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Regimen Questions

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Does a short term prednisone regimen cause significant weight gain?

Posted 10 Mar 2017 by relativeatbest 2 answers

I was on prednisone for only five days because I had bronchitis. Although I workout regularly I allowed myself to rest for a week because I probably got sick from running myself into the ground. I don't feel like I was overeating but now just a few days after stopping taking prednisone I blew ...

I was wondering how much penicillin VK should be taken daily and for how many days to cure a UTI?

Posted 14 Sep 2017 by Bianca Paxton 1 answer

Basically what would the regimen be for clearing up a UTI using the antibiotic penicillin VK... what strength and dosage and for how many days should it be taken to make sure the bacterial infection is fully cleared up ... thank you so much for your time :)

Side effects of Lamictal and Wellbutrin SR?

Posted 10 Feb 2017 by adelineguyenne 2 answers

I am 5'2, 95lbs For the past 2 months I've been on a regimen of 150mg Lamictal + and 150mg Wellbutrin, taken orally in the morning and then 50mg Seroquel at night to help me sleep. 4 days ago, my Lamictal was doubled to 300mg (200mg in the morning, 100mg at night), and the Wellbutrin ...

With the 21 pill, 10mg, 6 day regimen is it possible for me to gain weight from this?

Posted 5 Apr 2018 by Malissa Elkerson 1 answer

I was wondering, since this is my first time ever being on prednisone, the 10mg, 21 pill regimen. Is there any way possible that I might gain weight from such a small amount? Would someone please answer my question please?

I have a bottle of Bayer Aspirin Low dose for an aspirin regimen. The bottle says 81mg that is?

Posted 13 Jan 2018 by hollallen 1 answer

... supposed to be my dose but the directions say to take 3-4 at one time. Does each tablet contain 81mg, thus making 4 tablets total 324mg or do 4 tablets equal 81mg? The directions do not say what each tablet holds

Can I take Adderall and hydrochlorothiazide without any problem?

Posted 11 Jun 2018 by hyaddman 1 answer

I have inattentive ADD and I have hypertension. For over ten years I have been taking a blood pressure regimen of losartan, hydrochlorothiazide and amlodipine along with Adderall and dextroamphetamine for the adult ADD. I have had no problems. I have, however, had to withhold the hypertension from ...

Tapering regimen - Tapering off metoprolol after 1 month of treatment and getting different...

Posted 29 Sep 2018 by WandaJune64 1 answer

... instructions from my doctors! I was on 25 mg for 10 days then to 50 mg. for 3 weeks. Bad reaction so told to do 25 mg for a week then stop. Anyone else suffer this and how were you tapered?

I've been on Viibryd for 2 weeks and have experienced extreme fatigue, near-migraine headaches,?

Posted 30 May 2016 by Effingcrazy 2 answers

... increased appetite, short temper, and fits of violence. I'm taking it as a part of an anti-anxiety/mood stabilization regimen. It's a holiday weekend and I am pretty scared. I'm not going to take another dose and will go to see my PCP in the morning (appointment or none). Am I ...

Has anyone tried adding Rexulti to their antidepressant regimen. I take 30 mg of Lexapro and 450 m?

Posted 11 Sep 2016 by Christamarina 1 answer

mg of WelbutrinXL once a day. I was thinking about adding on Rexulti?

Intermittent Chest Pain?

Posted 1 Mar 2017 by aduenas408 1 answer

I've been suffering from heart palpitations for years. I have had an extensive work up done. I've never been told that I have xyz. I was given metroprolol. I'm on a aspirin regimen. I sometimes suffer from intermittent chest pain. It last seconds then goes and comes. It freaks me out.

Helicobacter Pylori Infection - Do meds for H. Pylori have to be taken exactly on time?

Posted 2 Sep 2018 by CareBear34 0 answers

I just got diagnosed via biopsy during a gastroscopy for Helicobacter Pylori Infection. 2 days ago I started on a 2 week regimen of Tetracycline every 6 hours, Metronidazole every 8 hours, Pepto Bismol Caplets every 6 hours and Pantoprazole every 12 hours. The schedule that I have worked out so ...

Can stopping the use of prednisone be related to a on going cough and congestion?

Posted 17 Aug 2015 by JHPrednisone 2 answers

My 87 year old father has been on a long term regimen of prednisone for treatment of his arthritis (15+ years). His new doctor has stopped the prednisone last year. He has had a chronic cough and congestion for about a year and antibiotics, inhalers, etc. have not cleared up the condition. Can the ...

Ortho Tri-Cyclen - Does the breaking out stop??

Posted 26 Jul 2015 by Melbaebe 1 answer

I have been on it for a month and my face WENT CRAZY. i was actually doing pretty good with my skin regimen and my face was clear and as soon as i started it broke me out all over my face. on places i do not even usually break out in.

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