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Paroxetine Questions

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SSRI’s vs SNRI’s - What's the difference between them?

What are some common side effects of antidepressants?

Paroxetine 10mg - how long will this take to really start working?

I started taking 10mg Paroxetine 3 weeks and 4 days ago. For the first two weeks I had all of the nasty side effects on a daily basis. Then it stopped and the meds started working and I felt great for about 5 days, then out of the blue without warning a couple of days ago I suddenly had a very bad... read more

Paroxetine - Horrible fatigue and sleepy with the beginning of drug taking?

Hi. So far I took Cymbalta, but because it is very very expensive I decided with my doctor to move to another drug. I started taking Paroxetine 4 days ago. I started at a dose of 10 mg. (Half a pill of 20 mg) I take the pill in the evening after dinner. I'm so sleepy and tired that I can not... read more

Paroxetine - anyone else have no sex drive while taking this?

Im 24 yr female mother of three mental illness runs in family strong I just got put onpaxil and im having side effects no sex drive i dont want to tell my husband... is any one else having probs on this med.?

I am currently taking 100 mg of trazodone at night?

... along with 15 mg of mirtazapine & 20 mg of paroxetine, to help with depression, anxiety and insomnia. My problem is that these medications are making me continually tired and extremely sleepy during the day. Is it possible that I just need to get used to these medications for the extreme... read more

Fluoxetine - Weight gain or loss?

I have been taking Paroxetine for 2 months to relieve the hot flushes. The tablets have worked and my flushes are greatly reduced and less severe but I have gained 14lbs in weight!! I am now a stone over my normal weight. Has anyone had weight gain with Fluoxetine? I read one of the side effects... read more

Abilify - I'm on day 6 of aripriprazole as an adjunct tomy SSRI. I am on a tiny dose (2.5mg every...

... other day) as paroxetine, which I'm also on, increases blood levels of aripiprazole. The headache has passed but I have loads of other side effects: nausea, slowed digestion, forgetfulness, tearfulness, increased depression. Just wondering if anyone struggled like me at first and then... read more

Paroxetine - is it good for your anxiety?

When you you take your first dose, the next day are you supposed to feel any better, as it seems like my anxiety has risen?

Paroxetine risks with heart or toward seizures or clots?

I want to start taking paroxetine for my panic disorder but it is it safe as I hear it can induce a LQT. Is this true or not?

I can't remember if I took my dose of paroxetine tonight?

I took my bedtime Xanax. I take 1 mg 3x's a day and before bed 20 mg's of paroxetine. I can't remember if I took my paroxetine tonight or not. Obviously I'll have to get a pill box. But for now, what to do?

Paroxetine - when will I orgasm agian?

I've been on Paxil 20 MG for anxiety for about a week. The doctor said it takes about 2 weeks to really kick in but my side effect included dry mouth, sleepyness, loss of appetite and I can't orgasm. So after the 2 weeks will my side effect go away or will I have to stop taking Paxil in... read more

My mum took 2 extra pills of paroxetine 20 mg a pill by accident. What would that do?

She is very anxious & thinks she has done irreparable damage. Thank you.

How do I stop taking mirtazapine. Gradually or abruptly?

I have been taking paroxetine for about 5 years 10mg daily. I have weaned myself off this medicine slowly but I still get these “brain zaps” on a daily basis. I need to take antidepressants my doctor prescribed mirtazapine. Am I likely to go through the same things?

Paroxetine - is it best taken in the morning or evening?

I am taking paroxetine 60 and I want to know what is the right time to take it? Morning or evening? Is the drug affected by caffeine intake?

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