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What other meds can replace ranexa?

Posted 24 Mar 2014 by gustinking 1 answer

Have serious confusion since taking this

What happens when you stop taking Ranexa?

Posted 8 Oct 2009 by SteveGrabert 2 answers

Can ranexa be cut in half?

Posted 7 Jul 2012 by lilyann 1 answer

How much alcohol is ok when taking Ranexa?

Posted 12 Mar 2013 by squirt48 1 answer

One drink daily, 2 or 3 per week, etc.?Have read that alcohol should be limited while taking Ranexa, but limited is not defined. Is it one or two drinks per day, two or three drinks per week, what type of drinks ( red wine versus hard alcohol versus beer ).

My new heart doctor says I can stop taking Ranexa due to insurance won't pay for it. Is this safe?

Posted 4 Jun 2015 by 8-8-1954 3 answers

I've been taking Ranexa 500 mg for 9 months due to massive heart attack. My ins. plan w/Medicaid won't pay for it. My ins. also wouldn't pay for my heart doctors, so had to find a new one. I now have a defibrillator. I'm a little concerned about just stopping the Ranexa. Please ...

In mid July, my cardiologist put me on 500 mg Ranexa two times a day?

Posted 16 Aug 2018 by navigator101 1 answer

The problem is that it constipates me so bad. I take colace 2-3 times daily and senokot in the evening, but it doesn't seem to help that much. What if I was to cut the Ranexa dosage to once daily to try and remedy this? I am not sure how safe it would be to do that. I also drink a lot of ...

Is Ranexa a Nitrate?

Posted 7 Mar 2011 by Dunce 1 answer

I now take Isisorbide and know that I should not take any ED drugs. Would the Ranexa be safer? Thanks

Ranexa - What is the best way to deal with the side affect of constipation and hard stools?

Posted 28 Aug 2016 by ashaffer312 2 answers

I am taking 500 MG twice per day.

Mucinex DM - My uncle has heart trouble and wears a pace maker also is a diabetic can he take this?

Posted 25 Dec 2011 by shadowr1 2 answers

... medication?Metformin, asprin, insulin,omeprazol,isosorb mono ER,Ranexa, CARVEDILOLm

Does Ranexa cause sexual side effects?

Posted 23 Feb 2013 by shovelhead1970 2 answers

since i started taking Ranexa (500 mg twice daily) my girlfriend and i have noticed that our intimacy has changed for the worse. I looked on and they say that I should not take it with more then 20mg of Simvastatin per day (I take 25mg) and/or Amiordarone. Not happy with my doctor... ...

Ranexa - How long before this starts working?

Posted 9 Dec 2014 by Alyssn 1 answer

I was put on this yesterday for angina and palpitations. Severe fatigue. Waiting to have a ICM inserted. Dr is hoping this will help with all above issues.

My dad was prescribed ranexa because he has 3 blockages..2 at 70% and 1 at 90%... will ranexa help?

Posted 11 Jan 2010 by hlpme 1 answer

he is not a candidate for surgery because of taking prednisone for over 10 yrs and drs dont think he will heal... but he has had prior surgeries less than 2 months ago and has healed well from them... he has had cancer removed and skin grafting done and has done remarkable... will ranexa help with ...

My urine has become very dark w/ strong order since starting with ranexa about 1 month ago. I have?

Posted 5 Apr 2010 by jimebutler 1 answer

... read were blood in urine is a side affect but I don't think the darkness is caused by blood. It appears simliar to de-hydration. Should I be concerned?

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