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Psoriasis Questions

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What is the best medicine for psoriasis ?

Posted 28 Jun 2010 by lex4163 4 answers

i have psoriasis for 5 months now ? the doctor told me that i can't used enbrel for my psoriasis ? because he told me that my left liver is not good ? so he can't give me enbrel,the doctor give me kenalogit's help me,the red color of my body is gone and my psoriasis is gone ? but ...

Will zyrtec help me with an itchy rash?

Posted 26 May 2011 by alicat001 2 answers

I have an itchy red rash that the doctor isn't sure if is psoriasis. I was prescribed betamethasone dipropionate cream and since I used it I'm itching worse. Wondering if zyrtec or something internal would help? Also was given nyamyc powder for a sore on my breast that she thought was ...

Otezla - I've been taking it for a few months. The psoriasis has cleared but nothing for the?

Posted 4 Jun 2014 by mjadler77 3 answers

... arthritis. My hands, wrists and finger joints actually hurt more. Don't know if it's the medicine or I'm just getting worse

Is Enbrel covered by medicare with blue cross supplement in any delivery form?

Posted 2 days 1 hour ago by amydorotheaengland 1 answer

Remicade Infusion no longer works and methotrexate causes severe elevation in liver enzymes

Cosentyx - I had thyroid cancer last November I had an invesive surgery also radiation for 30 days.?

Posted 14 Nov 2016 by Dilliec57 0 answers

... I had had plaque psoriasis on my elbows and knees for 20plus years and getting worse. Could I take Cosentyx?

Psoriasis - Anyone have it really bad on your scalp? Have you found anything to help get rid of it?

Posted 28 Oct 2016 by littlelamb44 1 answer

... My Scalp Is Pretty severe, I've tried a couple of different things but so far no luck. I shower every morning around 6 am and by 3 pm it's always back

How can I tell if red patch on forehead is dry skin or something more serious?

Posted 2 Nov 2016 by dogproblems 0 answers

I've had a red patch on my forehead for about a year. It is flat about and about an inch in diameter, it doesn't really bother me outside of appearance but after doing some research on what it is, I'd like to put myself at ease and see if anyone have experience with this. I have a ...

Methotrexate - reducing skin build up?

Posted 30 Oct 2016 by Paul1968 0 answers

I Have had psoriasis for about 3 years I Have tried no end of creams none really work. Have explained to my specialist and nurses that the creams and gloves with cream don't really work. I don't get flaky skin, I get very thick skin on all my fingers thumbs also around the sides of my ...

Stelara - Does anyone out there have erythrodermic psoriasis?

Posted 26 Oct 2016 by VinceFreaney 0 answers

I have it over 100% of my body and just started Stelara. Do you know of a forum any where on the web where people with this disease can contact each other. Also where is the best clinic to handle this?

Methotrexate - Can I use Feroglobin whilst on Methotrexate?

Posted 10 Oct 2016 by badger13 0 answers

I had a TIA in July, since then I have been very tired constantly, I cannot do a full shift at work, can I use Feroglobin as a pick me up whilst on Methotrexate 7.5mg per week, if not could you advise what would help

I recently started taking Humira for psoriasis. I've noticed some hair loss. I was "shedding" a bit?

Posted 5 Oct 2016 by hcoy1970 0 answers

... before. But, now it seems it's gradually getting worse. I've only had my first two starter doses. Its been about a week. Will this lessen as my body adjusted to the medication? Could the medication have stimulated more loss? Has anyone experienced this side effect? Did your hair start ...

My Enbrel stopped working!?

Posted 25 Sep 2016 by Kia6611 0 answers

I've been on Enbrel for 2 years and my psoriasis has always been 90 percent clear while on it. Now I'm getting it all over my body. It's only been on my elbows and lower legs the last 5 years and I woke up one morning with it on my chest, stomach, back , upper arms, thighs! Why is ...

Is Humira right for me?

Posted 7 Sep 2016 by lilwood19 1 answer

I am 22 years old. I have had psoriasis since I was 9. It is covering about 40% of my body including scalp, arms, legs, stomach, breasts, and back. Basically I am wondering if it is smart to take it. I have heard many different things and would like some more input. Please let me know what you ...

Has anyone taken Methimazole and seen improvements in their psoriasis?

Posted 20 Aug 2016 by Champ74 0 answers

I am being treated for Graves Disease with methimazole and also suffer from psoriasis. One of the indications of this medicine is that it is used to treat psoriasis as well. Just wondered if anyone else has taken this and seen improvement.

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