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Perioral Dermatitis Questions

We found 11 questions associated with the 'Perioral Dermatitis' topic.

Does Soolantra cause a bad flare up in the beginning?

Posted 16 May 2017 by cmw2014 2 answers

I'm a 42 yo female and I was recently diagnosed with rosacea. I was put on doxycycline and MetroGel for a month; my condition got worse. I went back to my dermatologist and she diagnosed it as perioral dermatitis (PD). She prescribed me Soolantra and I just started using it (I'm about 4 ...

Doxycycline - Does your dermatitis get worse before better?

Posted 29 May 2017 by Lou238 0 answers

I have been taking doxycycline fir 36 hours and my perioral dermatitis has increased in severity dramatically. It feels very itchy, is bright red and very raised. I am also increasing in breakout across my forehead. Should I stop taking it? Or is this normal?

Elidel - Do you have to be permanently using this for rest of life for it to eliminate symptoms?

Posted 3 Apr 2017 by Kirstin5 0 answers

Will symptoms come back if you stop using this? I.e- is it just a mask? The same as topical steroids?

Elidel - How long does it take to start working?

Posted 1 Sep 2016 by Kansas City 0 answers

I have used this cream on my face and chest for 8 days now. I am no better at all, so I am wondering if it just takes a long time to work, or if it's not effective on my problem? Before I started the cream, my skin on my face would hurt from dryness. Now I still have the severe, hurting ...

Should I put metro gel on whiteheads?

Posted 23 Jul 2016 by Lenalaws 0 answers

Recently, I went to a dermatologist for red patches around my nose and chin. I was disgnosed with perioral dermatitis and was then prescribed with solodyn ( tetracycline ) and metro gel .75%. The doctor was in and out and not helpful with instructions. I have a fair amount of small whiteheads on my ...

Elidel cream for Psorasis?

Posted 16 May 2016 by Quando62 2 answers

Doctor just started me this weekend on 60mg Elidel for my progressive Psorasis which has also turned into Psoratic Arthritis. Anyone had success with this for either ailment? Any concerns, I haven't had any side effects for 3 days, and wife says skin is looking better.

Can I take Doxycycline Hyclate50mg with Crestor?

Posted 26 Mar 2016 by MagMcg 1 answer

Antibiotic given for treatment of perioral dermatitis

Perioral Dermatitis - I have been diagnosed with perioral dermatitis. I have had it for almost 3?

Posted 3 Jan 2016 by tearsha 1 answer

... years now. I have been to dermatologist after dermatologist. They prescribe lotions that work temporarily then it comes back with a vengeance. I also went to a allergist who informed me I was allergic to certain preservatives in creams etc, so I went the holistic route, eliminating them from my ...

I have dry skin at nose, chin, around my mouth and cheek.. it reddened?

Posted 14 Jan 2013 by qaqa 1 answer

painful, and itchy.. is it Perioral Dermatitis?? do it need to see doctor?

My 8 year old son has been diagnosed with perioral dermatitis. Could it be from the Flovent diskus?

Posted 1 Mar 2011 by momtotwoboys 2 answers

He has been using the Flovent diskus... inhaling once in the morning and once at night since October 2010. He has had the rash all winter, and I thought it was just dry skin, but the dermatologist just diagnosed him with perioral dermatitis. The doctor said it's probably not from the inhaler, ...

Can maxepa capsules cause perioral dermatitis?

Posted 10 Jun 2010 by gabbyanna 1 answer

i have been taking 10 capsules every day for about 6 months and on and of for a couple of years

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