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Feeling like I cant breath... is this just anxiety?

Posted 14 Dec 2014 by babydoll610 32 answers

For three days now I've been having the feeling I'm not getting enough oxygen ... I wake up with it and go to sleep with it it last all day and has caused me to have more panic attacks I'm consitrating on my breathing so I know I'm taking in deep breaths not hyperventilating ...

I got prescribed Prednisone 50mg, side effects please?

Posted 28 Dec 2012 by xkelsey 3 answers

I went to the hospital last night, and they prescribed me Prednisone 50mg. I have asthma, and anxiety. I was at the hospital in the first place because my primary care doctor sent me. My oxygen levels were dropping, and I have the flu. I was also wheezing bad even after she gave me two breathing ...

My oxygen saturation level was at 78% one day. Now it is back up to 95%. Is this normal?

Posted 19 Apr 2012 11 answers

Went back to the hospital 3 times. One time my Oxygen saturation was at 78% the other time it was at 95%. The doctors are not sure what caused it to drop this low. Does this just happen sometimes? I am curious as to what could have caused it to drop this low and if i should be worried about it.

What can happen if you oxygen LPM is turned up too high?

Posted 26 Aug 2013 by SAPERSOHN 3 answers

Can a person get too much oxygen. ie: my grandkids turn the knob on my oxygenator up. So instead of getting 2 liters per minute , I may get 4or5 liters per minute. How will this affect me?

COPD- Oxygen level was at 87, now 92?

Posted 18 Mar 2014 by pamee 6 answers

I do not recall at what level of oxygen I should be at to see if I need to get back to the doctor today or if waiting until tomorrow would be alright? I am still having labored breathing. Any opinions?

My Dad will be coming home soon with a portable oxygen tank. Is it safe to smoke cigarettes in a?

Posted 15 Apr 2012 by rapido 2 answers

... seperate room with the door closed? Also will cooking with a gas stove be bad?

Feeling full after eating a small amount of food, followed by shortness of breath?

Posted 5 days ago by tasha2515 0 answers

Feeling like I can't get enough oxygen, excessive yawning.

Are there any issues if I stop taking Stiolto?

Posted 7 days ago by Bheinz57 0 answers

I recently moved from mile high Denver, to NH. My oxygen blood content went from 90 to 95 in the 2 months I’ve been here. Are there side effects if I stop?

What could cause someone to stop breathing after being diagnosed and treated for sepsis for the last

Posted 12 days ago by 67yarddawg 1 answer

... 21 days he's currently in ICU because of his oxygen being low and now has a blood clot in his lung. Started with sepsis and now other complications

Difference between Nasal Cannula & a Face Mask for oxygen?

Posted 14 days ago by debbru 0 answers

When I’ve had Radiofrequency Ablation in the past, the anaesthetist has used a Nasal Cannula to give me oxygen. Recently I had to have to procedure redone but this time the anaesthetist used a face mask, could you please tell me the difference between the two.

What is the highest I should ever set my oxygen level at on my in home oxygen machine?

Posted 22 May 2017 by chriskurth26 0 answers

what can happen if i set the level to high and what r the side affects

Any adverse effects when taking Xeloda and doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Posted 22 Sep 2017 by CcourtneyCHT 0 answers

Adverse affects while taking Xeloda and diving to 3ATA for 90 minutes

Is it OK to stop taking prednisone if I just had one 60 mg dose?

Posted 21 Mar 2017 by funnybob21 1 answer

I was in the ER last night because I accidentally ingested peanut butter. (I'm highly allergic) My symptoms weren't too severe, and my oxygen levels were normal. They did not see a need to use an Epi pen, but they did give me 60 mg of prednisone along with Pepcid and Benadryl. After ...

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