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Trazodone drowsiness?

Hi all, I've done my research around both here and on the web and yet to find much information abotu the drowsiness associated with taking trazodone. I take 100mg trazodone about 9:30pm, go to sleep around 10:30am, wake up at 7:00am (at which point I take 150mg sertraline). However when I... read more

How long does Risperdal withdrawal last?

I started taking 1 mg of Risperdal on December 3rd. Stupidly, I didn't do research on it before taking it and found some scary things that made me want to get off it. So on December 8th I called my psychiatrist and he said to take 0.5mg for the next 3 nights and then stop taking it. My last... read more

Anyone taking naltrexone for compulsive eating/binge eating disorder?

My therapist has suggested that I take naltrexone for my BED. I told him I would research it and get back to him next week. This appears to be a valid off-label use for naltrexone, and it doesn't appear to have many side effects... however, it looks like bulimic patients need a high does... read more

Can mirtazapine cause false positive on urine test?

I've been taking mirtazapine for 2.5 months and was just curious and made a research on Google and found out that a lot of people who are taking mirtazapine have been getting positive results for benzo. I'm so worried that it'll cause me my job. Has anyone using them and got tested... read more

Can I take Moringa and Amlodipine Besylate at the same time?

My Dr. told me that my BP and Cholesterol were high. He prescribed Amlodipine Besylate 5mg and Statin. I did a research on the drugs and found some horrible reviews. I put the drugs somewhere and started a lifestyle change through dieting and going to the gym. After a week I did a BP check at a... read more

Does anybody feel worse since taking the Epclusa?

I feel like im dying everyday its funny before i started i wanted to research on the pill and i tried searching this medication to see the side effects and there was nothing bad about it and i was very scared to try it, but i had chronic hepatitis C for over 20 yrs so i was anxious to get rid of it... read more

Is there any interactions between Depakote, Lexapro, buspirone, and Klonopin?

My doctor has prescribed all these meds and I been trying to do some research but always come up with scary results and I already have anxiety. I was taking Lexapro and Klonopin at first and Depakote and buspirone was added on because the other two were helping some but not as effective. Does... read more

Hydroxyzine - Can HYDROXYZINE cause a false-positive in drug screenings?

Research study from the University of Illinois Chicago and stated that hydroxyzine has been recorded to cause false-positive on drug tests. Is this true? And/or what if I'm taking more than one prescription, can the combination of all prescriptions cause a false-positive?

Has anyone heard of TruVision?

I've done a lot of research on this and found that it's ok to take while breastfeeding. What would you say about it?

Is it possible to have gonorrhea for longer than a year without the person notices?

I did some research and already read a few articles about this subject. There are some cases which females can have it for years. Sometimes women can be asymptomatic, that's why they don't realise that they have gonorrhea. It's also possible for men to have no symptoms as well. If... read more

Apixaban - Cutting Eliquis 2.5 in half?

I have many bad reactions to Eliquis, taken for paroxysmal Afib and would like to cut the pills in half; currently I take twice daily (2.5 x2) Is there research or experience with this dosage reduction from real people, not the pharma monopoly?

New here, just weened off cymbalta after a couple years, if my life was a graph chart it would show?

... how my entire life fell apart once I started taking cymbalta. I have done countless hours and days of research and it seems to work wonders on some, and be like it was for me. I will never get back the pieces of me that I lost, or how this pill changed the way my brain is wired, I don’t... read more

Please help with my medication interactions?

I have a question. I am on 6 medications. They seem to have very bad interactions with one another I don't know where to began I don't know where to start. Doing my own research confused me more. I don't know who to turn to I could really use some help so can somebody please find it... read more

Is Levothyroxine made from donor fluids/cells?

Is Levothyroxine made from donor fluids/cells? Is it an rDNA drug (all or in part)? I have to research all drugs that my docs want to prescribe due to religious beliefs, and have found that docs tend to LIE.

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