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Poison Ivy Questions

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Where should you not use triamcinolone acetonide cream?

Is triamcinolone good for poison ivy?

What is the best treatment for a poison ivy rash?

Can clobetasol propionate be used for poison ivy?

Can Diprolene cream be used for poison ivy?

Can halobetasol be used for poison ivy?

Can fluocinonide be used to treat a poison ivy rash?

Prednisone makes me feel tired and fatigued?

I was prescribed Prednisone 30mg for three days 20MG for three days and 10mg for another 3 for poison ivy. I'm on my third day and I can't function. I have no desire to even get out of bed. Work has been so hard. Should I be concerned?

Poison Ivy

Will nystatin cure poison ivy or oak?

Will nystatin 30 mg ointment cure poison ivy or poison oak

What skin lotion can I use while on prednisone?

I have a severe case of poison ivy all over my hands, legs, chest and private areas. I’m on prednisone 10mg over the course of 11 days. As my rash goes away, my skin becomes very dry. What skin lotion can I use to moisturize it while still on the prednisone?

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