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Rituximab - is maintenance therapy indicated for splenic marginal zone lymphoma?

Posted 4 Jun 2016 by EZ77 0 answers

I had 4 weekly infusions of Rituxan for SMZL. My oncologist said its "controversial" whether maintenance therapy is indicated, or not. What does the research show? Will maintenance prevent or delay progression?

Rituximab - Can you go off rituxan for a time and restart it without adverse affects?

Posted 11 Mar 2016 by jshrek 0 answers

I have been on rituxan since 2011 and had infusions every 6 months. I am due for another infusion but my SED rate is only at 13. I have some stiffness in my hands but nothing horrible. I am concerned if I don't get the infusion my body may reject the rituxan if I do need to have another ...

Please help! Question about Rituxan?

Posted 16 Feb 2016 by Lgit 0 answers

I completed 4 weeks of rituxan treatments and my platelet count increased from 40 to 81. Now a month later, they've crashed to 40 again and my white and red blood counts are also low. I'm worse off than when before I started treatment. Has this happened to anyone? Is it typical to have ...

Rituximab - I had 2 rituxan infusions 2 weeks apart for PV just 2 weeks ago?

Posted 18 Oct 2015 by henna673 0 answers

i was wondering how long it takes to see results for the rituxan to kick in?

Rituxan - I had my third Rituxin infusion August 5, 2015. Yesterday was my fourth infusion. I have?

Posted 16 Oct 2015 by Kado1213 0 answers

... had a sore throat since August. I had read that this was a side effective but my doctor didn't seem too concerned. I looked in my throat last night and right were you swollen is bright red with four whit bumps on one side and two on the other. The veins in my my mouth are a bright red. Has ...

Rituximab - first rituxan infusion?

Posted 4 Aug 2015 by mizzougirl1109 2 answers

I am very nervous about having my first rituxan infusion Friday. Im 28 with 4 kids so not sure what to expect. Any advice??

How to treat low WBC following Rituxan for Follicular Lymphoma?

Posted 19 Sep 2015 by Peter Jeffrey Wright 0 answers

3 months following successful Rituxan Bendamustine treatment for Follicular Lymohoma low WBC with Leukopenia(L) and Neutropenia(N) persist. Neupogen helped to raise WBC temporarily and ward off Bronchitis but low WBC and (N) and (L) have returned on the eve of commencing Rituxan Maintenance. HOW DO ...

Does Rituxan build up in your system?

Posted 16 Aug 2015 by Prdgg2 1 answer

I have been having what I think are side effects for the past few months and was wondering if it is because I have been on Rituxan for almost 2 years.

Idiopathic (Immune) Thrombocytopenic Purpura - Has anyone had a Splenectomy and had it work? I was?

Posted 14 Jun 2015 by Kari04 1 answer

... diagnosed in October 2014 and my count has fluctuated ever since (highest at 250 and lowest at 9). It's looking like a splenectomy is my next step (prednisone and rituxan haven't worked)

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