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Plan B One-Step - Could I still be pregnant after taking the plan b pill and bleed after?

Posted 27 Jan 2014 by jessyadhi 2 answers

I had sexual intercourse with my partner and he did not use protection, I took the morning after pill (Plan B) the very next day and 2 days latter i was bleeding. The bleed went away after 4 days, it is has now been about 3 weeks and a half and i'm 2 days late in my period, I've been ...

Can I get pregnant after 11 days of my period?

Posted 11 Sep 2013 by Jade0210 5 answers

I had my period on August 27 till the 30th. My bf & I had sex on september 5 & didn't use any protection. Since I already stop taking pills is there a possibility that I can get pregnant? Also last we made love again and no protection at all and came inside me. Will I get pregnant? ...

Depo-Provera - My boyfriend came in me and I've had my drop shot for the first time like 10ish days?

Posted 16 Apr 2015 by Vcarranza544 2 answers

My boyfriend came in me and I had my first depo shot 10ish days ago and we didn't use protection is it possible I could be pregnant ? And would I still get my period since I have the shot ? What if my boyfriend keeps on cumming in me ? I'm very worried

How can I tell if I'm going to get my period?

Posted 12 May 2014 by Biggirl14 1 answer

Well today I'm supposed to get my period and my boobs don't really hurt and my back is not hurting but I am sleeping a lot and I have had a ton of sex this month without protection but he pulled out and I'm on the pill could I just be skipping this month and I have read that yazmin ...

Sperm ejaculate inside vagina day before period?

Posted 27 Sep 2013 by Rafat 4 answers

I had sex with my gf and I didn't used any protection but she had period after that day, so is there any chances she could get pregrant? I am so worried for her now... Please anyone help me.!

Birth control and missed periods?

Posted 15 Oct 2013 by megalish28 2 answers

I'm on the birth control Daysee and I'm sexually active (I don't usually use protection as I am in a long term relationship, even though it isn't smart). I've heard women sometimes don't get their periods when they're on the pill, and I haven't gotten mine.. ...

Will taking birth control pill an hour late improvise my protection?

Posted 26 Dec 2014 by imalwaysparanoid 1 answer

Two days ago I took my pill about 25 minutes late by accident and yesterday I took it an hour late accidentally. It is the first week of my 3rd month. Am I still protected? I got a new phone and I forgot to put my alarm on it.

Pregnancy - On September 3rd I got my period and it lasted 5 days. On Friday September 15th I had...

Posted 2 days 2 hours ago by lovebug8 2 answers

... sex without protection and although he didn't ejaculate inside of me, I am not sure if a little semen or drops were left inside of me. I'm on birth control anymore. also my next period should arrive first week in October?? could I be pregnant? how do I know I know if I am ovulating. ...

Birth Control Pills - I was suppose to get my period today but I started both control last week. Is?

Posted 11 days ago by Cupcake 24 0 answers

... it normal for my period to be late ? When will I get it ? I had sex about a week ago but used protection.

Will having a cold effect My Way?

Posted 31 Aug 2017 by KiaraGuzman18 0 answers

I used protection when I had sex with my boyfriend 08/30/2017. But the condom slipped off and was stuck inside. He came inside me before we noticed that the condom had slipped off. And once he pulled out i saw the sperm and my heart sank. I took My Way within 2 hours of the incident, but during ...

Alysena 28 - i've taken the will for just over a week now and had sex the second day into taking it?

Posted 21 Aug 2017 by coolkid22 0 answers

... with protection and my stomach has hurt the last three days when i push on it. is this normal?

Is double protection needed for having sex on fertile window of menstrual cycle?

Posted 16 Aug 2017 by Properlearner 1 answer

We and my partner planning to have sex on this Saturday, we regularly use condom as a medium of birth control, but this Saturday sunday comes under fertile window of my menstrual cycle (tracked by a period tracking app), should I use emergency contraceptive pill besides the condom !? (We both are ...

A day before my fertile week, used protection and took Plan B?

Posted 14 Aug 2017 by Doglover5678 1 answer

Me and my boyfriend had sex with a condom (no problems) 2 days after my period ended and on my tracker it says that the day after we had sex I was supposed to have my fertile week, I took Plan B the next day (after sex) but I'm still worried I could get pregnant because it's my fertile ...

What are the chances of getting after having sex before 3 months?

Posted 14 Aug 2017 by shreyasashok007 1 answer

In June, we had sex without protection and her periods had happened but for short period (2-3 days) and then for the next month also she had her period only for short period (2 -3 days) of time. Then this month she has not had her period. May I know the reason why? Is there any chances of getting ...

Had sex, used protection but it was during my fertile week!?

Posted 16 Aug 2017 by Doglover5678 0 answers

Me and my boyfriend had sex with a condom (no problems) 2 days after my period ended and on my tracker it says that the day after we had sex I was supposed to have my fertile week, I took Plan B the next day (after sex) but I'm still worried I could get pregnant because it's my fertile ...

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