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Paroxetine 10mg - how long will this take to really start working?

Posted 31 Jul 2012 by Sharon41 5 answers

I started taking 10mg Paroxetine 3 weeks and 4 days ago. For the first two weeks I had all of the nasty side effects on a daily basis. Then it stopped and the meds started working and I felt great for about 5 days, then out of the blue without warning a couple of days ago I suddenly had a very bad ...

Paroxetine - Horrible fatigue and sleepy with the beginning of drug taking?

Posted 3 Mar 2013 by jacobgan 5 answers

Hi. So far I took Cymbalta, but because it is very very expensive I decided with my doctor to move to another drug. I started taking Paroxetine 4 days ago. I started at a dose of 10 mg. (Half a pill of 20 mg) I take the pill in the evening after dinner. I'm so sleepy and tired that I can not ...

Paroxetine - anyone else have no sex drive while taking this?

Posted 15 May 2012 by NotAllAloneRu 5 answers

Im 24 yr female mother of three mental illness runs in family strong I just got put onpaxil and im having side effects no sex drive i dont want to tell my husband... is any one else having probs on this med.?

When is the best time of day to take an antidepressant?

Posted 6 days ago by bleu313 0 answers


Side Effect - I have abt 3mos ago started having pain all over, joints, muscles, I am taking keppra?

Posted 25 Dec 2016 by gratefulmouse 1 answer

... for many years, all day allergy, paroxetine 30mgs, Nexium 40mgs Zantac 150 x2. cant be Keppra or all day allergy, feel like flu, pain all over. does anyone know of pain like this in muscles, and esp joints like elbow and shoulder..pain isn't sharp... more achy but deep and very painful... ...

Can I take paroxetine an hour before I take oxcabazepine?

Posted 3 Dec 2016 by Diana Laberge 0 answers

I take both these meds but I take them an hour apart I'm asking is this alright to do I have nothing else to say except they have interaction

I took Paxil or paroxetine for the past 17 years after being depressed and anxious all my life( 20?

Posted 19 Oct 2016 by NLA06 3 answers

... mg). I decided to stop about a week ago; the first 4 days I felt great but day before yesterday I was nauseous, dizzy,and had headaches even though I felt wonderful mentally. I went to work yesterday and managed very well but still feel weird. I don't plan to see any doctor but I do wonder ...

Paroxetine - I can get a erection but I go limp after 5 minutes?

Posted 27 Sep 2016 by Phillip14 1 answer

My girlfriend thinks I'm not interested in her anymore! What can I do?

Paroxetine and benadryl?

Posted 11 Jun 2016 by lunaluz 1 answer

i take paroxetine for hot flashes. can i take benadryl for my allergies?

Hi, I have been prescribed vortioxetine to replace paroxetine. I have been for over 1 month and 2?

Posted 22 May 2016 by gregoriomunita 0 answers

... weeks altering at the beginning 10mg of paroxetine and 10mg of vortioxetine one day one and the other day the other. After 1 month I am in 10mg of vortioxetine every day with exception of Mondays and Thursdays, 10mg paroxetine. I have been researching and I have nausea some days, but I have ...

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