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Quetiapine - I am on 12.5 mg. of seroquel each night for sleep, for a year. Concerned safety?

Posted 2 Jan 2017 by GPORKY 2 answers

I had extreme anxiety issues 1 year ago, my Doctor put me on cymbalta 60 mg. in A.M., and Quetiapine 12.5 mg for insomnia. I have been thinking about getting off sleep pill concerned side effects and withdrawal. Scared to stop in my mind I think i wont be able to sleep. I want my natural sleep ...

Rexulti - Safety with chemotherapy?

Posted 29 Mar 2017 by Anon22 1 answer

I have ovarian cancer and as a result, my depression has increased markedly with feelings of hopelessness, loss of motivation, and loss of interest in my usual pursuits. I would like to know if Rexulti is safe for people undergoing chemotherapy. I especially am concerned with the possibility of low ...

How do I stop Plan B from working?

Posted 26 Feb 2017 by Mgarcia13 1 answer

I took the Plan B pill last night for safety then my husband said why I did that because he wants a child. Is there a way to stop this pill from working before it's to late?

Pletal - am a pharmacist and need to know what are the new guidelines for dispensing cilostazol?

Posted 24 Dec 2016 by oucefel 0 answers

want to know if i still have to register for safety like it was and which site i have to go to in the state of newyork

What is the suggested method for cleaning mitomycin with skin contact? Does it spread or increase?

Posted 28 Nov 2016 by Murse213 0 answers

... contact surface area if you wipe it? With or with out soap? When a catheter is inserted, mitomycin is instilled into the bladder, is the catheter clamped just to keep the medicine in or is pressure needed to get mitomycin into the surface area of the bladder (the clamp closer to the body might ...

Vitamin D Deficiency - I have read much information about the benefits and safety of Vitamin D?

Posted 4 Oct 2016 by Midwesterner 0 answers

... supplements. However, in 1983 my family's health was damaged by Vitamin D supplementation. For years I have attempted to determine what caused our health problems related to the Vitamin D tablets, which were described as "derived from rich natural liver oils from deep sea fish". ...

Looking for info on Medical patch?

Posted 1 Sep 2016 by Ivansmom7 1 answer

Hey Everyone, I saw a medical patches on my ex's forearm and am worried about my child's safety (he's special needs) when with him since I do not know what this is for or what it is. The patch is approx 2" squared, blue, and has lighter blue or white stripes on it. Any ideas? ...

I just got my depo shot on july 21,2016 right after my period. when can my boyfriend come inside?

Posted 23 Jul 2016 by Unknown102 1 answer

I decided to take the shot for safety since I dont want to get pregnant. I just got my shot july 21. I finished my period july 20 and got the shot on the 21st I was wondering if after a week like this next thursday (july29) can he come inside me or should i wait till july 30 to be effective? Cause ...

At home birth is it a good idea for me?

Posted 1 Mar 2016 by vada99 2 answers

Hi I want to have a at home birth but I'm really nervous because I've had 2 miscarriages and I'm really scared about safety for me and my child.

I'm dealing with erectile dysfunction and am looking for opinions on the safety of something I took?

Posted 13 May 2015 by rgreenjr22 2 answers

I'm 43 and in the last year I have really struggled with getting and maintaining erections. My specific question is on the safety of supplements. My wife met a lady who happened to distribute a supplement for enhancing sexual performance. She said it was brand new in the U.S. and gave her two ...

Some pts have come to me with dx systemic and or lung candidiasis?

Posted 17 Dec 2015 by stonecipher 0 answers

And are and have been on long term fluconazol therapy. What is the feel with long term meds such as this. Is there a safety factor?

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