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Isotretinoin - Does accutane help to remove scars from old pimples?

Posted 3 Sep 2013 by Guae 1 answer

i will start taking accutane soon these days and ai will be having an event in the coming mouth so will it get worse in a way more than it is ,doubled acne and redness ? that i wont be able to go out on occasions first weeks ? :( is it fine to apply make up to cover them up during treatment

Zinc oxide is it good for acne scar treatment?

Posted 21 Dec 2012 by binuktpm 4 answers

Zinc oxide is it good for acne scar treatment?

What are these stretch like marks on my back?

Posted 12 days ago by cedricd 1 answer

Since a few months I have these big stretch like marks on my middle / lower back. I am male, 19 years old and I stopped growing over a year ago. I also didn't start working out or anything that might cause my skin to stretch in that manner. These marks don't hurt, but they're very ...

Does adapalene help in removing scars too?

Posted 19 days ago by Mad-hu 0 answers

My face is almost covered with pimples and scars.. Tried Everything. Found adapalene 0.1% gel reviews and want to give it a try..

Is Humira good for a parasite behind the eye?

Posted 7 Dec 2017 by Robvlv22 1 answer

My gf has had some kind of eye condition behind her eye. She has had it her whole life supposedly and it could cause her to go blind if either the parasite is put to sleep or somehow to make the scar or whole get smaller. She had gone to California to two different universities recommended by her ...

For about a year my arms and now stomach have very tiny round pockets that scab and leave scars?

Posted 22 Nov 2017 by Lillian 9050 0 answers

No Dr knows but arms look like a battlefield. I can send pictures

Can Lyrica help relieve pain caused by scar tissue pressing on the trigeminal nerve ?

Posted 28 Sep 2017 by 90058 3 answers

As a result of the removal of a menengioma at the base of the Pons, the accumulation of scar tissue resting on the trigeminal nerve is causing severe and constant pain and numbness on one side of the mouth. Four years exactly after the surgery the discomfort continues but thankfully the tumor has ...

Is Juvederm approved for use on the forehead?

Posted 21 Sep 2017 by jeninyuma 2 answers

Juvederm used on your forehead? Left with major scarring and scar tissue build up. Is it approved for this area of the face? Looks like its only approved for cheeks and lips?

Claravis - I'm 66, post menopause with rosacea acne. Will it cause scarring or bone/muscle damage?

Posted 24 Aug 2017 by aliwishes 0 answers

Also will my acne get worse when I first start Claravis?

Burns after laser hair removal?

Posted 26 Jun 2017 by jasmineg 0 answers

I did a test patch of laser hair removal on my upper lip using the philips lumea at home device. Immediately it felt like it was too hot and it felt like I could have burned myself. It wasn't painful but two days later I got a cold sore and now there is a patch of dry red skin that looks like ...

Levulan Kerastick - Can anything go seriously wrong with this procedure? Scars, deformation, etc?

Posted 29 Jun 2017 by pbjpfeiffer12 0 answers

Can anything go seriously wrong with this procedure like scarring, deformation, total loss of pigmentation. Just wanting to make sure I don't do something I will regret the rest of my life.

My question is are there any other options that can be done instead of defib?

Posted 12 Jun 2017 by gregory441 0 answers

hello I had a heart attack last april Iam scheduled to have a defibrillator implanted in a couple heart function is 18 and alot of the heart muscle is scar tissue My question is are there any other options that can be done instead of defib?

My migraines started 2 months ago, my Dr., gave me toprimate, I had a bad reaction to it, had 2?

Posted 26 May 2017 by wildcat-72 0 answers

... ct's, 2 mri's, I have scar tissue from tbi's, I see my neurolgists on Tuesday, are these headaches going to be permanent?

Triluma Cream- Can I restart application of cream after one week of usage for burn scar?

Posted 2 May 2017 by payal2112 0 answers

I got burn scar on my nose. My dermatologist prescribed me Triluma RD cream with 2% hydroquinone & Biluma cream. I need to apply Triluma cream at night and in morning Biluma cream. it's been one week that i used Triluma at night , i have not tried biluma yet as i am afraid to get reverse ...

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