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Scoliosis Questions

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Has anyone had an spinal epidural to control back pain?

Posted 20 Aug 2012 by mjulianne77 12 answers

Due to degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, 2 bulging discs, and anulas disc tear, and severe back pain, my doctors felt like a spinal epidural, in which they injected steroids into my impaired discs, could help me. I had one last September, with moderate pain relief. But I had one about two weeks ...

New info out about taking calcium alone. You must take it with magnesium says a new study!!?

Posted 7 Jul 2012 5 answers

ORANGE, Calif., Sept. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The British Medical Journal recently published a large analysis based on the results of 5 clinical trials conducted in the U.S., Great Britain and New Zealand that involved more than 8,000 people. The analysis concluded that, "Calcium supplements ...

I need advice about taking lyrica vs gabapentin? Can I take gabapentin by day and lyrica at night?

Posted 8 Mar 2016 by Kokacola1 2 answers

I have taken Lyrica starting at 75mg and now up to 150mg twice a day for just over a year now. I decided to try find a less expensive alternative and Gabapentin was recommended by a pharmacist. I am not a diabetic, but I've had spinal fusion twice, 10 years and 1year ago. Now I suffer with ...

Has anyone had a fibromyalgia flare after having major surgery? I need to have scoliosis surgery and

Posted 26 Jul 2016 by DancnDar 5 answers

... my orthopedic, my rheumatologist and even my son's rheumatologist say I will definitely have a major fibromyalgia flare up from the surgery. I am so scared and have been holding off the surgery for a year now. My pain doctor has been doing minor procedures to try and help keep the pain ...

I am in severe back pain all the time, I have moderate scoliosis, moderate bone degeneration, and?

Posted 28 Apr 2010 by carolyn17603 8 answers

... compressed discs. I can not turn my back so If im driving I can only use my mirrors since I cant turn. I went to my family dr and they keep giving me stuff that doesnt work and I tell them and they just give me other stuff that dont work. They wont give me narcotic pain meds. They referred me ...

I've had back epedurals, nerve blocks and a neurotomy that did't work, WHAT's next?

Posted 31 May 2011 by boba45 6 answers

I've had severe back,neck and leg pain for several years. I had an M.R.I. which was catastropic stenosis, scoliosis,bulging disks, bone spurs degenertive ostioarthrtis. Iasked the Dr. to explain my results and his response was, your spine is worn out and your not a canidate for surgery because ...

How to relieve upper back pain after a spine surgery?

Posted 28 Jun 2014 by Wholock 4 answers

Hi! I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 8 (now I'm 16) and at the age of 13 I had a surgery. It was a success and everything was fine. I did exercises for about a year, then I stopped. I felt no pain at all until 4-5 months ago. That's when I started getting this pain in my upper ...

I have grade 2 spondylolisthesis and scoliosis, & sciatic nerve pain. Does anyone have any ideas?

Posted 20 Nov 2009 by janem502 5 answers

... what would be causing me severe stabbing pain in my left groin area. It is almost like sciatic pain only in the front. it is very sharp and is not continuous. But when it happens it is short, almost like a wave and can go on for an hour or more at a time. Had mri done in this area, nothing ...

Could anyone recommend a Good Pain Management Doctor in the Las Vegas area?

Posted 6 Apr 2010 by Vicorina 4 answers

I NEED to find a doctor who is kind and understanding of the battles I face daily with severe pain caused by my scoliosis (moderate/severe) that is liberal with prescribing adequate medication to relieve my pain. I had a doctor in LA that was awesome. Granted he was a "cash only" ...

Best Non-Drowsy breakthrough?

Posted 1 Aug 2012 by Kelizrm 3 answers

I'm on the 5 mg BuTrans patch for chronic pain from 5 back surgeries (scoliosis fusions/T2-S1). It worked well the first month and I used tramadol for breakthrough. I'm almost through with the second month and it's getting pretty bad. But I am afraid to go up in dosage bc I had ...

Does tapentadol need to build up in your system over a few days to work?

Posted 26 Aug 2013 by sixtiescurator 4 answers

I have been prescribed 100 mg Prolonged Release Nucynta/Tapentadol to take every 12 hours. I'm on it a week now, but no improvement in the chronic pain caused by scoliosis. Does the drug need to build up in your body to treat the pain - the pharmacist said not - that it should work per dosage, ...

Are epidurals and nerve blocks the same thing?

Posted 2 Mar 2014 by Amiyah 1 answer

I NEED HELP? I have a plethora of back and neck problems! I have three herniated disc in my neck, two bulging disc in Lumbar, two fractures in the thoracic (The curvature in this area caused scoliosis), spinal stenosis, cord compression, pinched nerves, damage nerves, et al. I receive injections in ...

I would like to know if anyone else always runs low temperatures?

Posted 13 Feb 2011 5 answers

My normal is about 94.5 to 95.5. I have severe osteoporosis, osteoarthritis,2 failed low back surgeries with pain down the hips & legs, allergies to meds & enviromental, asthma,Scoliosis, vertebraes have compression fractures, Had a hysterectomy at 21, gall bladder 10 years ago. I know ...

I just found out a few months ago that I have scoliosis and it's in very bad. I have hurt in my back

Posted 15 Feb 2014 by pamelambell 3 answers

... for years but never had anything done about it til the pain got so severe that I could not hardly walk. I am seeing a specialist and being put on some strong meds but really do not know what to expect, can anyone help?

New humira user, need support?

Posted 4 Oct 2011 by mayonakamochi 3 answers

I started taking humira in august for my crohns, I also have athritis which my doctor think its from lupus, and I have low iron levels, almost sever scoliosis that I need checked out. And I'm making an appointment for my heart and breathing. Humira makes me feel ok, but I get scared at times ...

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