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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Questions

Related terms: PCOS, Polyfollicular ovarian disease, Stein-Leventhal syndrome, PCOD


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Conflicting stories about taking metformin - will it help my weight and PCOS?

Posted 14 May 2012 by anjeegyrl 6 answers

My gyno prescribed metformin 500 mg 2 x day for PCOS. He said it was an anti-diabetic but that it is also taken for PCOS. I have had a hard time managing my weight and he thought that it would help. Well I just saw a gastroenterologist for some other issues, and he said I was on a lot of ...

Anyone suffering from one or both Endometriosis AND Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome???

Posted 9 May 2013 by anjeegyrl 17 answers

I would really love to hear from anyone who has experienced BOTH endometriosis AND Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, but if someone has experienced just one, I would like to hear their thoughts too. I have been diagnosed with both and am having a hard time deciding, understanding, which to receive the ...

When should my period start after taking medroxyprogesterone for 10 days?

Posted 6 Jul 2016 by JessicaReed 1 answer

I have been diagnosed with PCOS. I took Medroxyprogesterone as told by my Dr. One such day for ten days. He said within 72 hours after the tenth day, I'd start my period. Ito now been after 72 this normal? Should I call my doctor?

Can Spironolactone be used to treat PCOS?

Posted 8 Aug 2010 by lrsphilly 4 answers

My doctor put me on spironolactone to treat me for PCOS, but from what I read it doesn't. Can it? Im 29 yrs old and I was diagnosed with PCOS when I 18 yrs old, but was never treated for it. I just started seeing a new physician and she placed me on spironolactone in February. She said it ...

Metformin - unable to lose weight before medication?

Posted 13 Jul 2012 by zoe_noogie 8 answers

I see a lot of women who are happy with their weight loss results while on metformin, but I notice it is also in conjuction with a lifestyle change in diet and exercise. What I'd like to know is this: is there anyone out there (I know there must be) in their early 20's who, like me, has ...

Any reviews on Implanon/Nexplanon from women with PCOS?

Posted 6 Jul 2014 by Jessica_Marie 1 answer

Hello! I'm 20 years old, and I've always had irregular periods. I'm really thinking about getting the arm implant, because I like that you can have it in for up to three years, it's easily reversible, and it's constant, because I don't have a set daily schedule and I ...

Started my new pack of pills 1 day late, PCOS patient?

Posted 7 days ago by Ami2999 0 answers

My period starts on Fridays so I assumed that I should start taking my pill on Saturday which wasn't right as I had to take my new pill on Friday. So I took a whole pack by starting it one day late. I'm a PCOS patient and will starting one day late mess things up for me? Will I start ...

No periods after taking 21 Reclipsen pills?

Posted 23 Jun 2017 by Dipwilliams 0 answers

I take Reclipsen for PCOS to regularize periods. After taking 21 pills, my periods usually start on the 24th or 25th day, but it's been 27 days and still no period. What should I do?

Im freaken out. Need help?

Posted 19 Jun 2017 by Blues010 1 answer

So i have pcos and have had my period 3 months. And everytime i jave had sex the last 6 months i bleed.So went to the doctors. She gave me. Pap smear and got a phone call stating i have a bacteria vaginal infection. The gave me metronidazole 500mg x2 tablets. 4x a day for 5 days. But when i got my ...

Metformin ER - Is it a Better Formula than regular metformin?

Posted 6 Jun 2017 by bethann31 0 answers

I have bad insulin resistance. I have taken metformin in the past, and I was taking the regular metformin during that time. It was terribly hard to tolerate as far as GI issues. This time around I have started on the metformin extended release formula. It is so much better and easier to tolerate as ...

When to take metformin (& food) if using Byetta?

Posted 29 May 2017 by Puddings Mum 0 answers

1) If you're using Byetta, and you're meant to eat within 60", is it better to eat towards the end of the 60" or at any time? Does it matter? (I was told by GP to eat after the hour but became ill & found out it's within the time) 2) do you take metformin before or ...

Eflornithine - do I have to use it forever ? ,, does the effect stop after stopping using it?

Posted 29 Apr 2017 by toqa 0 answers

im still waiting to do the ultrasound part to make sure that if i have PCOS or not

Orthocylen - am I safe?

Posted 13 Apr 2017 by Drina1 0 answers

I have been taking orthocyclen for about 8 months when it was prescribed to me due to PCOS. I'm careful about taking it on time with maybe a 10-15 minute deviation. Even though I take BC I still have my boyfriend use a condom and even pull out when he is about to ejacate but last night the ...

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