I can do to get my tramadol medication tomorrow? or am i just squirming in bed in pain? I was laid off work and have no insurance and no income, except very ...

Sleep Apnea - how dangerous is this? I have a 2 year old son who has always been a terrible sleeper?

Posted 2 Jan 2013 by laura1212 6 answers

... i had him in my bed the other night and noticed he gets into a deep sleep then stops breathing for about 10 seconds, then he has a huge choke like gasp and wakes up in a panic. ii have always went to his cot when he cried before but never realised what was making him wake up. i am now scared to ...

Does the pill v2410 help you sleep?

Posted 2 Apr 2013 by almaguerrero52 4 answers

Sleep Disorders - my husband is taking trazondone hcl 100mg for pstd and sleep disorder and has been

Posted 10 Dec 2009 by marylou1052 5 answers

... diagnosis with sleep apnea. is this medications safe for him being he has sleep apnea?

Pristiq causing sweats and chills?

Posted 9 Nov 2016 by Mollieann 5 answers

I'm on 150 mg Pristiq since 9 sep now exp chills and sweats at night and early morning. Also have sleep apnea and using cpap which I find very uncomfortable. My question, will an increase in dose make it better or worse? Also seeing a counsellor due for second visit this week. I'm feeling ...

Does Fluoxetine effect someone with sleep apnea?

Posted 10 Aug 2011 by dmyanez 4 answers

I have been suffering from sleep apnea for approximaely a year. I've gone through different sleep study progams and everyone recommends a c-pap unit. I am clostrophobic and cpap makes me feel more anxious. I am not able to sleep and now find myself exhausted and depressed. Will floxetine cause ...

Obstructive Sleep Apnea/Hypopnea Syndrome - Apnea changes when taking opioids/opiates?

Posted 10 Jan 2011 by BionicMike 4 answers

I am newly diagnosed with a severely painful and disabling arthritic condition. I have been having trouble with fatigue for about 3 weeks and its just getting worse. I've only been taking the medications since Thanksgiving and only got into a pain clinic in mid December and have only been ...

Is there any types of vitamons, herbs or medicines that help with Narcolepsy?

Posted 3 Nov 2013 by Michelle321 4 answers

I believe I have narcolepsy, I'm not positive, I've never been tested for it but I have most of the symptoms. I do have sleep apnea. What I'm wondering is if there is anything I can do or take to help with the symptoms? Mostly for the fatigue and falling asleep so easily, in any ...

Did anyone take Provigil prior to Nuvigil? What was your result with Provigil first?

Posted 29 Sep 2016 by BeHealthy123 1 answer

I have Complex Sleep Apnea with Circadian Rhythm Disorder/Sleep Shift Work Disorder (I do not work though). Have medical issues besides the sleep, chronic lyme and its accompanying myriad of symptoms. I have been doing well considering it is just the sleep that is an issue. Started CPAP over a ...

Plz Help Me! Want to, need to, have to...QUIT!!?

Posted 26 Aug 2011 by Mrsyanez88 3 answers

I have been taking Suboxone for 2.5 yrs @ 32 mg. per day. I want to get off bc I am having a huge issue with sleep apnea at night and chronic fatigue during the day. I just want to know how bad it will be tapering off from 32 mg.. I am afraid that I will be way too sick to function. Thanks!! :o)

Constant fatigue and hot flashes?

Posted 9 Apr 2012 by rmirzage 3 answers

I am 30 male and have been getting hot flashes and extreme fatigue for about 15 years. I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and having been using a cpap but it has not been helping me. any suggestions?

Effexor and Sleep Apnea?

Posted 5 Aug 2013 by Monsieur109 2 answers

Sorry for my bad english... I’m now convinced that taking Effexor (150 mg) cause me to have central sleep apnea (CSA). For the long version that explains how I come to this conclusion I invite you to read everything, for the short version, let's say I'm caught between living with ...

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