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Ramipril Questions

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Do ACE inhibitors make COVID-19 worse?

Can Ramipril cause extreme pain in all the joints and weakness in muscles and no strength?

I started takin 2.5 mg in March increased in May to 5 mg and July 10 mg. I was fine one day when waking up in am and next day I was in a LOT of pain, neck, shoulders,with muscle weakness,elbows,knees. Dr. put me on celebrex 2x day. Helps a little,but if I sit for any amount of time I can't... read more

Has anyone put weight on with Ramipril?

has anyone gained loads of weight with ramipril? I have stopped taking my two week now and feel great. I was tired all the time and falling a sleep in work and i don't know if it's anything to do with the tablets.

Is there an alternative to ramipril?

Ramipril causes constannt bad couugh, leading to very poor sleep. Patient had kidney problems before taking ramipril for her high blood pressure

How long do side effects of ramipril last after stopping the medicine?

I developed numbness/tingling of hands and feet, as well as marked shortness of breath while taking ramipril. I also have a very dry airway when these symptoms occur. I took 2.5 mg ramipril for 2 weeks and have not taken any for the last 2 weeks. My blood pressure is fine; my blood sugar is fine.... read more

Ramipril - do the headaches diminish?

I have just started ramipril on the minimum dose and have had very bad headaches, which if they continue will stop me taking it. My initial dose is 2.5 mg with a view to increasing in 2.5mg stages to a max of 7.5 mg but I can not see this happening if the headaches continue.

Is hair loss a side effect of ramipril?

Been on ramipril for less than a week. Feeling itchy and light-headed, plus my hair is coming out at an alarming rate. I don't like this at all. Any advice?

Does ramipril cause impotence?

My partner gets an erection but has not had an orgasm for over 2 months.

Ramipril - How long did it take to work and lower you blood pressure?

I'm 30 and have recently found out I have very high blood pressure first it was 219/132 when I got into the docs it had gone down to 146/110 I've been on rampril for 4 days now blood pressure still high above 100 on the bottom number it goes between 132/100- 165/124 still have a really... read more

Ramipril - Will it cause weight gain?

How soon should ramipril start working?

What time of day to take Ramipril?

10 Mg Ramipril taken in morning. Am BP is 150/85 before medication, pm 99/55. If I take Ramipril in evening, will this not reduce night BP even more? Thanks, Ken Davies

How long do side effects last once you stop taking ramipril?

Hi, I’ve been prescribed ramipril 2.5 mg by my GP for high blood pressure but stopped taking after 1 week due to severe side effects. Cough, ringing in my ears, feeling sick, cold sweats, sensitive to bright lights and worse of all severe pain to my front upper teeth, absolutely excruciating... read more

What is the shelf life of ramipril 5mg?

Have old pills do i need to discard them ?

Can I take tramadol with ramipril?

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