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Depo-Provera - My boyfriend came in me and I've had my drop shot for the first time like 10ish days?

My boyfriend came in me and I had my first depo shot 10ish days ago and we didn't use protection is it possible I could be pregnant ? And would I still get my period since I have the shot ? What if my boyfriend keeps on cumming in me ? I'm very worried

Sperm ejaculate inside vagina day before period?

I had sex with my gf and I didn't used any protection but she had period after that day, so is there any chances she could get pregrant? I am so worried for her now... Please anyone help me.!

Plan B One-Step - Could I still be pregnant after taking the plan b pill and bleed after?

I had sexual intercourse with my partner and he did not use protection, I took the morning after pill (Plan B) the very next day and 2 days latter i was bleeding. The bleed went away after 4 days, it is has now been about 3 weeks and a half and i'm 2 days late in my period, I've been... read more

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Late period after taking morning after pill?

I had sex a day after my period ended, and took the morning after pill 2 days later. My partner didn't cum in me; we stopped after a few seconds because I wanted us to get protection. We got the pill because I was worried about pre-cum. Now my period is late by a week and two days. I've... read more

Why m I feeling like vomiting aftr taking ipill?

Hello, i had intercourse on 17 april n we used protection.. After an hour or 1 i took ipill wid juice. Now from past 2 days i m feeling lyk vomiting bt i hadn't done any vomiting. My stomach is also paining. Itz the same pain which i get before my menstrual cycle starts. What is dis actually.... read more

What Vaccines do I need if I'm over 50?

I am currently on birth control pills Apri and never missed a pill. Yesterday I was on my 7th pill.

I been on this pill for 2 years. Never missed a pill. I got worried and took an emergency pill yesterday for protection. My bf did not used a condom. Did I do okay, taking the emergency pill or was I protected with my birth control pills? I take my pills every morning same time. Thank you,

I missed my Depo shot by 2 days but had sex with my boyfriend the day it was due. Could I be preg?

I was due to get my Depo shot on November 2nd. I have been on it for almost 2 years now with no problems but my boyfriend and I had sex on November 2nd multiple times with no protection and not thinking about the consequences. I know it's not likely, but could I be possibly be pregnant?

Does the flu shot reduce the effectiveness of the birth control pill? Do I need back up protection?

... if I just got the flu shot?

I accidentally took two of my active birth control pills?

One day I guess I had completely forgotten that I took my pill at the scheduled time and took another 2 hours later in a frenzy because I thought I didn't take it at all. Then I realized that I took two in one day! What do I do?? I was feeling a little bit of cramps, was this because of taking... read more

I had sex 2 nights in a row and took plan B the morning after but still had unprotected sex 2 days?

... after I took it. He never came inside me, but since we didn't used protections what is the probability that I get pregnant. And also when we had first sex, it was the day after my period

Took a Plan B pill right after having sex, but my period is late. Am I Pregnant?

I had sex once without protection on a Thursday than again on that upcoming Saturday without protection. On Thursday he pulled out and on Saturday he came, wiped himself off with a napkin and kept going. I took a Plan B pill right after we had sex on that Saturday but my period is a day late now.... read more

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Why is my period late if I have a negative test but took a Plan B and used protection?

What can cause my period to be late? I have had protected sex this month and taken 3 contraceptive Plan B's this month. I have taken a pregnancy test which was negative 3 times. Am I pregnant or does stress cause this? Does the pill cause my period to be late?

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