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Ovarian Cysts Questions

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Ovarian Cysts or pregnant?

Posted 8 Aug 2013 by Megan-94 2 answers

I have read that ovarian cysts can give you the same signs as pregnancy can, and I've had a cyst recently but it ruptured. I got birth control pills for it but I can't start them until I start my period. I'm now 8 days late. Not even spotting. I'm either constantly nauseous or ...

Ovarian Cysts - I had my right ovary removed two yrs ago due to constant, unbearable cysts. They?

Posted 31 Jan 2011 by annatfultz 9 answers

... also removed my right tube. I have recently started having the same kind of pain all over again on the same side, but don't understand how being no ovary or tube there? Anyone have any thoughts or opinions on this? Thanks, Anna

Why is it so difficult to get relief from chronic ovarian cyst pain??

Posted 1 Apr 2017 by Automesky 0 answers

I went to my primary care physician today because I have been sick and hurting for 3 days because I had a flair up with my ovarian cyst. She said there was nothing she could do and to go to the ER. Sone, I did, and told the ER doc what my primary care physician had said. Well, he gave me meds. ...

My doctor switched me to Mononessa while I was still on a active cycle of depo provera because I?

Posted 24 Mar 2017 by Angellewise 0 answers

... have PCOS and he felt I needed the estrogen supplements. Is it true that they cancel each other out? He didn't mention it so I'm confused

I missed one pill on my first month of taking Sprintec, what pills should I take?

Posted 23 Mar 2017 by Batistd 0 answers

I missed one pill on my third week on my first month of taking birth control on a Saturday then started my period on Monday. I'm not supposed to get my period until every 3 months and it's my first month. Should I take the white pills or blue pills?

Will Medroxyprogesterone help produce a period?

Posted 17 May 2016 by laureniacono 1 answer

I was prescribed this medication today because I have ovarian cysts and haven't had a cycle in 51 days. I went to my gyno today and not only do I have the cysts but apparently I have a stuck corpus luteum on my left ovary. Will this medication work? I'm miserable. I have all the symtoms ...

Is there any young women out there who have ovarian cysts?

Posted 30 Aug 2016 by TanessaKephart 1 answer

I am 19 years old. When I was about 16 I went to the emergency room and was diagnosed with appendicitis and had to have emergency surgery. The surgeon then told my mother that my appendix was absolutely fine, that I had 3 large cysts on my right ovary. The CAT scan showed inflammation but because ...

Ovarian Cysts - Hi, Im Amy, a 31yr old mother of four, and in 2012, after by last child I had a?

Posted 7 Sep 2016 by Amymlaki1 0 answers

... tubal right away. After that, instead of having light, very non painful period, i started having very heavy period losing a lot of blood and exceriencing an amout of pain with it that ive never had before, and it was so painful, it lasted three days. After three days of every period of mine ...

Not pregnant, but having strange symptoms?

Posted 31 Jul 2016 by anonymous4536 1 answer

Hi! I am 18 years old and have been taking Tri-Sprintec birth control for 5 months. I have never missed a pill, I have taken 2 pregnancy tests (both with negative results), and have not missed a period. However, I have extremely sore breasts almost all month, and some stomach cramping/bloating. I ...

Am I sick from ovarian cysts?

Posted 12 Aug 2016 by Pink24 0 answers

On July 3 me and my boyfriend went out to eat and we ended up having sex that night. We did use a condom and I am on birth control. About 4 am the next morning I was nauseous and threw up. Ever since the. I have been nauseous, have had gas and bloating, loss of appetite and have lost 10 lbs, ...

Questions Re: CT Scan?

Posted 2 Aug 2016 by cnh7651 1 answer

I was supposed to have a CT Scan of my kidneys for possible stones. The results came back that I had ovarian cysts (after having an ultrasound, I found out I do not have any cysts). When I spoke to my doctor today, they said that the CT Scan had a partial visualization. What does this mean? Is it ...

I have been on implanon, since 2011, and I have been getting it every 3 years, since then, but?

Posted 23 Jul 2016 by SorchaF2 1 answer

... lately i got an ovarian cyst, and had stomach pain, and lower back pain for years, and i recently had the ovarian cyst, and the ovary removed. i dont know about staying on it would affect my other ovary or not. can you please help me

Ovarian Cysts - I have had multiple cysts these past few months and I think there is something wrong

Posted 15 Jun 2016 by KnitKitten 1 answer

... with my newest one.The pain, nausea, and dizziness is a lot worse. My parents are not concerned. Should I trust my What my body is telling me or what my parents are telling me?

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