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How do we stop the severe side effect of lip smackink/puckering from perphenazine?

Posted 11 days ago by RosePlagge 0 answers

My son is experiencing a severe side effect from perphenazine. Lip smacking/puckering, severe mouth mussle movement. This medicine had no affect on him. We started out on 2mg, then 4mg then 8mg and one day of 16 mg. We were told if we had taken this, we would have been knocked out for a week. He ...

What are the chances of getting tardive dyskinesia for a low dose of 2mg for perphenazine?

Posted 1 Apr 2018 by vento96 1 answer

Are the chances higher if you take higher doses?

Does perphenazine use glutamate? Would this affect ALS?

Posted 9 Aug 2015 by terrics 0 answers

My friend has used perphenazine in the past and it worked well for her. She wants to take it again. She has ALS. She went to a psychiatrist who never heard of ALS. Can taking it now intefere with her illness?

Is anyone familiar with a rare side effect of perphenazine, which causes exhaustive flu-like?

Posted 21 Nov 2013 by jjc2013 1 answer

... symptoms which are completely debilitating, as well as having drops in blood pressure when tested on a tilt table? These symptoms persisted, even 20 years after discontinuing the drug

Perphenazine as a long term drug?

Posted 30 Oct 2013 by blaze22 1 answer

In the months to come will I be told that perphenazine is not considered to be a long term drug... This is the situation that came about when using Compazine and was immediately taken off thereby forcing me to use Dramamine about 2-3 a day... I am also now taking Elavil/Amitriptaline 25mg

Amitriptyline/Perphenazine - Does this medication expire ?

Posted 19 Oct 2011 by jessi2011 1 answer

Does this medication expire after a certain peed of time ?

does perphenazine get you high?

Posted 12 Aug 2009 by joseph1991 1 answer

Is it possible to have meds tested for accuracy?

Posted 8 Aug 2011 by rt123 1 answer

I have a prescription for perphenazine that my wife takes on a daily basis and with her last subscription she swears she can feel it not working. She also says that she feels better mentally or worse mentally depending on where the meds come from. For example when she was in the hospital she said ...

My friend is falling asleep behind the wheel of his car. He doses off and on. He is taking?

Posted 17 Apr 2010 by sunshineday 4 answers

... Perphenazine, crestor, benzonatate, tamsulosin, lisinopril, loratadine, tramadol, metformin. Does anyone know if these drugs could be making him fall asleep. I did the drug interaction list and it said that Lisinopril can make you drowsy. I am afraid that he is going to fall asleep while he is ...

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