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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Questions

Related terms: PCOS, Polyfollicular ovarian disease, Stein-Leventhal syndrome, PCOD


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Conflicting stories about taking metformin - will it help my weight and PCOS?

Posted 14 May 2012 by PurpleButterfies 6 answers

My gyno prescribed metformin 500 mg 2 x day for PCOS. He said it was an anti-diabetic but that it is also taken for PCOS. I have had a hard time managing my weight and he thought that it would help. Well I just saw a gastroenterologist for some other issues, and he said I was on a lot of ...

Anyone suffering from one or both Endometriosis AND Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome???

Posted 9 May 2013 by PurpleButterfies 19 answers

I would really love to hear from anyone who has experienced BOTH endometriosis AND Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, but if someone has experienced just one, I would like to hear their thoughts too. I have been diagnosed with both and am having a hard time deciding, understanding, which to receive the ...

When should my period start after taking medroxyprogesterone for 10 days?

Posted 6 Jul 2016 by JessicaReed 1 answer

I have been diagnosed with PCOS. I took Medroxyprogesterone as told by my Dr. One such day for ten days. He said within 72 hours after the tenth day, I'd start my period. Ito now been after 72 this normal? Should I call my doctor?

Metformin - unable to lose weight before medication?

Posted 13 Jul 2012 by zoe_noogie 8 answers

I see a lot of women who are happy with their weight loss results while on metformin, but I notice it is also in conjuction with a lifestyle change in diet and exercise. What I'd like to know is this: is there anyone out there (I know there must be) in their early 20's who, like me, has ...

Can Spironolactone be used to treat PCOS?

Posted 8 Aug 2010 by lrsphilly 5 answers

My doctor put me on spironolactone to treat me for PCOS, but from what I read it doesn't. Can it? Im 29 yrs old and I was diagnosed with PCOS when I 18 yrs old, but was never treated for it. I just started seeing a new physician and she placed me on spironolactone in February. She said it ...

Any reviews on Implanon/Nexplanon from women with PCOS?

Posted 6 Jul 2014 by Jessica_Marie 1 answer

Hello! I'm 20 years old, and I've always had irregular periods. I'm really thinking about getting the arm implant, because I like that you can have it in for up to three years, it's easily reversible, and it's constant, because I don't have a set daily schedule and I ...

Does Metformin counter the helpfulness of birth control? Does it make periods heavy?

Posted 29 Jun 2016 by naomi734 1 answer

I have PCOS and I have been on birth control for about 2 years now to help control it and because I am sexually active. I started Metformin about 4 months ago since I was becoming insulin resistant. Recently every period I have been getting has been long and heavy, since I started taking ...

How do you get energy back when you ARE depressed and have anxiety?

Posted 8 May 2013 by bamamichelle78 5 answers

Ok im on cymbalta for depression,xanax for anxiety and have social phobia,So I have low energy levels,I have Pcos too so it might be hormone related but i still have NO energy..I have been given Rx prescriptions for b12 energy take b supplements and maybe 1 time a week energy but it crashes ...

Can metformin cause a change in taste?

Posted 11 Sep 2016 by whitneyleigh392 3 answers

My doctor put me on metformin about a month ago for my PCOS and lately I've been noticing that a lot of things don't taste right. Things I have loved my entire life taste weird and sometimes even so gross I can't eat them. The metformin is the only thing that has changed. Could it be ...

Metformin, could this medicine help my ovarian cysts? I'm not even diabetic!?

Posted 13 Jul 2010 by bettyboop671 2 answers

my diagnosis is... polycystic ovaries... over a dozen cysts in each of my ovaries from an OB-GYN in the Philippines after a transvaginal exam. i was prescribed Metformin HCI, 500 mg, 3x a day, for a whole year. i never had a blood drawn in the Philippines. i was never diagnosed diabetes, last check ...

If I’m on my period during active birth control pills, when I take the placebo pills am I still?

Posted 4 Mar 2018 by Rb456 1 answer

I have PCOS so my periods are weird. I’ve been bleeding for a month now while taking active pills and I’m about to be on the placebo week of my pills. I feel like during the week of the placebo pills the bleeding will be stopped. Will I still be protected from pregnancy during the ...

Does Spironolactone cause permanent infertility and weight gain?

Posted 12 Apr 2015 by sickofitII 2 answers

My niece was told about Spironolactone for her PCOS, but her mother who is in the medical field told her that it can cause infertility. Since she will be getting married in a few weeks and will eventually want children this was not a risk she is willing to take. Gyn sent her to a nutritionist to be ...

Does Fluconazole start menstrual period?

Posted 28 Jul 2016 by Jessica40832 3 answers

I have a health conditions call PCOS. I don't usually get my menstrual period. I was given Fluconazole from my doctor yesterday after finding out I have a yeast infection. An hour after taking the medication I started to have pain of starting my period. It's been 24 hours since I've ...

Metformin and phentermine?

Posted 19 Oct 2011 by vlove651 2 answers

What has weight loss been like for anyone taking metformin and phintermine. My dr put me on both for wieght loss due to pcos

Lupron Depot 3.75 mg - has anyone had a constant headache after getting a shot?

Posted 11 Mar 2012 by tammy7376 5 answers

I had my first injection a week ago. I have stage 4 endo and PCOS. I haven't had any hot flashes yet but I've had a headache everyday since I got the shot. Has anyone else had this problem? I had a large cyst removed from my left ovary about four months ago so my doctor recommended Lupron ...

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